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About Meghalaya Tour Packages:

Just imagine a place where you’re far away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, the noise of the traffic and far away from the daily grind, and now, enter a place in the lap of nature surrounded by lush greenery, the sounds of nature being blissful to the ears and peace and serenity rejuvenating your soul. Well, the place you just imagined is a reality and we will be taking you there with our Meghalaya tour packages.

Meghalaya, the site known as the abode of clouds owing to the abundant rainfall, is one of the most beautiful and one of the most sought-after destinations not just in India, but the entire world, which is why without a doubt, Meghalaya tour packages are a favourite of one and all.

Also known as the ‘Scotland of the East’, Meghalaya has a fascinating history as it was formed in 1972 by carving out two districts from Assam; the United Khasi and Jaintia Hills and the Garo Hills. The state is very close to Bangladesh, which is why during your Meghalaya trip, there will be a plethora of landmarks and attractions which will be very close to the neighbouring country.

Besides the geographical aspects, Meghalaya is also famous for its rich cultural heritage, customs, beliefs and traditions. There are three major tribes in Meghalaya; the Khasi, mainly found in the Khasi Village, the Garo and the Jaintias and all have their own unique culture and heritage, which they pass down to generations.

One exciting thing about the culture is that in Meghalaya the lineage is traced through the mother’s side, which means that everything, from property and wealth to responsibilities, they are passed down from generation to generation from the mother’s side. Therefore, women have a prominent role in the culture of Meghalaya. What makes it even better is that you can witness it all during your Meghalaya trip with our Meghalaya tour packages.

Our Meghalaya packages also take you to some of the best sites that the state possesses.

Attractions like Cherrapunji, Shillong, Umiam Lake, Don Bosco Museum are just a few of the many world-renowned landmarks that you will be visiting with our Meghalaya tour packages.

Along with the best sites, Meghalaya is also known for its unique cuisine, an amalgamation of various tribes and cultures. Food in Meghalaya primarily consists of non-vegetarian food, which includes dishes like Jadoh, Doh Kleh, and Tungrymbai. Besides these dishes, the state is also renowned for its diverse range of teas grown on the hillsselves.

What separates Meghalaya from other tourist destinations is that it is suitable for all kinds of travellers, whether domestic or international, as the state's official language is English. Well, before we move forward, all we can say is that Meghalaya is a state that offers a unique blend of nature, culture, and adventure. The state's pristine forests, majestic waterfalls, and exceptional living root bridges make it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty of northeastern India.

So without further ado, scroll through, and check out the best places to visit in Meghalaya during your Meghalaya Trip.

Best Places To Visit In Meghalaya

1. Shillong

The capital of Meghalaya, Shillong is renowned as the Scotland of the East due to its serene beauty, which it owes to the lush green hills, stunning waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, the breathtaking landscapes and the colonial architecture, making Shillong one of the essential destinations in almost all Meghalaya tour packages. Shillong was originally a small village which used to go by the name of ‘Leishka’ and was inhabited by the Khasi tribe at that time. Later in the mid-19th century, the East India Company established a base in the region.

In the modern day, Shillong is one of the most sought-after destinations that is visited by people from all over the world. Some of the best places to visit in Shillong are the Elephant Falls, Don Bosco Museum, Butterfly Museum, Ward’s Lake, Umiam Lake, and the Shillong Peak, among other famous attractions.

The culture of Shillong too is a melting pot of a plethora of cultures and traditions which travellers get to witness and experience with their Meghalaya tour packages. The Khasi cuisine is the favourite in the region, and visitors on a Meghalaya trip must try the local delicacies such as Jadoh, which is made up of rice and pork, Dohneiiong, which consists of pork with black sesame, and Tungrymbai- fermented soybean curry, all of which are available in the restaurants in Shillong.

Shillong also has a thriving music scene, which is why it is known as the "Rock Capital of India." The city has produced some of India's most popular bands, such as Soulmate and The Vinyl Records. One of the best things to do in Shillong is that visitors can catch live performances at venues such as Cloud 9, Tango, and The Hype.

