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What is the Girjan Valley Trek Famous for?

Should we explore the Pir Ki Gali in Pir Panjal Range?

Highlights of the Girjan Valley Trek:

Here are the major details of the Girjan Valley Trek Jammu & Kashmir:

What is the Best Time to do Girjan Valley Trek?

Some tips for Girjan Valley Trek:

Girjan Valley Trek Your Trip to the Land of Thunder

Summer vacations have begun, it’s time to live your dream to go on Girjan Valley Trek in Jammu and Kashmir, although it is quite late to plan a trip now, but still there are many Kashmir tour packages available which will give you steal deals. 

Want to know a brief History of the Girjan Valley?

The Girjan valley is located in Poonch and Sophian districts in Kashmir. The valley gets its name Girjan from the famous king Girjin Dev. The word Girjan translates to “the thunder of elf”. Justifying this story, it is believed that no day in the valley goes without hearing the loud thundering and lightning in the area.

What is the Girjan Valley Trek Famous for?

There are many fascinating facts about the Girjan Valley Trek. the main attractions include ‘Pir Ki Gali’ a local name given to the ‘Pir Panjal Pass’ and the seven lakes which make this trek one of the most popular treks in Kashmir like the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek and the Bodhpathri Lakes Trek.


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Should we explore the Pir Ki Gali in Pir Panjal Range?

  • The Pir Panjal Mountain Range is a mesmerizing mountainous belt located in the northern corner of the paradise on earth-Jammu and Kashmir. The Pir Panjal Pass or ‘Pir Ki Gali’ is a famous mountain pass stationed in the Pir Panjal Range and is a trekker’s delight
  • This pass forms a connection between the Kashmir Valley through the Mughal Road to other Poonch districts. It sits at a height of 11,450 ft and falls towards the southwestern region of the Kashmir Valley.
  • The Pir Panjal Range, plays an important role as it is a natural barrier, influencing the courses of the Beas, Ravi, and Chenab rivers.
  • The Pir Panjal Pass held major significance in the ancient times, it acted as a major connectivity route and was considered one of the main passes of Kashmir. It also was the main route connecting Hirapur with the Rajouri region. 
  • Pir Ki Gali connected Rajouri districts to the Kashmir Valley via an ancient road which was earlier known as ‘Namak route’ as salt used to be carried on this road, later when a mughal king traversed this pathway, it came to be known as the Mughal Road. 
  • Another remarkable and must-visit spot on the Girjan Valley Trek is the shrine of Sheikh Ahmed Karim situated at the top of the pass adding auspicious relevance to it. Pir Ki Gali Trek or Girjan Valley Trek offers views as stunning as the Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh. 
  • Girjan Valley Trek  is an attractive spot in the heart of the Pir Panjal Ranges. The whole stretch ranging from Pir Marg (Meadow) till Pir Ki Gali is known as the crown of the 240 Km long, vast expanse of Pir Panjal Range.
  • Another salient feature of the Girjan Valley Trek is the breathtaking excursion of the seven lakes namely : Neel Sar, Bag Sar, Kaldashni Sar Katoria Sar, Nandan sar, Sukh Sar, and Gum Sar.
  • Apart from sightseeing there are many other things to do on this trek. Out of all the seven lakes, Pir Ki Gali Nandan Sar Lake Jammu and Kashmir , is the largest and the most magnificent, its vast blue and green color leave the trekkers awe-struck.
  • The Girjan Valley Trek, is a moderate level trek, but due to the immense height it is on, people face difficulty in breathing as the oxygen levels decrease, gradually. 
  • This trek, like other Kashmir treks will give you a taste of the alpine life, coniferious forests, green vistas, lush meadows, gurgling mountain rivers, humble village life and unmatch beauty of the natural landscapes. 

Highlights of the Girjan Valley Trek:

  • Adventure Overload: Although this is a fairly moderate trek, but it will give you a good dose of adrenaline. Situated on a height of 11, 450 ft, Pir Panjal Pass/ Girjan Valley Trek is the ultimate place for trekking lovers.
  • Camping: Imaging setting up a tent house, in a surrounding full of fresh air, cool breeze, natural vistas and the only sound you’ll hear is the chirping of the mountainous birds and the gurgling of alpine rivers. It is truly one of the most off beat places and experiences.
  • Seven Wonders of the Girjan Valley Trek: You may have gone trekking to several destinations but witnessing seven alpine lakes in one single trek is something totally out of this world. These turquoise to navy blue waters will blow your mind.
  • Lush Meadows: The pathways of the Girjan Valley Trek, are lined with lush green meadows, beautiful vistas and fresh leafy mountain trees. They will soothe not just your eyes but also your tired soul.
  • Multicolored flora and fauna: On your way to the Girjan Valley Trek, you will get an opportunity to witness some of the most beautiful and deslightful hilly flowers and plants.
  • Cultural Fiesta: Passing through alpine villages, trekkers get a golden chance to meet and greet the locals of the Girjan Valley Trek locals. 

It is the best way to experience the Kashmiri bonhomie. You may also witness some cultural fests, depending upon the time of visit.

