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Do you know the most interesting thing about

What are the 5 best places to visit in Diskit Village?

Maitreya Buddha Statue; The Pride of Diskit Village and Monastery 

Shyok River Valley; A Serene Retreat

Panamik Hot Springs; A Soothing Natural Oasis

Hunder Sand Dunes; The Rolling White Shimmering Sands

Yarab Tso Lake; The Hidden Lake of Ladakh

What are the things to consider when visiting the

Diskit Village, Ladakh- The Complete 2024 Guide

How about taking a trip to a little cozy place, huddled in the lap of the mighty Himalayas? Let’s take you to one such place; the Diskit Village in the beautiful Nubra Valley in Ladakh. 

It astonishes tourists taking a Ladakh trip how such a lively tourist spot has retained its cultural charm, despite being a commercial hub. The Leh Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir has always been in the limelight, especially because of the Bollywood movies shot in Ladakh.

Perched at 10,308 feet above sea level and fenced by enormous mountains, verdant meadows, and the pristine Shyok River, Diskit Village is a must-visit spot for travelers seeking adventure and an experience of Ladakh’s cultural heritage. 

Do you know the most interesting thing about Diskit Village in Ladakh?

To reach the Diskit Village, tourists pass through a famous spot, Khardung La Pass considered one of the world’s highest motorable passes at over 17,500 feet. 

The journey towards the village is quite adventurous, offering breathtaking views of the dusty and rugged terrains and a sense of solace; a major characteristic of Ladakh. 

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What are the 5 best places to visit in Diskit Village?

When planning a trip to Leh Ladakh, you won’t fall short of things to see in Ladakh, but make sure to keep Diskit Village on your travel itinerary, or else you’ll be missing out on the most integral part of your trip. If you’re looking for things to do near Diskit Village and amazing places to explore, then scroll on, this list will provide you with all the things you need to know
  • Maitreya Buddha Statue; The Pride of Diskit Gompa 
  • Shyok River Valley; A Serene Retreat
  • Panamik Hot Springs; A Soothing Natural Oasis
  • Hunder Sand Dunes; The Rolling White Shimmering Sands
  • Yarab Tso Lake; The Hidden Lake of Ladakh

Maitreya Buddha Statue; The Pride of Diskit Village and Monastery 

For various reasons, the Diskit Gompa or Diskit Monastery is an untouched sacred bead in the Nubra Valley rosary and one of the best places to visit in Leh Ladakh. Stop for a moment and picture yourself, 10, 308 feet above sea level, hiking through rocky pathways meandering toward an institution of spirituality and peace. Surely the view from the top must be to die for. 

But what’s so special about Diskit Gompa in Diskit Village?

This is the first question that arose in your mind, right? Well, here’s the answer to it. The most conspicuous and salient feature of the Diskit Village and Monastery is the 106-foot-tall Maitreya Buddha Statue, located right below the monastery. 

Painted in tints and tones of gold and red, the ginormous Buddha statue casts a spell on the beholders. The bright Maitreya Buddha Statue sits peacefully as a contrast against the dull and monotonous backdrop of the rocky hills. 

It eludes serenity, solace, and divinity. But, that’s not the only specialty of the Maitreya Buddha Statue, besides its major spiritual significance and unmatched aesthetics, the statue depicts three things: It sits as a protector of the Diskit Village, Promotes world peace, and lastly, prevention of war and fights with Pakistan.  

Akin to the huge Buddha statue, Diskit Village Monastery attracts tourists for its unparalleled exterior architecture and interiors embellished with intricate carvings, paintings, and frescos. 

Lachung Temple, famed for the huge idol of Tsong Khapa, the founder of the Gelugpa Buddhist sect, stands just above the monastery and is believed to be among the oldest temples in the area. 

Opening Hours: 10.30 am to 8 pm

Entry Fee: INR 30

Shyok River Valley; A Serene Retreat

“The river of death”, yes that’s another name for the Shyok River which receives waters from the Nubra and Changchenmo Rivers. A major attraction in Diskit Village, the Shyok River Valley is a heaven for nature lovers.

But, why is Shyok River known as the river of death?

This name was given by the Central Asian traders, who perished while traversing this route of the Shyok River Valley. Although, the Shyok River Valley lacks a golden past, is now a hot tourist destination. To have an immersive cultural experience, one must visit this place from July to September. 

Summer is the best time to explore the Shyok River as otherwise, it freezes completely during colder months. During September, tourists also get a chance to enjoy and immerse themselves in one of the best festivals in Ladakh; the Nubra festival. 