Best Time To Visit Shillong: September To May

Best Places To Visit In Shillong: Umiam Lake, Ward’s Lake, Elephant Falls

Best Places To Stay In Shillong: Hotel Polo towers, Vivanta Meghalaya, The Golf Retreat

2. Cherrapunji

Also known as Sohra, Cherrapunji is a small town located in the East Khasi Hills district. The region is known as the ‘wettest place on Earth’ because of the abundance of rainfall it receives every year. Located at an altitude of over 1,500 metres above sea level, the region is surrounded by rolling hills, valleys and breathtaking waterfalls.

Some of the best places in Cherrapunji that you can explore during your Meghalaya trip in with our Meghalaya tour packages include Nohkalikai Falls- the highest waterfall in India, then comes Mawsmai Caves, the Seven Sister Falls, one of the most unique waterfalls in Meghalaya and Double Decker Living Root Bridge among others.

Cherrapunji is also known for its delectable cuisine local cuisine, which is an amalgamation of Khasi, Jaintia and Garo flavours. Some of the quintessential dishes to try in Cherrapunji are Jadoh (a dish made up of rice, pork and spices) , Dohneiiong ( a pork curry that is made with black sesame seeds and ginger).

Well, to summarise it, Cherrapunji is a unique and one of the beautiful destinations in Meghalaya tour packages that offers breathtaking views and an opportunity to experience the natural wonders of Meghalaya. It is an essential destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts which for sure will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Best Time To Visit Cherrapunji: The best time to visit Cherrapunji is during the months of October to May.

Best Places To Visit In Cherrapunji: Nohkalikai Falls, Mawsmai Caves, Seven Sister Falls

Best Places To Stay In Cherrapunji:Polo Orchid Resort, Jiva Resort, Kutmadan Resort

3. Mawlynnong Village

It is now time to visit Asia’s cleanest village, the Mawlynnong Village which attracts everyone on a Meghalaya trip with our Meghalaya tour packages. The Mawlynnong Village is for sure a worthy addition to your Meghalaya trip itinerary as it is one of those places which which possesses qualities that you won’t be able to witness anywhere else.

The Village has gained fame for its cleanliness and is renowned for its spotless streets, clean public toilets, and garbage-free surroundings. The villagers have made it a point to keep their village clean and green, and they take pride in their efforts. Travellers on a Meghalaya trip will be able to see bamboo dustbins placed at regular intervals because the villagers make sure that the streets are free of litter.

One of the must visit destinations in the village is the Living Root Bridge, the bridge is made entirely of the roots of the Ficus elastica tree, and is a unique natural wonder. The bridge takes around 10 to 15 years to grow and can last for up to 500 years. Therefore a trek to this bridge become an essential addition to your Meghalaya trip itinerary.

Best Time To Visit The Mawlynnong Village: June to September is the best time to visit the Mawlynnong Village.

Best Places To Visit In Mawlynnong Village: Living Root Bridge, Church of Epiphany

Best Places To Stay In Mawlynnong Village: Umpholiew Homestay, Ka Bri War Resort, Hala Tyngkong Stay Inn

4. Don Bosco Museum

An essential addition in Meghalaya tour packages, the Don Bosco Museum, located in Shillong is the perfect destination for those on a Meghalaya trip interested in knowing the history of the state. The museum possesses 17 galleries that take you on a journey through the history of the northeast India. The museum has a collection of over 17,000 artefacts including clothing, handicrafts, musical instruments, and traditional weapons.

During your Meghalaya trip with our Meghalaya tour packages, you will also be able to witness the interactive displays in the museum which allow the travellers to learn about the cultural history of the state in a fun and interactive way.

The museum also has a sound room where travellers during their Meghalaya trip can listen to authentic traditional music, and watch a video room that showcases traditional dance forms, and last but definitely not the least, a 3D model of the Northeast region that provides a bird's-eye view of the different states.

With our Meghalaya tour packages, you will also visit the library in the museum that has a vast collection of books and scholarly articles that have all the knowledge you need about the northeastern region of the country. The Don Bosco Museum is an essential part of almost every tour packages for Meghalaya.

Entry Fee: Indian tourists on Meghalaya trip will have to pay an entry fee of INR 100, whereas foreign nationals will have to pay INR 200.

