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20 Best Adventure Camps to Visit Near Delhi

1. Northern Adventure Camp:

3. Camp Roxx:

5. Aspen Adventure Camp:

7. Camp Kyari Siyat:

9. Jhajhar Khas Camp:

11. Morni Nature Camp:

13. Adventure Camp Sohna:

15. Camp Mustang:

17. Camp Sierra:

19.Camp Exotica:

Some tips to consider when visiting adventure camps in and around Delhi

20 Fantastic Adventure Camps Near Delhi | Adventure Guide

Due to the busy and chaotic life of the national capital, its residents often crave a swift retreat into the peacefulness of the outdoors. Luckily, many adventure camps near Delhi, provide the perfect blend of adventure and tranquility. 

Delhi, being the national capital is flooded with tourists and visitors all year round. Mostly people visiting Delhi spend quality time exploring the amazing places to visit in Delhi. Tourists also add adventure camps near Delhi to their itineraries, for a holistic travel experience. 

From the soothing green hill stations near Delhi like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand to the rugged terrains of Rajasthan, these adventure camps near New Delhi offer an array of thrilling and adrenaline-pumping activities including hiking, camping, river rafting, rappelling, climbing rock climbing, bouldering, and more. 

This piece delves into 20 well-known adventure camps near Delhi, discussing their prices, location, and the ideal time to visit. 

20 Best Adventure Camps to Visit Near Delhi

Be it the scorching months of summer or the chilling winters, adventure camps near Delhi have something to offer to the daredevils. 

When you are bored of visiting the regular places near Delhi in summer and want to take the road less traveled, then these adventure camps near New Delhi will quench your thirst for adventure. 

1. Northern Adventure Camp:

The Northern Adventures Camp is a famous adventure camp near Delhi. 

It is popular for the breathtaking scenery of the Himalayas and a broad range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, rope activities, zip-lining, aerial treks,  and campfires. 

The camp offers a peaceful retreat for individuals seeking a break from the bustling urban life and a chance to bond with nature. 

This camp is the perfect place for an outing with friends and family. It also provides a separate play area for children, free breakfast, free parking and you can even enjoy karaoke here with friends.

Location: Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Cost: Packages starting at Rs. 2,000

Best Time to Visit: May to October

Must-try: Rappelling, Rope Activities, Hiking, and Adventure Activities in the Forests

2. Camp Wildhawk:

You must drive for just an hour from Delhi to reach Camp Wildhawk. It is located close to the major metro cities in Delhi like Noida, Faridabad, and Gurgaon, making it one of the Best Adventure Camps Near Delhi.

It is an excellent choice for a brief weekend escape and one of the must-visit adventure camps near Delhi. 

It provides exciting adventure options like rock climbing,  zorbing, trekking, and other group activities, making it an ideal destination for corporate outings, chilling with friends, and family vacations.

From cozy budget-friendly tents to luxurious stays, you can find it all here.

Location: Aravali Valley, near Gurgaon

Cost: Approximately Rs. 999/- per person

Best Time to Visit: All year round

Must-try: Aravali Hill Trek, Night Camping, Paint Ball

3. Camp Roxx:

Camp Roxx Adventure Camp, located in a pine forest area, provides an exclusive camping experience.

The pacifying cool ambiance, nestled in the heart of thick coniferous forests makes it one of the greatest adventure activity camps near Delhi.

You can indulge in various thrill-inspiring activities such as hiking,  and campfires. The camp lets you connect with nature and disconnect, from the stressful mundane city life. 

If you’re a nature enthusiast who wishes to do something extraordinary, then Camp Roxx is among the ultimate places to Visit for Adventure Camps Near Delhi.

Location: Kangojodi, Himachal Pradesh

Cost: Packages starting at Rs. 2,500

Best Time to Visit: March to November 

Must-try: Camping, Nature Walks, Hiking

4. Kasauli Adventure Camp:

Kasauli is an ethereal hill station near Delhi, famed for its magical ambiance and unparalleled beauty, the adventure camp in Kasauli will offer you the experience of a lifetime.

Huddled in the bosom of Solan in Himachal Pradesh, this campsite is a no-miss. For stargazing, bonfires, luxurious stays in tents, and mouth-watering, hygienic meals just like other places to eat in Delhi, Kasauli Adventure Camp is the best among all the places to Watch Adventure Camps Near Delhi-NCR. 

Zip-lining, nature walks, hiking, Tarzan swing, rock climbing, and valley crossing as some of the thrilling sports you can try here.

