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Give your Corporate Trips a much-needed change and add a dash of adventure with WanderOn’s brand-new MICE Tourism. Say bye to those boring boardroom gatherings and say hello to an era where business meets adventure. Our MICE tour packages are designed to foster team bonding, ignite creativity, and dazzle your senses in the most amazing way.

With WanderOn, it's not just business as usual; it's business mixed with an extraordinary dash of excitement! Let's turn those office outings into legendary tales of thrill and connections. Welcome to the new era of corporate travel!

What Is MICE Tourism?

MICE Tourism stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. It is a niche segment of tourism tailored to meet the needs of business and professional organisations. It combines aspects of business and leisure travel, providing a comprehensive platform for corporate meetings, rewarding incentive trips, educational conferences, and engaging exhibitions. In simple words, it’s basically you organising your meetings, conferences and rewarding employees in exotic destinations.

Meeting Trips

Meetings Trips are professional meetings or gatherings focused on business objectives, networking and collaboration. These trips often involve stakeholders from various locations converging in a single venue to discuss corporate matters, and strategize or foster business relationships. The primary goal of Meetings Trips in MICE Tourism is to provide a conducive environment that promotes effective communication, decision making and problem solving

Incentive Tourism

Incentive Tourism is a motivational tool used by businesses to reward and encourage their employees or clients. This aspect of MICE Tourism is about crafting unique travel experiences that serve as a reward for achieving certain business goals or performance benchmarks. Incentive Tourism not only serves as a token of appreciation but also as a powerful motivator for future performance.

Conference Trips

Conference Trips, an integral component of MICE Tourism are large scale gatherings aimed at education, knowledge sharing and networking within specific industries or fields. These trips offer a platform for professionals to discuss recent advancements, share research and explore future trends.

Exhibition Trips

Exhibition Trips in MICE Tourism involve travelling to locations where trade shows, expos and industry exhibitions are held. These trips are crucial for companies looking to showcase their products or services, explore new markets and establish business contacts.

Why You Should Opt For MICE Tourism?

MICE Tourism, which stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions, is a crucial segment for corporates. Here's why it's so important for your organisation.

1. Fosters Innovation And Creativity: MICE Tourism removes employees from the same old atmosphere of traditional office spaces and places them in stimulating new environments. This change of scenery can spark creativity, leading to innovative ideas and solutions. Experiencing different cultures and settings can inspire fresh thinking and perspective.

2. Boosts Morale And Motivation: Incentive trips reward employees for their hard work, serving as a powerful tool for motivation. Recognising achievements with travel incentives can improve employee satisfaction, loyalty and retention. It's a tangible way to show appreciation, which can significantly boost morale.

3. Enhances Team Building and Collaboration: Travelling together allows colleagues to interact in a more relaxed and informal setting, which can strengthen team bonds. Group activities and challenges during MICE trips can enhance teamwork skills and improve communication, leading to more effective collaboration back in the office.

4. Professional Development Opportunities: Conferences and exhibitions are integral parts of MICE Tourism, providing opportunities for professional development. Employees can attend workshops, seminars and networking events gaining new skills and knowledge that they can bring back to their roles.

5. Encourages Work-Life Balance: MICE trips often combine business elements with leisure activities, showing employees that the company values their work-life balance. This approach can reduce burnout and increase job satisfaction, leading to a happier, more productive workforce.

6. Offers Networking Opportunities: MICE events are excellent for networking, allowing businesses to connect with industry leaders, potential clients and vendors. These interactions can lead to partnerships, sales and expansions of professional networks that are invaluable for business growth.

7. Increases Cultural Competence: International MICE Tourism exposes employees to new cultures and business practices increasing their cultural awareness and competence. This is particularly beneficial for companies looking to expand or operate globally.

Here’s What We Offer With Our MICE Travel Services

1. Personalised Itineraries: At WanderOn, we believe that the key to unforgettable MICE Travel lies in the personal touch. That's why our MICE Packages are crafted to meet the unique needs and preferences of each corporate client.

With a deep understanding of the varied objectives that MICE Travel serves, we ensure that every detail, from the destination to the daily schedule, aligns perfectly with your company's goals.

Our personalised itineraries are not just about locations; they are experiences, meticulously tailored to inspire, motivate, and reward. Choose our MICE Packages for a journey that is as unique as your team and as ambitious as your business vision.