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM during summers and 9 AM to 5:30 PM in winters.

5. Balpakram National Park

Next up on the list of best places to visit during your Meghalaya trip and one of the best national parks in Meghalaya included in our Meghalaya tour packages is the Balpakram National Park. Located in the South Garo Hills district of Meghalaya, the Balpakram National Park is a distinctive destination that offers travellers that opt for our Meghalaya tour packages a chance to experience the beauty and biodiversity of the region.

The park was established in 1987 and is spread over an area of over 2200 sq kilometres, the park is named after the Balpakram plateau which is also the main attraction and is known for its unique landscape and biodiversity.

The park is perfect the perfect destination for wildlife and photography enthusiasts as they can witness rare species like the Indian Bison, Sterow and Lesser Panda. Travellers with Meghalaya tour packages should definitely visit this national park.

Entry Fee: There is no entry fees for this national park.

Timings: 7AM to 6 PM

Animals Which Can Be Found: Marbles Cat, Wild Cows, Deer, Wild Buffalo and Red Panda among others.

6. Elephant Falls

The Elephant Falls is one of the must visit destinations in Meghalaya tour packages, for all good reasons. Located near Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya. The waterfall owes its name to a large rock that resembles an elephant. The local Khasi populations refers to the waterfall as "Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohsiew" which translates to "Three Steps Waterfall". This name is given because the waterfall is divided into three distinct steps.

The essence of the Elephant Falls lies in its surroundings. The waterfall is located in the centre of lush green forests and is encircled by rocky cliffs, making it a picturesque spot. The region near the waterfall is also abode to a diverse range of flora and fauna, which includes different species of orchids and ferns.

Travellers on a Meghalaya trip to Elephant Falls can also explore the area around the waterfall by take a short trek through the forests. There are also a plethora of viewpoints from where visitors can get a panoramic view of the waterfall and the surrounding landscapes.

The most favourable time to visit Elephant Falls with your Meghalaya trip itinerary is during the monsoon season when the water flow is at its peak and the waterfall looks its best.

Best Time To Visit The Elephant Falls: The best time to visit the waterfall is in the monsoons which is in the months of June to October.

Best Attractions Near The Elephant Falls: When exploring the waterfall with our Meghalaya tour packages, you can also visit the nearby attractions like the Air Force Museum, Ward’s Lake, and the Umiam Lake among other landmarks included in our Meghalaya tour packages.

After reading about some of the best places that you will be visiting during your Meghalaya trip with our Meghalaya tour packages, it is now time to get acquainted with the Best Things To Do In Meghalaya With Our Meghalaya tour packages.

Best Things To Do In Meghalaya

Since Meghalaya is abode to some of the best and some of the most unique places in the entire world, those places host a plethora of activities which one can take part in to take their Meghalayan escapade with our Meghalaya packages to the next level. Some of the most pristine activities are trekking to the Double Root Bridge, Exploring the Mawsmai Caves, Siju Cave expedition, exploring the churches in Shillong and many more activities which travellers during their Meghalayan expedition with our Meghalaya tour packages must indulge in.

1. Camping At The Umiam Lake

The Umiam Lake is a paradise for adventure and nature enthusiasts and is a one of its kind attraction in Meghalaya, and one of the best things to do in Meghalaya. Adventure enthusiasts travelling to Meghalaya with our Meghalaya holiday packages will be able to immerse in the unique experiences that the lake offers.

There are a myriad of camping sights around the lake that allow travellers to escape the daily grind. One of the major attractions of camping at Umiam Lake is the chance to enjoy stunning sunrises and sunsets over the lake. The serene and tranquil waters of the lake reflect the vibrant colours of the sky, creating a breathtaking sight that is a delight to the eyes.

Travellers can also take part in various adventurous activities like rappelling, zip lining, and rock climbing among other activities.

2. Trek to the Double Root Bridges

Travellers! If you’re looking for an adventure activity in Meghalaya and a unique experience during your Meghalayan excursion with our Meghalaya packages, then a trek to the double root bridges is the perfect choice for you. The trek to the double root bridges in Meghalaya is a challenging one, which asks for a good level of fitness and endurance.