Location: Kasauli Forest, Himachal Pradesh

Cost: Approximately Rs. 3,000 Per Person

Best Time to Visit: March to June, September to November

Must-try: Tarzan Swing, Valley Crossing

5. Aspen Adventure Camp:

If you aren’t a daredevil and seek a luxurious and grand stay, then Aspen Adventure Camp will surely be one of the Best Adventure Camps to Visit Near Delhi. 

Its location makes it highly accessible via road, train, or air. It is situated in close proximity to various tourist spots in Rishikesh like Laxman Jhula and Neelkanth. 

From premier safari tents to luxury and premium cottages, you can book whatever suits your mood and budget. The Aspen Camp is also among the popular places to celebrate New Year near Delhi.

This camp offers unique and relaxing facilities within the property, like a swimming pool, free internet, and pet-friendly accommodations. 

Location: Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Cost: Approximately 3,500 per night

Best Time to Visit: March to June, September to November

Must-try: River Rafting, Bonfire, Barbeque

6. Shoghi Adventure Camp:

The camp provides an excellent opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Himachal Pradesh.

This site offers a heavenly escape, offering breathtaking  Himalayan vistas that rejuvenate your mind and soul, breaking free from the shackles of mundane life. 

The tranquil and splendorous ambiance, and its year-round accessibility, turn it into a paradise, it is an optimal place for enjoying your honeymoon near Delhi.

Tourists are often left awe-struck by this location, quietly perched on the hills of Himachal, sitting amidst verdant oak forests, blooming Rhododendrons, and the spicy and woody aromas of the cedar wood.

The list of adventure sports you can try here is endless; Zip-lining, bamboo bridge, Burma bridge, tire walk, flying fox, jumaring, and waterfall treks (Shiva/ cave falls) make this the Top Adventure Camp For Sport in Delhi.

Location: Shoghi, Himachal Pradesh

Cost: Approximately Rs. 3,200 per night

Best Time to Visit: March to June

Must-try: Waterfall Treks, Jumaring, Flying Fox

7. Camp Kyari Siyat:

Located on the outskirts of the famous Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, Camp Kyari is a must-visit for tourists who wish to experience rural and sustainable living.

This is one of the newer adventure camps near Delhi and offers a very different and rustic stay experience. You can take organic farming workshops, river crossing, and rappelling are other amazing activities organized here.

The interesting fact about this place is, that there is no electricity used to power the place. Only solar power and kerosene are used to generate energy here.

The accommodation is also designed to match the feel of rural living. You get to stay in American safari tents or huts with thatched roofs, to get the perfect jungle experience. 

Location: Siyat, UttarakhandCost: Approximately Rs. 2,800 per nightBest Time to Visit: October to April

Must-try: Camping, Organic Farming Workshops, River Crossing, Body Surging and Picnics.

8. Kanatal Adventure Camp:

Kanatal Adventure Camp offers an exciting getaway featuring pastimes such as hiking, scaling cliffs, and yoga classes.

The camp provides stunning vistas of the nearby massifs and is an optimal location for meditation, relaxation, and frolic. 

Here you get to admire rosy sunsets and brilliant sunrises, misty mornings, and pitch nights. The chirping of the alpine birds will replace your morning alarms and you will fall asleep making wishes on shooting stars on a clear night sky. 

Kanatal is one of the most renowned adventure camps near Delhi but is famous all over India. 

Adventure activities here range from Sky cycling, suspension bridge, camping, trekking, rock climbing, Skywalk, jungle safari, and much more. 

Kanatal Adventure Camp is functional throughout the year making it one of the top destinations near Delhi in monsoon.

Location: Kanatal, Uttarakhand

Cost: Approximately Rs. 2,200 per night

Best Time to Visit: All year round

Must-Try: Valley Crossing, Jungle Safari, Sky Walk

9. Jhajhar Khas Camp:

When exploring the best Adventure Camps to Visit Near Delhi, how can we miss out on the mighty Rajputana? 

Jhajhar Khas campsite is located in Rajasthan and gives you flavors of authentic royal Rajasthani hospitality. 

It stands out as one of the most contemporary adventure camps near Delhi. This earthy resort is situated away from the main city of Nawalgarh. 

The area is a quiet village, making it a top pick for visitors seeking serenity. 

Additionally, this location provides exciting activities like Camping, hiking, zip-lining, safari, and stargazing, to enhance your stay experience. 

