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A question that worries most of the tourists “How To Reach Horton Plains”?

What are the accommodation options around the national park, you may wonder, here’s the answer to your query:

Important Travel Tips for Horton Plains National Park Sri Lanka:

Horton Plains National Park; The Place Where the World Ends

Horton Plains National Park: A place in Sri Lanka where the world ends. There have been predictions about the end of the world’s end, but did you know there existed a place where the world actually ends? 

If the answer is No, then we will tell you everything about this peculiar yet one of a kind tourist attraction. Located in the dense forests of Nuwara Eliya District, Sri Lanka, housing a myriad of flora and fauna, Horton Plains National Park is a beautiful destination, you can’t afford to miss on a Sri Lanka tour.

For biologists, zoologists, animal preservation activists, plant scientists, photographers, adventure lovers and tourists, this national park is one of the most exciting places to visit in Sri Lanka.

What’s the History of the Horton Plains?
This national park is famed for its diverse ecosystem and the “World’s End”.

Pre-Colonial Era: During the ancient times, this area was used by the Silhanese rulers for hunting and gathering. These highlands were also inhabited by various indigenous communities. 

Colonial-Era: The forests and plateau of this Silhanese national park was discovered by the British in the 19th century, it was named after Sir Robert Wilmot-Horton, a high ranking British official.

Recognition: In the year 1988, the area got the status of a National Park and many conservation efforts were taken in order to maintain and preserve its rich biodiversity, plant species and endemic animal species. 

World Heritage Site Declaration: By the year 2010, Horton Plains National Park Sri Lanka along with its neighbouring range, Knuckles Mountain Range and Peak Wilderness, was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the name “Central Highlands of Sri Lanka”.

What are the best Things To Do In Horton Plains National Park?
Hotrons Plains area is a secluded land full of adventure and natural beauty. Here are some of the top things to do at the Horton Plains National Park, for an immersive experience:
  • Behold the World’s End: The major attractions of the Hortons Plains are the spots termed ‘World’s End’ and ‘Mini-World’s End’. 

The park’s trails lead to spectacular views such as World’s End, where you can take in panoramic views of the nearly 4,000 feet drop. 

Just a few Kms away, the Mini World’s End spot viewpoint is situated at an altitude of 2,000 meters and offers breathtaking views of the mesmerizing vistas.

The Mini World’s End viewpoint is less intimidating as compared to the World’s End viewpoint, but offers equally beautiful views, it is famous among couples visiting Sri Lanka for honeymoon.

Out of the many Things To Do In Hotron Plains National Park, visiting the World’s End viewpoint is the most famous.

  • Witness the rich Biodiversity: Horton Plains National Park is home to many endemic species, such as the slender loris (Horton Plains slender loris), the sri lanka leopard, and many bird species. 

The lofty ecosystem gives shelter to a diverse range of plants, some of which are found nowhere else in the world.

  • Indulge in the serenity of Baker’s falls: Named after its discoverer and  a British explorer Sir Samuel Baker, this calm and softly flowing waterfall is a no-miss in the national park.

The Baker’s Falls smoothly meander through the rocky formations and stands at a height of approximately 20 meters. Belihul Oya, a tributary of the Walawe River, which flows through the park, acts as its water source.

  • Go Hiking: Horton Plains National Park is famous, especially amongst trekker and hikers. It is an out-worldly experience to tred through the thick tropical jungles, admire endemic wildlife on the way, breathe in the sweet scents of unique plants and flowers, exclusive to this place, refresh at the Baker’s Falls and finally reach the sudden end of the plateau, which is almost startling and fascinating at the same time.

Hikers find it really thrilling to reach the world’s end viewpoint and experience that sudden churn in the stomach as they stand on the edge of a cliff, beholding a sheer drop of sheer drop of about 870 meters.

It is one of the perfect places for adventure seeking honeymooners in the world.

  • Stop by the rivers to relax: The Mini World’s End highland plateau is a key watershed area for major Sri Lankan rivers such as, the Mahaweli (Agra Oya), Walawe (BelihulOya) , and Kelani (Bogawantalawa Oya) rivers. 
  • Admire the diverse bird species: Being a biodiversity hub, the Horton Plains National Park is home to a pool of diverse bird species. Its unique cloud mountains and ecological system makes for the perfect set up for endemic and migratory birds.