The trek includes steep climbs and descents, slippery terrain, and several river crossings. But, the stunning views of the surrounding forests and waterfalls make the efforts worth it. What makes this trek even special is that the double root bridge is not the sole attraction of this trek.

The trek, which is included in a plethora of tour packages for Meghalaya takes travellers through some of the most astonishing landscapes in Meghalaya, which includes a diverse range of waterfalls, lush forests, and stunning views of the rolling hills surrounding the bridge.

3. Golfing At Gleneagles

Golfing enthusiasts travelling with our Meghalaya packages, ASSEMBLE! Besides adventure activities, Meghalaya is also abode to some of the best golf courses. Just imagine playing your favourite sport on a golf course surrounded by lush greenery on all sides. One of those golf courses is the Shillong Golf course, which is one of the largest and one of the highest golf courses in the country, the golf course is located in a scenic valley and is surrounded by pine trees on almost all sides.

The setting is just immaculate, and whether a person is a seasoned golfer or just a beginner, they just cannot miss the opportunity to play the game on a course with this aesthetic.

4. Shop at the Bara Bazaar

Besides the aesthetics, unparalleled landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Shillong is also an amazing place for shopping, making it a bliss for shoppers travelling with our Meghalaya packages. The Bara Bazaar, aka 'Iewduh' , is a busy marketplace in the heart of Shillong. It's a renowned destination for locals and tourists; the market offers shoppers a wide variety of goods, including clothes, accessories, handicrafts, and food among other authentic things.

Shopping at this bazaar is an amazing way to support the local economy of the region and a unique way to get a taste of the local culture and traditions.

5. Mountain Biking In The Sohliya Village

An offbeat destination in Meghalaya, Sohliya village is a quaint little village established in the West Khasi Hills region. It's a famous destination for mountain biking, and travellers from all over the country head to the village for the same as it provides challenging trails that takes bikers through the village's scenic landscape.

Mountain biking in Sohliya Village is a great way for travellers that opt for Meghalaya packages to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and experience the untouched natural beauty and adventure that Meghalaya has to offer.

How To Reach Meghalaya

Meghalaya, the land famous for its breathtaking beauty and stunning landscapes is located in the northeastern part of India. Along with unparalleled beauty, the state is also famous for its culture which includes lively festivals, delectable food, art and crafts and much more, that is why Meghalaya travel packages are so famous in the modern era.

There are plenty of ways through which one can reach Meghalaya, they are:

By Air

The nearest airport to Meghalaya is the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati which is at a distance of approximately 160 kilometres from Meghalaya. There are a number of airlines which have flights coming to Guwahati on a regular basis. These flights run from all the major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and so on.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Meghalaya is the Guwahati Railway Station. The Guwahati Railway Station has a well-established and well-connected railway network with all the major Indian cities. After arriving in Guwahati, one can take a taxi, cab or bus to reach Meghalaya.

By Road

Meghalaya is well-connected to other parts of northeast India by road. Travellers can take a bus or hire a taxi from Guwahati to Shillong or other destinations in Meghalaya. The road journey from Guwahati to Shillong takes about 3-4 hours.

Meghalaya has so much to offer that just cannot be missed. Beauty, culture, cuisine, arts, adventure, and so much more that one should witness at least once in a lifetime. With that being said, without further ado, scroll down and check out our Meghalaya tour packages for an experience like no other.

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Featured Packages

Best activities to do in Meghalaya for a thrilling adventure

Meghalaya is an excellent place to create cherished memories with loved ones through its various breathtaking activities like trekking, river canyoning, hiking, and more. You can also enjoy the breathtaking views of nature here.

clock4 hours approx


Meghalaya offers stunning hiking opportunities, with its scenic hills, waterfalls, and living root bridges, making for a memorable outdoor adventure.

locationKyllang Rock

clock30 minutes approx


Golfing in Meghalaya offers a unique experience with its picturesque courses set amidst rolling hills and refreshing weather.

locationShillong Golf Club

clock8 hours approx

River Canyoning

River canyoning in Meghalaya is an exhilarating adventure, exploring hidden gorges and waterfalls while rappelling, sliding, and jumping into natural pools.