Location: Jhanjhar, Rajasthan 

Cost: Approximately Rs. 5,000 per night

Best Time to Visit: May to September

Must-Try: Safari, Zip-lining, Camping

10. Damdama Lake Camp:

Nestled away from the city’s chaos lies Damdama Lake, a stunning spot, ideal for a weekend getaway surrounded by breathtaking views and magical natural scenes. 

Just a 50-minute drive from Gurgaon, camping near Damdama Lake offers a range of activities perfect for everyone’s taste. 

You can enjoy overnight stays, family outings, day excursions, corporate events, and adventurous trips. 

The Damdama Adventure Camp offers various exciting activities such as the Rope ladder, obstacle course, Burma bridge, and rock climbing. 

You can even enjoy shooting, archery, and paintball. For team sports options, there are badminton and volleyball. You can also spot people playing cricket for some extra fun. 

Another fascinating thing about this campsite is that there are options for riverside adventure activities like boating on Damdama Lake with row boats, paddle boats, and motor boats. 

Boating is among the most fun things to do adventure camps near Delhi.

Location: Near Gurgaon, Haryana

Cost:  Approximately Rs. 1,500 per night

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Must-Try: Boating, Archery, Shooting, Camping

11. Morni Nature Camp:

For adventurous souls, seeking serious thrill-inspiring experiences, along with the motherly touch of nature, Morni Nature Camp is undoubtedly among the best adventure camps near Delhi. 

You can go for breath-stopping activities like mountain climbing, trekking, bouldering, zip-lining, archery, and camping in the wilderness.

For natural adventure seekers, bird-watching, rock climbing, and nature walks are available at the Morni Nature Camp.

Location: Morni Hills, Panchkula, Haryana

Cost:  Approximately Rs. 2,000 per night

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Must-try: Mountain Climbing, Bird-watching, Nature Walks, Archery

12. Eco Adventure Camp:

For family outings, celebrating special events or just hanging out with friends on a weekend, head towards the Eco Adventure Camp in Najafgarh. 

This is one of the biggest adventure camps in and around Delhi, situated in the Najafgarh area near Bhagini Nivedita Girls College, DU. 

Be it adventure seekers, nature lovers, kiddies, and even elderlies, this resort has something for everyone. 

From modern rides, adventure activities, and DJ dance to village life experiences this place offers it all.

You can try Zip-lining, Rock-climbing, Mowgli’s walk, Magic shows, Potter’s wheel, Jumaring, Bouldering, Balance beam, Long tunnel crossing, Sky plate, and many other activities. 

Location: Najafgarh, Delhi

Cost: Approximately Rs. 650 per person

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Must-try: Bouldering, DJ Dance, Village Stay, Jumaring

13. Adventure Camp Sohna:

This campsite is adorned with the breathtaking landscapes of the Aravali hills. It’s one of the top places to visit for adventure camps near Delhi for an exciting excursion with family or your buddies. 

The postcard-like surroundings have popularised this site as one of the most famous adventure camps near Delhi. Visitors can enjoy numerous outdoor activities like ropes course, paintball, and mountain biking along with excellent services. 

The overall experience here is incredible and unique. Here you can either, cook your meals in the fully equipped kitchens provided at the campsite, or you can try the multi-cuisine delights from the restaurant present here. 

Camping in Sohna is an all-immersive experience for thrill lovers. 

Location: Sohna

Cost: Approximately Rs. 2,000 per person

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Must-try: Mountain Biking, Paintball

14. The Blue Camp:

For a luxurious camping or glamping experience, The Blue Camp, Sohna is among the ultimate adventure camps near Delhi. 

If you aren’t a thrill seeker and just wish to retire into the lap of Mother Nature, enjoy a grand and splendid stay, savor multi-culinary scenes, and enjoy a lakeside outdoor stay, then Blue Camp is the place for you. 

Located close to Damdama Lake, this camp offers the perfect glamping experience. 

Location: Sohna, Haryana

Cost: Approximately Rs. 1,800 per night

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Must Try: Boating, Kayaking, Camping

15. Camp Mustang:

This campsite is filled with the natural splendor of the Aravali Hills. It offers stay options for refreshing your mind and soul. 

It is one of the perfect adventure camps near Delhi, surrounded by lush green forests, verdant landscapes, and breathtaking vistas. 

Off the beaten path, this campsite stands out for its ability to offer top-notch amenities at affordable rates, such as televisions with Wi-Fi inside your tent. 

Here, you can book from high-end luxury tents to budget-friendly stays. It’s also a great option for family outings.