2. Expertise: Our MICE Tour Packages are crafted by a team of knowledgeable MICE specialists who bring a wealth of expertise to your corporate travel experience. These professionals are adept at designing MICE Tour Packages that seamlessly integrate business with leisure ensuring a perfect blend of productivity and relaxation.

With their deep understanding of the nuances of MICE travel, our specialists tailor each package to meet your specific objectives, whether it's inspiring innovation, rewarding performance, or fostering team unity.

3. 24x7 Support: Our MICE Travel Service is defined by round-the-clock support, ensuring that every aspect of your corporate event unfolds without a hitch. Our dedicated 24/7 assistance is a cornerstone of our MICE Travel Service, providing peace of mind and immediate solutions no matter the time or place.

Whether it's a last-minute change in the itinerary or an unexpected request, our responsive team is always on standby. We strive to anticipate and address your needs, ensuring that your MICE experience is seamless, stress-free, and wholly conducive to the success of your event.

4. Visa Assistance: Embarking on MICE journeys often involves navigating the complex world of international travel regulations. That's where our MICE Travel Service shines. We understand the nitty-gritty of securing travel visas for diverse global destinations.

With our dedicated MICE Travel Service, you'll receive expert guidance on all visa requirements, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for your entire corporate group. We handle the paperwork, communicate with embassies, and offer up-to-date advice so your focus remains on the upcoming event, not the red tape.

5. Trip Videos: Our dedicated content team specialises in capturing the essence of your MICE Tourism adventures, ensuring that every significant moment of your trip is immortalized. With expertise in MICE Tourism, they know exactly how to showcase the unique blend of business and leisure that defines these trips.

From the excitement of team-building activities to the grandeur of conferences, our team expertly crafts videos that not only document your journey but also tell a compelling story. These professionally captured memories serve as a powerful tool to reflect on the success and enjoyment of your MICE Tourism.

Some Of The Clients We’ve Worked For

1. Japan For High Level: WanderOn recently organized an extraordinary MICE Tour for High Level, a global company renowned for its forward-thinking approach and distributed team. Recognizing the unparalleled value of in-person interactions, High Level sought WanderOn's expertise to create a memorable experience that would unite their team in a profound way.

The mission was ambitious: to bring nearly 200 High Level employees together from various parts of the world, bridging gaps across time zones, languages, and cultures. The destination chosen for this grand endeavour was Japan, a land where ancient tradition and cutting-edge innovation exist in harmony.

WanderOn's meticulous planning was crucial for the success of the tour. The logistics, which included obtaining visas, booking flights, and arranging accommodations, were managed so smoothly that the participants needed only to pack their bags and set off on their adventure, worry-free.

A pivotal aspect of this tour was WanderOn's strategic partnership with the Tourism Board of Japan. This alliance went beyond mere logistics; it was an immersive cultural celebration. Participants were not just tourists but became active parts of Japan's rich tapestry of heritage and modernity. The experience was designed to rejuvenate the spirit and stimulate the mind, providing a refreshing break from the daily grind.

Team-building was at the heart of this journey. WanderOn crafted a series of team-building activities that were not just fun but also integral in fostering stronger bonds among the High Level employees. These activities were thoughtfully designed to encourage collaboration, trust, and a deeper sense of community within the team.

As the days unfolded, from the serene sunsets behind Kyoto's temples to the vibrant pulse of Tokyo's neon-lit streets, the group found themselves transforming. They had arrived in Japan as colleagues but would leave as something much more—a family with strengthened ties and a shared sense of accomplishment.

This MICE Tour was more than just a trip; it was a metamorphosis. High Level's employees returned to their respective homes carrying with them not just souvenirs, but also a renewed sense of unity, growth and a collective energy to drive forward into the future.

2. Spiti Valley For TVS: TVS, with a workforce eager for adventure beyond the confines of the office, chose WanderOn to transform this collective desire into an exhilarating reality. Over the course of their collaboration, WanderOn organized not just one, but over 10 thrilling bike tours for TVS. These were no ordinary outings; they were voyages to some of the most stunning and untamed locales across India and overseas.

Picture this: a group of 50 TVS employees, donning their helmets, with the engines of their bikes roaring in unison, all set to conquer some of the world's most daunting terrains. WanderOn's impeccable planning ensured that every detail was addressed. The accommodations were a diverse mix—ranging from snug lodges tucked away in the mountains to luxurious tents under the vast celestial canopy, providing comfort in the heart of the wilderness.

But WanderOn's role extended far beyond just organizing the tours. They were the unseen backbone, providing essential mechanical and medical support. This comprehensive backup was pivotal, especially when the unpredictable nature of adventure travel meant dealing with the occasional hiccup on the road.