clock4 hours approx


Trekking in Meghalaya offers stunning views of lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and unique living root bridges, providing a memorable adventure.

locationTyrna Village

clock1 - 2 hours approx

Water Sports

Water sports in Meghalaya offer exciting experiences such as kayaking, rafting, and boating amidst the natural beauty of its rivers and lakes.

locationUmiam Lakes

clock1 - 2 hours approx

Cave Exploration

Cave exploration in Meghalaya offers a unique experience, exploring ancient limestone caves with stunning stalactites, stalagmites, and underground rivers.

locationEast Khasi Hills

Beautiful Places To Visit In Meghalaya For A Blissful Vacay

Whether you're looking for an adrenaline rush or simply want to enjoy natural scenery, Meghalaya is the perfect place for you. It should be at the top of your list for your next getaway.

Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake in Meghalaya is a serene waterbody, surrounded by hills and lush greenery, offering boating, water sports, and picturesque views.

locationUmiam Lake

Balpakram National Park

Balpakram National Park in Meghalaya is a biodiversity hotspot, with diverse flora and fauna, picturesque landscapes, and cultural significance.

locationGaro Hills

Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls in Meghalaya is a popular tourist attraction, featuring a three-tiered waterfall, surrounded by lush greenery and scenic beauty.


Double-decker Living Root Bridge

Double-decker living root bridge in Meghalaya is a unique man-made marvel, crafted from intermingled tree roots, and surrounded by natural beauty.


Don Bosco Museum

Don Bosco Museum in Meghalaya showcases the cultural and social diversity of Northeast India through its exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays.

locationEast Khasi Hills

Kyllang Rock

Kyllang Rock in Meghalaya is a massive dome-shaped granite rock, offering panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

locationWest Khasi Hills

Places to Enjoy The Rich Flavors Of Meghalaya

Meghalaya, known as the abode of clouds, offers a diverse culinary experience with a range of traditional and modern food options. From local delicacies like Jadoh and Dohneiiong to global cuisines, the state has plenty of places to eat and explore.
Cost for 2:₹600/- approx

City Hut Family Dhaba


Cost for 2:₹500/- approx

Jiva Grill sohra

Indian, Asian, Grill

Cost for 2:₹1,000/- approx


Chinese, Asian

Cost for 2:₹300/- approx

Orange Roots


Cost for 2:₹600/- approx

Cafe Shillong

Cafe, Asian

Cost for 2:₹400/- approx

Dylan's Cafe

Burgers, Steaks, Desserts


Best Places to shop in Meghalaya

Meghalaya, a northeastern state of India, offers a unique shopping experience with its vibrant local markets and handicrafts. Visitors can explore the bustling bazaars for traditional clothes, accessories, bamboo crafts, and food items.

clock08:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Polo Bazaar

Shop For: Local fruits, clothes, and Jadoh


clock09:00 AM - 09:00 PM

OB Shopping Mall

Shop For: Modern clothes & food


clock11:00 AM - 08:30 PM

Glory’s Plaza

Shop For: Apparels


clock09:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Rebecca’s Thrift Store

Shop For: Vintage coats, and clothes


clock08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Bara Bazar

Shop For: Tribal vibrancy


clock10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Purbashree Emporium

Shop For: Handicrafts


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Meghalaya Travel Guidelines

The following are the latest travel guidelines for travel in Meghalaya announced by the state’s government in September 2021.

Registration: All visitors to Meghalaya are required to register on the state's tourism website before their arrival.

COVID-19 Guidelines: Visitors must follow the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the state government, which include wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and practicing good hand hygiene.

Negative RT-PCR Test: As of September 2021, visitors are required to carry a negative RT-PCR test report conducted within 72 hours of their arrival in Meghalaya. The state government may revise these guidelines as per the changing COVID-19 situation.

Transportation: Public transportation services, including buses and taxis, are operational in Meghalaya, subject to adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines. Private vehicles are also allowed.

Accommodation: Hotels, homestays, and guesthouses are operational in Meghalaya, subject to adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines. Visitors are advised to make prior bookings.

Local Attractions: Many tourist attractions in Meghalaya are open to visitors, subject to adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines. Visitors are advised to check the status of the attractions before their visit.

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