While trekking through the park, tourists can spot numerous bird kingdom habitants like: 

  • Sri Lanka Whistling Thrush
  • Yellow-eared Bulbul 
  • Dull-blue Flycatcher
  • Sri Lanka Junglefowl
  • Mountain Hawk-Eagle
  • Indian Pitta 
  • Forest Wagtail
  • Common Kingfisher
  • Little Grebe
  • Crested Serpent Eagle
  • Nature Photography: This national park is one of the most photographed places in the world, from wildlife photographers, to nature photography enthusiasts, this it the perfect place to be. 

Capturing the cloudy mountains, scenic views, alpine rivers, waterfalls and the stunning views from the cliff are among the best things to do here.

  • Have a cup of coffee at Farr Inn: Right next to the parking, where the trouists leave their vehicles is this earthy and warm cafe. It acted as a lodge for the British officials in the past. 

Farr Inn is now a dedicated cafe where visitors can enjoy beverages and grab a quick snack after the trek. A small souvenir shop is also situated next to the cafe. 

With so much information on what all you can do at the Horton Plains, let’s also cover other details like the Best Time To Visit Horton Plains National Park, its entrance fee etc.

The best time to visit Horton Plains National Park in Sri Lanka is during the dry season, Mainly from January to March. This period is quite advantageous for tourists because:

Clear weather and skies: The main attractions at the Horton Plains are scenic views and landscapes. The major viewpoints being The World’s End and Mini-World’s End. These viewpoints are best vizible during clear seasons. Even for photography, this is the best time.

Waterfall viewing: Although the rivers and Baker’s fall at the national park, are at their full blown beauty during the monsoon season. But their beauty is no less during the dry season as well. Visitors can enjoy the mild rapids of these water bodies from January to March. 

Wildlife encounters: The dry season makes for the perfect weather conditions for migratory birds and other wildlife species present at the national park. There are high chances of getting glimpses of some of the most exotic bird species during this time.

Great hiking conditions: From January to March, the weather conditions are conducive for hiking and trekking. As there are no rainfalls, the trails are clear and non-slippery. The overall temperatures are moderate to cool, making comfortable hiking conditions. 

What is Horton Plains National Park Entrance Fee?
  • Foreign Adults: Approximately USD 20 per person.
  • Foreign Children (ages 6-12): Approximately USD 10 per child.
  • SAARC Country Nationals: Approximately USD 15 per person.
  • Sri Lankan Adults: Approximately LKR 60 per person.
  • Sri Lankan Children: Approximately LKR 30 per child.
Many tourists wonder if there are any Places to Visit near Horton Plains?
Horton Plains is a gem of a place in its own right, but there are many other exotic and bewildering places to see around the Horton Plains. We have curated 5 Best Places To Visit Near Hotron Plains, within a radius of 50 Km:
  • Bambarakanda Falls: Located at a short distance of 6.4 Km from the national park is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka, it falls from a towering height of 263 meters, it appears to be flowing down, directly from the sky. It is a must-visit. 

Distance from Horton Plains National Park: 6.4 Km

  • Devil’s Staircase in Ohiya:  Devil’s Staircase is another adventurous hiking trail for daredevils in Sri Lanka. Located at a distance of 10 km from the Horton Plains National Park, is the small village of Ohiya. This trek begins from Ohiya and is a popular trekking trail.  

You can also visit the Ohiya Railway Station; one of the highest railway stations in Sri Lanka.

Distance from Hotron Plains National Park: 10 Km

  • Visit Haputale: If you go a little further, around 33 Km away from the national park, you can visit Lipton’s seat (Tea Plantations) and Adisham Bungalow , an ancient monastery which was once the house of a British planter.

Distance from Hotron Plains National Park: 33 Km

  • Visit ‘Little England’ Nuwara Eliya: Located 32 Km away from the national park, Nuwara Eliya is a beautiful town with colonial structures, tea plantations and botanical gardens. It is the perfect spot for family outings and picnics, there are many other historical places to visit in Nuwara Eliya.

Ashok Vatika Sita Temple: The Sita Temple or Sita Amman is an iconic and highly revered Hindu temple in Sri Lanka. It has major historical and archeological relevance. 

The Sita Temple is believed to be situated at the Ashoka Vatika, where queen Sita was kept captive by the demon king Ravana. This temple forms a major part of Ramayana tour in Sri Lanka.

Other tourist attractions at Nuwara Eliya include:

  • Victoria Park
  • Gregory Lake
  • Tea Plantations

Distance from Hotron Plains National Park: 32 Km

  • Explore the city of Ella: Another small yet mesmerizing gem within the 50 Km radius to the national park, is the town of Ella. Famed for its beautiful scenic views, historic structures, waterfalls and hiking trails, this place is a delight for tourists.