3. Multiple Indian Destinations For Paytm: WanderOn crafted a series of engaging MICE Tours for Paytm, offering a refreshing deviation from the daily 9 to 5 grind. Recognizing the power of team outings to strengthen bonds and break the routine, these tours were designed not just as trips, but as transformative experiences across various picturesque locales in India.

A vibrant group of 60 Paytm employees, each filled with a sense of adventure, setting out on a journey meant to enhance camaraderie and teamwork. WanderOn was at the forefront, meticulously orchestrating every aspect of these outings. From handpicking destinations that provided the perfect setting for team activities to ensuring comfortable and serene accommodations, every detail was carefully curated.

What truly made these tours stand out were the bespoke experiences tailored for Paytm's team. Understanding the essence of unity and collaboration, WanderOn put a spotlight on team-building exercises. These activities, ranging from creative problem-solving challenges to thrilling adventures, were designed to test and strengthen the team's dynamics, fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual support.

MICE Tourism isn't just about travel; it's about embarking on journeys that transform teams and businesses. It's where meetings, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions converge to create experiences that go beyond boardrooms and spreadsheets. Through MICE, connections are deepened, ideas are born and horizons are broadened. It's the perfect blend of business with pleasure, where every destination becomes a backdrop for growth and every itinerary, a blueprint for new beginnings


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Varun Vairavan

Chief Technology Officer | HighLevel

Addressing the challenge of maintaining a cohesive remote culture is no easy feat. The offsite organized by WanderOn proved to be a game-changer for us. It facilitated a deeper understanding among team members, allowing us to bridge the gap created by our remote work setup.


Head of Finance | Biconomy

An unforgettable meet-up of 40+ global colleagues turned friends! Thanks to Govind Gaur's relentless planning, from work to partying, and the unstoppable WanderOn team, this trip was pure perfection. Their dedication to every detail and over-delivery on requests made it an unmatched experience.

Abhishek Kumar

Head of Customer Experience | TVS racing

For 5 years, TVS Motors has partnered with WanderOn for majestic rides. Their top-notch professionalism is reflected in curated hotels, transport, and experiences, elevating every ride. Facing adversities with unmatched skill, WanderOn continually raises the bar. Seven rides to Ladakh, Spiti, and Bhutan attest to their ever-improving excellence.

Nilasish Pal

Product Manager | HighLevel

Tokyo treated us to an unforgettable four days of cultural immersion. Experiencing the richness of Japanese culture and savoring unimaginable delicacies made this trip extraordinary. Huge thanks to the WanderOn team for curating such an amazing experience!

Memi Rodriguez

Head of Customer Success | HighLevel

Finally having a retreat is beyond cool! It's not just a meet-up; it's a cultural infusion that keeps our spirit alive. Japan turned out to be the perfect choice. Conversations flowed, brains were picked, and bonds were strengthened. An absolutely essential decision for our team dynamics. Thanks, Team WanderOn for this amazing supercool experience.

Chase Buckner

Director of Product Marketing | HighLevel

Meeting your virtual colleagues in person is an experience like no other. From handshakes to shared meals, the opportunity to connect on a personal level is invaluable. Thanks to WanderOn for creating this incredible opportunity for us to unite and bond.

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Clients We’ve WoWed


A white-labeled marketing app that empowers entrepreneurs with powerful tools for marketing, sales, and automation.



No. of People

200+ Peoples

Corporate Tour: High Level

High Level's Unforgettable Journey To Japan

July 2023

In a world where distances are measured in clicks and screens, the power of a face-to-face connection is immeasurable. High Level, a global company with employees working remotely across the globe, understood this profound truth. And so, they turned to WanderOn, the prominent name in corporate travel, to weave a fabulous saga of unity, growth, and regeneration.

WanderOn embarked on a tremendous mission: bringing together nearly 200 High Level employees from every corner of the globe, separated by time zones, languages, and cultures in a land where tradition meets innovation, Japan.

This was no ordinary corporate tour; it was an opportunity to transcend borders and build bonds.

The meticulous planning began with visas, flights, and accommodations—all handled seamlessly by WanderOn. High Level's travelers were free to leave their worries behind and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

To make this journey truly remarkable, We established an invaluable partnership with the Tourism Board of Japan. This collaboration wasn't just about business—it was about celebrating Japan's culture, heritage, and innovation. The trip breathed fresh life into weary minds, infusing them with new energy and vigor.