Best time to visit Shyok River Valley: July- September (Summer)

Key Attractions: Sightseeing, Nubra Festival

Panamik Hot Springs; A Soothing Natural Oasis

Trekking and traveling to mountainous areas can take a toll on your legs. Worry not, we have a natural spa, all set to rejuvenate your senses, give you relaxation, and quench your thirst for tranquility. 

Providing therapeutic benefits to millions for centuries, the Pamanik Hot Springs is a must-visit for all tired and worn-out souls. Imagine soaking in sulfur and mineral-rich naturally heated water and gaining major health benefits like relief from joint and muscle pain, what a therapeutic feeling! 

Why do locals and tourists visit Panamik Hot Springs in Ladakh?

Locals of the Diskit Village and tourists visit this place to gain medicinal benefits alike. If you’re enjoying a family trip to Leh Ladakh, then visiting the Panamik Hot Springs would be a great way for group rejuvenation.

Key Attractions: Therapeutic Geothermal Springs, Nubra Valley

The best time to visit Pamanik Hot Springs: June, July and August

Hunder Sand Dunes; The Rolling White Shimmering Sands

Behold the enchanting shimmering white dunes, fenced with rocky and rugged giants. You can’t say you visited Leh Ladakh, without stepping on the shimmering white sands of the Hunder Sand Dunes, which still echo the sounds of the Silk Road. 

What are the best things to do at Hunder Sand Dunes?

Hunder Sand Dunes, are known for the stunning fusion of the golden sands with snow-white peaks. Here you get exposed to the sandy white desert with a stark mountainous scenery forming the backdrop.

Hunder Sand Dunes are known for their adventure sports and are loved by backpackers traveling in groups or solo travelers exploring Ladakh.

You all must have ridden camels, at some point of time in life, in Rajasthan specially. Now, let’s give you a ride on the back of an unusual species of camel, the Bactrian camel. 

Taking a ride on the back of this double-humped camel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Other activities include ATV riding, photography, and sightseeing. 

Best time to Visit the Hunder Sand Dunes: July to September

Entry fee: INR 200 for a camel safari per person

Yarab Tso Lake; The Hidden Lake of Ladakh

Away from the bustling touristy spots in Jammu and Kashmir, quietly sits the Yarab Tso Lake, one of the most significant lakes in Ladakh and Diskit Village. Known for its spiritual pertinence, tranquil surroundings, and serene crystal-like water, Tso Lake won’t fail to transcend you to a whole new world of divinity. 

Why is Yarab Tso Lake known as ‘Hidden Lake’?

Given its geographical location, surrounded by jagged cliffs, this lake is often invisible to the naked eye. Only after taking a trek from Sumur Village, can tourists witness this hidden Kohinoor of Ladakh. 

If you’re seeking some time away from the commercial hubbub and want to be inundated in spiritual serenity, then, do visit the hidden lake, it is also perfect for meditation and self-discovery. But, make sure to maintain the purity of this place as it is revered as a sacred spot and is a part of a pilgrim as well.

Key attractions: Sunset and Sunrise, camping, Photography, Meditation

The best time to visit Yarab Tso Lake: May to October

What are the things to consider when visiting the Diskit Village?

Before you plan your trip to this popular village in Leh Ladakh, you must follow certain travel tips
  • The best time to visit Diskit Village– The ideal time to visit Diskit Village is from June to September. Noticeably because of the weather conditions, as during this time, the weather is clear without any scope of inconvenience in travel. Moreover, you can witness various festivals like the Nubra Festival and the Hemis Festival, that take place in July and September. 
  • How to reach Diskit Village? You can opt to travel by Air, Rail or Road. 
  • By Air: The nearest airport to Diskit Village is the Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh, around 120 kilometers away from Diskit Village. From Leh, travelers can hire a taxi or use local buses to reach Diskit.
  • By Rail: Given its geographical location, Ladakh does not have a railway network. Therefore, if you are traveling by train, then, the nearest station is Jammu Tawi (700 Km from Leh) and Chandigarh (730 Km from Leh). After reaching Leh, you will need to hire a taxi to Diskit Village.
  • By Road: Travelling to Ladakh by road is a whole new experience in itself. Tourists can opt for JKSRTC buses or hire personal cars and pass through high altitudes and enjoy an adventurous road trip to Diskit Village.
  • Where to Stay in Diskit Village? There is no dearth of hotels and resorts in the Nubra Valley and Diskit Village area. Tourists can opt for hotels like Nubra Holiday and Ladakh Ecotel or spend a few days in authentic homestays in Ladakh

With aspirations of giving you more information about some of the most exotic places to visit in India, we will halt our journey to Ladakh now. Hope this Diskit Travel Guide will help you plan your trip to Ladakh more efficiently and smoothly, enabling you to make the most of your trip.

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