Various activities you can do here include Trekking, Air Rifle Shooting, Rock Climbing, Village walks, Zorbing, Farming, Obstacle Course, Cycling, Team Building Activities, and Rocketry.

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana

Cost: Approximately Rs. 1,050 per person

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Must Try: Boating, Kayaking, Camping

16. Camp Tikkling:

For individuals seeking a campsite or enthusiasts of adventure sports, this is one of the great adventure camps near Delhi.

Offering a broad selection of adventure sports, you’re in for an exhilarating experience. 

Young adventurers can tackle army obstacles, while teenagers have their specialized army obstacle challenges. 

Additionally, there’s an opportunity to explore the wilderness and engage in activities like rock climbing, rappelling, and more. 

You can also embark on a trek through the Aravalis, look for an open space to set up a tent and relax while observing the clouds drift by.

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana

Cost: Approximately Rs. 1,650 per person

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Must Try: Rappeling, Rock-climbing, Camping, Zip-lining

17. Camp Sierra:

This campsite is an optimal spot for a day filled with excitement, adventure, and educational experiences. 

Situated in the heart of Central Delhi, the campsite is easily accessible via all major roads. 

Camp Sierra offers some excellent things to do adventure camps near Delhi which include a nature camp, an adventure camp, an outdoor recreational rural camp, and more, making it one of the excellent choices for family outings, corporate events, and school trips. 

Location: Patel Nagar, Delhi

Cost: Approximately Rs. 650/- per person

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Must Try: Camping, Rock Climbing, Zip-Lining 

18. Camp Potters Hill:

Interesting stories take rounds around many adventure camps near Delhi, and one such story linked to Potter’s camp is that the clay from this resort’s hill was used for pottery. 

This centrally located camp makes it easily accessible by train and by air. Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Shimla, this camp is perfect for a natural and serene retreat.

You can pick to stay in Tree Houses, Cottage huts, or Deluxe Huts and spend the rest of your time enjoying adventure activities like hiking, nature walks, and bonfires.

Location: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Cost: Approximately Rs. 3000/- per night

Best Time to Visit: March to June, September to November

Must Try: Camping, Nature walks

19.Camp Exotica:

Another luxury camping site, located in the verdant valley of Manali. Camp exotica is as its name suggests ‘Exotic’ by every means. 

Luxurious Swiss tents, private pools, riverside views, stunning snow-capped mountain vistas, and lush green pastures make up this campsite.

Try your hands at fishing, rafting, boating, heli-skiing, and much more.

Location: Kullu, Manali

Cost: Approximately Rs. 3,200/- per night

Best Time to Visit: March to June, September to November

Must Try: Fishing, Boating, Rafting, Heli-Skiing

20. Camp Carnival:

Camp Carnival offers a range of adventure activities such as trekking, rock climbing, and yoga sessions. 

The camp provides a peaceful retreat with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Surrounded by oak and deodar trees, the camp carnival is a celebration of adventure and nature. Set in the heart of the Himalayas, this is one of the popular adventure camps near Delhi. 

At Camp Carnival, you can spend the night singing and telling gosht stories to each other sitting around a bonfire, and exploring the scenic views in the morning on nature walks.

Location: Kanatal, Uttarakhand

Cost: Rs. 2,800 per night

Best Time to Visit: April to June, September to November

Must-Try: Bonfires, Camping, Rock Climbing

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Some tips to consider when visiting adventure camps in and around Delhi

  1. Carry appropriate trekking and hiking gear.
  2. Make sure you have all your medicines and other necessary supplies. 
  3. Carry warm clothes like gloves, caps, sweaters and socks.
  4. Many areas experience heavy rainfall, therefore carry appropriate rain clothes. 
  5. Make advanced bookings as these adventure camps near Delhi experience an influx of tourists and locals during peak seasons. 
  6. Take necessary precautions when undertaking adventure activities like rock climbing and river rafting. 
  7. Check the camp facilities and do good research before taking a package. 
  8. Be prepared for limited connectivity as most camping areas are situated in remote areas.
  9. Be responsible tourists, do not litter the camping sites, and respect wildlife. 
  10. Stay hydrated and eat proper meals. 

The best time for adventure camps near Delhi is usually during dry and cool seasons from October to March. Therefore, visiting adventure camps near Delhi during this time will add to your overall experience. 

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Q:Are these camps suitable for beginners or families with children?

Q:What kind of adventure activities can I expect at these camps?

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