  • Culinary Delights: Visitng the local villages and small roadside shops, will let you savour the authentic teas and dishes of Kashmir, you won’t get such an opportunity in the cities.
  • Adventure Activities: Girjan Valley Trek, is a mixed basket of Trekking, Camping, Bonfire and among the best photography spots for capturing the beauty of the wild arenas of Kashmir.
  • Explore the famous Dhoks and Margs: Girgan, Godrian Wali, Gali Girgan, Hussan Thumb, Panj-tari, Khuian, Chai, Kuthwali, Bagnuwali, Kaagallana, Kafarkatha, and Raviwali Bayarwali.

Here are the major details of the Girjan Valley Trek Jammu & Kashmir:

  • Total number of days: 6 to 7 Days
  • Base Camp: Pulwama town, located around 20 kilometers from Pir Ki Gali / Girjan Valley Trek.
  • Altitude: 1140 Ft.
  • Distance: 40 Km
  • Difficulty Level: Easy- Moderate
  • Nearest Airport: Srinagar Airport, Jammu and Kashmir

Not sure about how to reach Girjan Valley Trek Basecamp? Worry not, we have designed a detailed itinerary for you

All the trekking enthusiast must reach Srinagar and stay the night in Srinagar then they can either take a bus or reach Chandimarh by car.

Day 1- Reach Chandimarh

Arrive at Chandimarh. You’ll reach the base camp, where you will either stay in camping tents or a guest house, as per your travel agency’s arrangements. 

Campsite: Mostly the base camp is stationed in Noori Chamb. Explore the beautiful Noori Chamb waterfall, named after the Mughal queen Noor Jahan. 

Meals: Veg/ Non-Veg

Day 2- Trek starts and reaches Girjan Gali or Pir Ki Gali Camp

The trek is a 7 Km hike through dense forests, alpine meadows and scenic vistas to reach Gali Girjan camp

Campsite: Girjan Gali Campsite

Meals: Veg/ Non-Veg

Day-3: Acclimatisation walk to Gum Sar

Day 3 is all about acclimatizing to the surrounding area, an important day. This trek is a 6Km round trip to lake Gum Sar.

Campsite: Gum Sar

Meals: Veg/ Non-Veg

Day-4: The next stop is at Jaddimarg camp

Day 4 is generally a challenging one, as you will cover 14 Km through the mountainous pathways, passing lush landscapes, getting views of the snow-capped mountains, behold the five alpine lakes on the way and finally reach the Jaddi marg camp.

Campsite: Jaddi Marg Campsite

Meals: Veg/ Non-Veg

Day-5: Explore the stunning vistas of the Chandansar Valley

Exploring the Chandansar valley on day 5 is the most exciting part of the Girjan Valley Trek, most of the 27 lakes are present in this region. The valley is a treat for the camera of a photography enthusiasts. 

Campsite: Jaddi Marg Campsite

Meals: Veg/ Non-Veg

Day-6 : Hike through the Jaddi Pass

The last day of the trek takes you through  Jaddi pass and finally one exits through Pir ki gali.

What is the Best Time to do Girjan Valley Trek?

Girjan Valley Trek is a summer trek. The Girjan valley area is one of the coldest areas of the Pir Panjal Ranges and the areas nearby, including the Pir Ki Gali Pass is closed during winter, due to heavy snowfall. The Girjan Valley trek route is inaccessible during winter. 

The best months to take this expedition are from April to June. 

What to pack for the Girjan Valley Trek?


Although, the Girjan Valley Trek is an easy to moderate trek, the weather conditions in this area are quite cold, therefore packing appropriate clothes according to the weather conditions is important. 


  • Track Pants
  • Jackets
  • T-shirts
  • Thermals
  • Socks
  • Innerwear
  • Windbreaker jackets 
  • Rainwear
  • Wool Cap 
Trekking Gear

Trekking gear is a must when going on any trekking or backpacking trip in Kashmir.


  • Trekking Poles 
  • Trekking Boots
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Torch Light
  • Headlamp
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Synthetic Gloves

Medical Kit:

  • Medicines for Headache
  • Vomit
  • Food Poisoning
  • ORS
  • Glucose
  • Fever Tablets
  • Anti-allergic tablets
  • Sprain relief gel
  • Cooling pack
  • Heating pad
  • Insect repellent
  • Antiseptic liquid
  • Bandage

Documents and other things:

  • Visa (if required)
  • Medical Fitness Report
  • Identity Card
  • Passport sized photographs 
  • Journaling Diary 
  • Scrap Book (if required)
  • Map (For areas where there is no network)
  • Extra Pair of Batteries

Some tips for Girjan Valley Trek:

When heading out on any expedition in Kashmir, always keep certain travel tips in mind: 
  1. The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable, therefore carry clothes and other items, suitable for every kind of weather. 
  2. Carry a medical kit with basic medicines for fever, headache, dizziness etc. as the hairpin curves of the mountains can make you feel lightheaded. 
  3. Keep all your paperwork up to date, from identity card photocopies to other necessary documents. Also carry a plastic bag or transparent jacket to keep your documents safe for moisture.
  4. Make all your bookings in advance, as places like Kashmir, experience an inflow of tourists on a regular basis, hence, getting good deals on hotel and other bookings on the spot, can be a task.
  5. When trekking, make sure you stay with the group and listen to your instructor. The mountains can be a dangerous placec if you get lost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

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Q:How will the accommodation be during the trek??

Q:Is a permit required for the Girjan Valley Trek?

Q:What are the accommodation options on the Girjan Valley Trek?

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