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Why should you choose Kintamani mountain cycling in Bali?

Things to keep in mind while planning the Kintamani Mountain Adventure

Kintamani Mountain Cycling: Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Vacations in Bali are fun-filled with turquoise beaches, thrilling water adventure activities, soulful temples, verdant rice fields, trekking and hiking experiences, reef cruises, and much more. Tourists can avail unlimited thrilling and enjoyable activities when on a Bali vacation. 

Kintamani Mountain cycling is another exhilarating experience that takes tourists through the spectacular view of the Mount Batur Volcano, traditional villages of Bali, and rice fields and experiences the Balinese people’s day-to-day activities and living style.  

Kintamani Mountain cycling is an outdoor activity that is quite popular among tourists visiting Bali and involves cycling around the Kintamani Village and down to Ubud.

The tourists who have a fear of how they could cycle up and down the mountain ranges, the track is mostly downhill and with flat surfaces and is suitable for people of all fitness levels. 

The two-hour cruising of the Kintamani Mountain cycle adventure will capture you through the secret road with no traffic and the most pristine locations of Bali. 

As the tourists start their Kintamani Mountain cycling, the tour operators provide the participants with safety guards and all the necessary equipment along with the necessary instructions. 

As you embark on your Kintamani cycling tour, a stupendous view of Mount Batur and rice fields signals that the journey that you are going to undertake is full of surprises and an unforgettable experience.  

Along the journey, tourists will behold the vistas of the old traditional Bali villages, the exquisite architecture of Bali temples, and Bali people engaged in their livelihood activities. 

The tour operators will take you around numerous small villages, and have a tour of the rice fields with stops at the photogenic destinations. The aroma of coffee plantations will give your Kintamani downhill cycling tour a refreshing kick. The distinct architecture of the Balinese houses adds a magnificent element to your Kintamani Mountain cycling adventure. 

The Kintamani Mountain cycling tour in Bali at Ubud main market. Where tourists can have a tour around the market and shop some of the local handmade products. 

The Kintamani Mountain cycle tour is a distinct way to explore the culture of Bali in an eco-friendly way. As you pedal down through the treacherous route of the Batur mountain tourists can witness the vibrant culture and colours of Bali. 

Join the Bali tour packages for an authentic, soulful, and enriching experience that is just beyond adventure and sightseeing.

Why should you choose Kintamani mountain cycling in Bali?

Here are the few compelling reasons that will force you to undertake Kintamani mountain cycling

  • Eco friendly

Cycling is one of the best ways to explore the region without exhausting the natural resources and disturbing the environment. 

  • Health Benefit

Cycling is so far the best physical activity considered. This active way of exploring the region is beneficial for both the mind and the body.

  • Experience the culture

While peddling downwards, participants can witness the true colors of Bali and immerse themselves in various cultural experiences while interacting with locals, appreciating the traditional houses, and visiting the temples and other religious sites.

  • Serene Natural Beauty

Immerse yourself in the unmatched beauty of Mount Batur, Volcano, Lake, rice fields, and serene surroundings as you cycle downwards in your Kintamani Mountain cycling adventure.

  • Create a memory for a lifetime

The rare combination of natural beauty, physical activity, and adventure offers you a memorable experience. Whether you undertake the Kintamani Mountain cycling tour solo, with family, or with friends it will surely leave lasting memories to cherish lifelong.

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Things to keep in mind while planning the Kintamani Mountain Adventure

  1. Thoroughly research all the tour operators along with the routes they cover and their tariffs. 
  2. The operators offer various packages, with different inclusions and exclusions, choose your package mindfully and based on the kind of experience you are seeking.
  3. The spot for the Kintamani mountain cycle fills up fast, so book your tour well in advance to avoid any hassle and non-availability.
  4. Pack the necessary items that you might require for your adventure.
  5. Listen to all the instructions given by your guide at the beginning of the tour and follow the rules.
  6. Prepare yourself for the two hours of cycling.
  7. Do not forget to capture the memorable tour.

Price of Kintamani Mountain Cycling

The price of Kintamani Mountain cycling varies from operator to operator and the type of package selected. The basic starting price range for the Kintamani Mountain cycling is IDR 850.000

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q:What is the minimum age and height required for mountain cycling in Kintamani in Bali?

Q: Is a pick-up/drop facility available for mountain cycling in Kintamani Bali?

Q:What is the time duration for mountain cycling in Kintamani Bali?

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