What do we stand for and how did we reach to it?
Remember the days when we used to fill our slam-books with career aspirations like scientist, teacher and doctor? Nobody at that time thought there could’ve been a career in Travelling, let alone being a travelpreneur! But as life happens, you understand that a career could be anything where you can be a problem-solver for the society.
And that’s how a few engineers from NIT Kurukshetra found that the travel industry in India needed a fresh burst of young energy! The need of the hour was to convert a dispersed agent based model to a more friendly ,transparent and an accessible community for Indian travellers, and hence WanderOn. Let’s have a closer look at the hustlers who’re on a mission to stir up people’s life with memorable experiences.
Meet Our Team. The ideal set of extraordinary people
Govind Gaur
CEO, Founder
Govind is a visionary travelpreneur with an experience of leading more than 200 community trips. He’s fond of all kinds of voyages, yet his favourite are motorbiking expeditions, hence he accounts for 30000kms of extreme rides.He can hold a conversation around business,human values and almost everything one can think of. The man knows how to get down to work and party, equally well.
Madhusudan Jaju
Head of Marketing
Madusudhan is a passionate learner, and an instinctive marketer. He has led more than 40 trips and has taken his hot wheels on a ride of total 50,000kms . He has a habit of finding a path even where it seems impossible, that is why he has been to over 30 treks, some well known, others unexplored. Being an avid reader, he is the perfect motivational speaker for the team.
Chirag Jain
Head of Operations
Chirag is a strong analyst of travel operations, and thus heads the responsibility of running the entire show. Just like Sindbad the Sailor, he finds out the most interesting experiences and tests them out before presenting to the community. With so many duties to perform, it is hard to believe that he managed to code the html and css for this website!
Ravi Khokher
Head of Technology
Ravi is a multitasker, problem solver and trivia king! The go-to man for all our technical needs, we sometimes wonder if he can give out solutions faster than google! On days he is not coding, he is seen traveling, leading group tours and riding bikes.
Sandeep Kumar
Head of Ground Operations
Sandy is a team captain by day and a guitarist by night. He has traveled with over 10000 people, leading 350 groups and has completed 30+ treks in the last 5 years. He understands the smallest of requirements of his fellow travelers and manages the same. Blessed with a soulful voice, we think Sandeep must be God’s own Child!
Nancy Sahota
Head of Content
Nancy is the bridge between our E-audience and the company. With the goal to humanize the brand, she heads the content team of super artistic people, and has a natural impulse of adding a creative spin to even the most regular of things. Sometimes we wonder if her secret lies in the cup of tea, which for sure she’s addicted to.
Gaurav Singh
Director of Community Experiences
With abundant experience of outdoor leading in over 50+ trips, Gaurav is the one who runs a one man show in managing the operations of all group departures! The leader of the most important clan, Gaurav personally trains and monitors the trip captains in his pool. He also has a sharp eye for unmatched talent, and hence he is responsible for scouting the right outdoor leaders for WanderOn.
Varsha Shrivastava
Director of Personalised Experiences
The woman behind the smoothest customised trips, she can arrange an effortless experience for you pretty much in any corner of the world! Domestic and international destinations are no bar for her and with her well established network and management, she's one of the strongest pillars of team operations.
Madhuri Mulwani
Head of Sales
Madhuri is our sales expert who nails the game of communication. She believes it is important to speak, but more important to listen. That’s why she has curated more than 500 personalised itineraries. Talking to her is like talking to a friend who’s always up for a travel plan.
Here’s to the VALUES we strive for
There are a whole lot of values and visions that one develops during their college days, which are otherwise rare to cultivate. It is these values that brought together a few engineers from NIT Kurukshetra, who took upon themselves the task to revolutionize the Indian Travel Industry. The result? A successful establishment of a travel community that the youth can identify with. Have a look at the values we swear by
How so ironic it may sound, the secret to run a successful business lies in being as transparent as one can be.
The teams within WanderOn, the vendors and the clients maintain an unclouded relationship, and that is why this trio is aligned towards a common goal of nourishing the travel community.
Customer Satisfaction
The very reason WanderOn was established was because the founders, in their initial phase of career, had experienced what it is to live a mundane 9-5 life.
To have been into the shoes of your customers gives a firm understanding of what they need, hence WanderOn thrives to provide exactly the same, maybe even more!
This is the sole reason why we’ve managed to garner more than 1400 reviews across with a rating of 4.9/5 on all social platforms.
Creative Mindset
When you’re into a business that dwells on a new adventure everyday, anything regular becomes a setback. So it is justified to say that inventiveness is no less than a drug here at WanderOn.
While the marketing team aces the game, our team captains and even sales executives like to add a spin of creativity to their work!
We firmly believe there is no cap to the potential of artistry people, and it surely reflects in the functioning of WanderOn.
Freedom From Hassles
If you take a moment to reflect upon how life actually is, it might just strike you hard that Freedom is a rare privilege.
Having been constrained to a rulebook of social and work life, we seem to have missed the concept of freedom.
At WanderOn, we strive to make people experience how rawness tastes like. Be it our services, or our work culture, we want people to know that Freedom is the only norm.
Community Experience
It is believed that you meet an average of 80,000 people in a lifespan. How much do you think these people offer you to make your time worthy? We’re curating a community where the people you meet add value to your life, through experiences, memories and everything in between.
That’s why our community comprise of every person who takes a trip with us, is connected with us on social media, and those who meet us in our everyday lives. The goal is to create a happy impact on whosoever you come across.
Our WARRIORS who have helped us build this holistic community
Trip Captains
Our trip captains are nothing short of heroes. Brave, dynamic, and great leaders, they’re certainly the showrunners of the community trips. They’ve been handpicked from India’s best travel institutes, and know all tricks of trade to lead and manage all kinds of trips, including biking and trekking expeditions.
Local Vendors
Being the bridge between the local vendors and the customers, we’re very selective about the former. After a rigorous recci, we’ve found the most kind and hospitable vendors, who make our travelers feel at home, even when they might be miles away from it. Over the period of time, we’ve managed to make a family-like relationship with our vendors, thus giving back to the local community in every way possible!
Transport Drivers
Our trip captains are nothing short of heroes. Brave, dynamic, and great leaders, they’re certainly the showrunners of the community trips. They’ve been handpicked from India’s best travel institutes, and know all tricks of trade to lead and manage all kinds of trips, including biking and trekking expeditions.
Handover all your requirements to our travel experts who've curated more than 200 itineraries.
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