WanderOn didn't just stop at organizing the tour. we provided end-to-end services, including meticulously crafted team-building activities that further strengthened the team's harmony and unity.

As the sun set over Kyoto's ancient temples and Tokyo's bustling streets, High Level returned home not just as coworkers but as a family. Their journey with WanderOn wasn't just a tour; it was a transformation—a story of unity, growth, and rejuvenation.



A renowned two-wheeler and automotive manufacturer boasts a legacy of innovation and quality. From cutting-edge motorcycles to eco-friendly scooters, TVS is committed to delivering exceptional vehicles.



No. of People

50+ Peoples

Incentive Tour: TVS

TVS X Wanderon: Where Corporate Meets Adventure

June 2018

In the heart of the corporate world, where business meetings and boardrooms rule, there lies a spirit of adventure that craves to break free. TVS, a global company known for its innovation and performance, understood this yearning among its employees. And that's where Wanderon, the global travel community, stepped in to turn their dreams into reality.

Wanderon had the privilege of organising more than 10 adventurous bike rides for TVS, taking them to some of the most remote and breathtaking locations both in India and abroad.

Imagine 50 TVS enthusiasts revving their bikes, ready to take on some of the most challenging terrains on the planet. Wanderon took care of every detail - from accommodation that ranged from cozy mountain lodges to luxurious tents under the stars, to transportation that navigated through treacherous roads with ease.

But it didn't stop there; Wanderon also provided the much-needed mechanical and medical support for those unpredictable moments when the road threw surprises at the adventurers.

One of the most unforgettable moments in this corporate adventure saga was when Wanderon and TVS achieved something truly remarkable. In the pristine Spiti Valley, amidst towering peaks and endless stretches of barren land, Wanderon and TVS set a Guinness World Record for the highest bike stunt show ever performed.

It took place in Komic, a village nestled at the roof of the world, where oxygen is thin, and the air is pure.

Each of these adventures became a chapter in TVS's corporate story, a story of strength, adventure, and the spirit of exploration. These journeys, facilitated by Wanderon, not only strengthened the bonds within the TVS team but also served as a reminder that even in the corporate world, there is room for the extraordinary.



A leading Indian digital payment and financial services platform revolutionizes the way people transact. Offering a seamless and secure experience, enabling users to make payments, recharge, book tickets, and more.



No. of People

60+ Peoples

Team Outing: Paytm

Paytm's Team Adventures: Crafting Bonds Beyond 9-to-5

Sept 2017

In a world where the hustle of the 9 to 5 routine dominates, team outings emerge as a vital escape. These outings not only foster stronger team connections but also provide a much-needed break from the monotony of daily life.

Wanderon had the honour of organising numerous team outings for Paytm, each a unique journey to various destinations across India. These were not just trips; they were meticulously tailored experiences that aimed to strengthen the bonds among Paytm's valued team members.

Picture this: a group of 60 Paytm team members, each brimming with anticipation and excitement, embarking on their adventure together. WanderOn, the mastermind behind it all, ensured every detail was perfection—from selecting destinations that offered the ideal backdrop for team bonding to arranging accommodations that provided comfort and relaxation.

What set these experiences apart were the personalised touches that made each outing special. Wanderon understood the importance of fostering unity and collaboration among Paytm teams, and thus, team building activities took centre stage.

Challenges were conquered, team building exercises and adrenaline-pumping activities were embraced, all of which tested problem-solving skills while nurturing relationships outside the office.



Biconomy is a transaction infrastructure platform and Web3 developer tool, empowering developers to provide users with seamless and hassle-free experiences in the decentralized web.



No. of People

40+ Peoples

Workcations: Biconomy

Workcations For Teams: Where Work and Adventure Converge

Jan 2022

In a world ruled by digital codes and global connections, Biconomy sought a break from the virtual hustle. That's when WanderOn stepped in, weaving a tale of a 15-day Bali workcation for Biconomy's dispersed team.

Imagine waking up to the sound of gentle waves crashing on the shore, with a breathtaking ocean view outside your window. That's precisely what WanderOn Workcations offers to its travellers. But there was a twist. These travelers were not just ordinary tourists; they were business professionals, entrepreneurs, and teams seeking extraordinary work experience.

Yet, what set this experience apart was the personalized touch. WanderOn, understanding the need for a connected team, designed days that blurred the lines between work and wanderlust. The Bali beach became their office, coconuts turned into brainstorming sessions, and every byte felt as refreshing as the Bali breeze.


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