Famous places to visit in Ella Sri Lanka are:

Ravana Waterfalls: Named after the demon king Ravana, these falls are one of the most scenic places to visit in the South Asian Island country.

Nine Arches Bridge: An iconic architectural masterpiece, featuring a nine arched bridge, surrounded by lush greenery and verdant landscapes.

Ella Rock: A challenging yet exciting hiking trail.

Distance from Hotron Plains National Park: 40 Km

A question that worries most of the tourists “How To Reach Horton Plains”?

This is a common question that bothers most of the traveler, worry no more, we have the best answer for this one:

To reach Horton Plains, you can take the following modes of transportation:

By Air: To reach Horton Plains, you must catch a flight and reach the nearest airport Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo. 

Major Sri Lankan cities like Colombo and Kandy are well connected to the rest of the world, via air, so getting a flight to Colombo will not be an issue.

By Train: For enjoying scenic views and sightseeing, taking a direct train from Ella, Nanu Oya and Haputale is a brilliant idea.

If you have no dearth of time and want to indulge in the beautiful picturesque sights, then what’s better than reaching the national park directly by train?

By Road: Mosty trekkers, solo travelers and even backpackers prefer staying the night at Nuwara Eliya, and then starting their Horton Plains National Park expedition the next day.

Many tourists also spend the first day exploring the town of Nuwara Eliya, after which they either take a taxi or even a tuk tuk to reach the national park.

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What are the accommodation options around the national park, you may wonder, here’s the answer to your query:

There are ample resorts, guest houses and Hotels Near Horton Plains, you can easily pick and choose according to your budget and requirements. Some of the best and budget friendly accommodation options near the national park are:
  • Horton Mountain- Cost per night: INR 1,400/- Approx.
  • Hill Safari Eco Lodge- Cost per night: INR 4000/- Approx.
  • Ohiya Jungle Resort: Cost per night: INR 2,500/- Approx.
  • The Green View: Cost per night: INR 3,500/- Approx.
  • Shadow Mask Bungalow: Cost per night: INR 4,500/- Approx.

Important Travel Tips for Horton Plains National Park Sri Lanka:

  • Visit in Dry Season: Visiting the Horton Plains can be a rewarding experience, to ensure that you gain the most of your visit, visit the place in dry seasons. 

Although it will be quite crowded during that time, as it is the peak tourist season in Sri Lanka, you will still enjoy every bit of your visit to the national park.

  • Morning Hours:  As the skies remain covered with clouds, if you miss out on the morning hours, you will not get to see anything at the national park. 

The major attraction “World’s End” is best visible during the morning, around 9:00 AM so make sure you are not late.

  • Backpack: Your backpack must contain all the necessary supplies like:




Cap/ Hat

Insect repellent 

  • Medical Kit: Traveling can take a toll on your health, even if you love traveling, always carry the basic medicines like the ones for






  • Stay comfortable: As you will be hiking through the jungles and rough terrains, make sure you wear comfortable, breathable and skin-friendly clothing. Also keep a light jacket, as you might get a sunburn or get bitten by insects.

Wear good quality footwear and if necessary, carry trekking poles or regular sticks for support.

  • Documents: Keep all your visa and other documentation work up to date.
  • Stay Hydrated: Carry good amount of water and energy drinks, as you will need a lot of strength while trekking. 
  • Snacks: Although you will start the expedition after a sumptuous breakfast, ensure you have energy bars, granolas, protien biscuits etc. to keep your energy levels high. 
  • Stay Alert: Horton Plains National Park, is not considered a difficult trek. However, the World’s End Viewpoint is a dangerous spot. It is extremly impirtant to stay cautious when visiting this place. 
  • Photography: The national park is all about natural beauty, therefore carry a good quality camera, to capture the best of everything. 
  • Be mindful around wildlife: The Horton Plains National Park is home to some of the most exotic wildlife and bird species. Be responsible and respectful towards the biodiversity of this place. Avoid touching or harming any creatures. 
  • Follow Sustainable Tourism: As this national park holds major significance in shaping the ecosystem and biodiversity of the area, avoid doing anything which would harm the sentiments of the locals or destroy the natural beauty of the place. Do not litter or spit around the national park. 
  • Tickets: Last but not the least, double check the Horton Plains National Park ticket price, before visiting the place, and do an advanced booking if visiting during the peak season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

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Q:What is the best time to visit Horton Plains National Park?

Q:Are there trails to hike in the park?

Q:Is there any option for Horton Plains National Park camping?

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