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When Is The Best Time to Visit Lai Chau?

Places to Visit In Lai Chau

Places near visit in Lai Chau

Places to Stay in Lai Chau

Shopping in Lai Chau

Festivals of the Lai Chau

Things to do in Lai Chau


Unveiling Lai Chau Vietnam- A Complete Travel Guide

Lai Chau is a place based in  north-western border province of the country, 450 km southeast of Hanoi. The North and Northwest borders with China, Dien Bien province on the west, and Lao Cai and Yen Bai provinces on the east and southeast, and Son La province on the south. Explore the stunning landscapes and diverse cultures with our Vietnam tour packages.

The place is made up of mountains running in the direction of North West – South East. There are so many high peaks such as Pu Ta Leng peak, high and sloping hills, with deep valleys and narrow valleys. Let’s dive down to the Lai Chau Vietnam travel guide. You can also check for Vietnam honeymoon.

Lai Chau in Vietnam was established by the general of Indochina. At that time, Lai Chau province comprised Lai Chau, Quynh Nhai and Dien Bien provinces, separated from Son La province, which is located in Lai Chau town (now Muong Lay town in Dien Bien province).  There are other 25 best places in Vietnam which you can explore too.


When Is The Best Time to Visit Lai Chau?

Considering the climate and culture of the Lai Chau in Vietnam, the appropriate time to travel to Lai Chau is similar to the appropriate time to travel to the Northwest. 

  • Around September to October , Mu Cang Chai rice with Muong Than field in Than Uyen district. O Quy Ho pass connecting Lai Chau and Sapa district
  • You should avoid the rainy season in the North West, especially when there is a storm or tropical depression causing rain.

How To Reach Lai Chau?

Lai Chau is nearly 500 km away from Hanoi. At present, there are about 10 automakers operating on the Hanoi – Lai Chau route, the bus usually comes from My Dinh bus station.

Lai Chau town is located about 70 km from Sapa. From the town of Sapa you can use local buses to Lai Chau, these buses go through the Tram Ton Pass (a scenic ride). Ask for the bus information at the hotel or at the information centre in Sapa town.

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Places to Visit In Lai Chau

Lai Chau is located in the northwest of the country. For many, Lai Chau seems to be just a poor mountainous northern province, but for travel lovers there are lot of things to explore like:
  • Quy Ho Pass:

One of the four great peaks of the northern mountain pass of Vietnam. Visitors who come to Lai Chau are definitely not to be missed. Connecting the two provinces of Lai Chau and Lao Cai. You can also calm your hunger down by checking restaurants in Vietnam. The O Quy Ho pass is not only the longest mountain pass in Vietnam. But it also has amazing scenery.

  • Muong Thanh Field

Northwestern people have the phrase “Nhat Thanh, Nhi Lo, Tam Than, Tu Tac” to praise the quartet field’s most sparkling view in the area. Muong Thanh field (Than Uyen district) is one of them. Visiting here is one of the best things to do in Lai Chau.

  • Sin Ho Plateau

Sin Ho plateau is like the “second Sapa” of Vietnam. Coming to Sin Ho, tourists are surprised by the beauty of floating clouds in the villages, valleys, rocky mountains or majestic Tien cave.

  • Putaleng Peak

This beautiful place is located in Hoang Lien Son range, Putaleng peak is the second highest peak of Indochina after Fansipan. 

  • Mount Bach Moc Luong Tu

Bach Moc Luong Tu peak is also a place loved by trekkers. Although not as high as Putaleng, the road to the top of Bach Moc is equally tough.

  • Si Thau Chai

It’s about 6km from the centre of Tam Duong district. Si Thau Chai concentrates most of the Dao people. 

  • Tac Tinh Waterfall

Behind the name Tac Tinh is a sad love story. Come here to enjoy the cool air and do not miss the opportunity to hear a romantic love story.

  • Muong Te

As one of the remote and poorest districts of Lai Chau. If you are interested in exploring, do not miss this place.

  • Tam Duong Tea Hill

It is considered as the “green gold” of Tam Duong district. Not only is it a source of quality tea both at home and abroad. But this Lai Chau tourist destination also has a beautiful view for you to freely immerse yourself in nature.

  • Tien Son Cave

Located in Tam Duong district, Tien Son cave makes many tourists admire the beauty of the fairy realms. 

Places near visit in Lai Chau

  • Sapa

Situated at the Hoang Lien Son Mountains, Sapa is a colonial-era town in northwest Vietnam overlooking the terraced rice fields of Muong Hoa Valley. 

Sapa’s most loved trekking destinations are Dragon Jaw Mountain and Heaven’s Gate, which have colourful and lovely flowers, waterfalls, tropical foliage. 

  • Hanoi

Hanoi is Vietnam’s capital and one of the world’s most ancient cities. The place has an impactful history. The most incredible places of historical and cultural interest in Hanoi are the UNESCO-listed Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Vietnam’s administrative centre for around 800 years.

  • Sa Dec

A hidden gem in the Mekong Delta, the small sleepy town of Sa Dec belongs to the Dong Thap Province. You will encounter calmness in the air. 

It is also a river-port and an industrial trading centre. 

  • Halong Bay

It is located in northern Vietnam, it is the most popular tourist spot this side of the country. Halong City is the main entry point to the bay.

The most common way of exploring the region is via cruise or day-trip boats. Many cruises and day-trips also include an island drop off and cave explorations,so that tourists can enjoy to the fullest. 

Places to Stay in Lai Chau

Although Lai Chau is close to some famous tourist spots such as Mu Cang Chai, Sapa is now Lai Chau. Some of the good places are:
  • Muong Thanh Lai Chau Hotel

Location- 113 Lê Duẩn, Tân Phong, Thị xã Lai Châu, Lai Châu, Vietnam

Rating- 4.1

  • Binh Long Hotel

Location- Bùi Thị Xuân/Tổ 18 Phố Hoàng Diệu, P, Thị xã Lai Châu, Lai Châu, Vietnam

Rating- 4.4

  • A Hoa Homestay

Location- Sin Suối Hồ, Phong Thổ District, Lai Chau, Vietnam

Rating- 4.9

  • Khách sạn Hoang Nham Lai Chau

Location- Điện Biên Phủ, Tân Phong, Thị xã Lai Châu, Lai Châu 390000, Vietnam

Rating- 4.4

  • Khach San Minh Son Lai Chau

Location- 33 Mường Kim, Tân Phong, Thị xã Lai Châu, Lai Châu 30000, Vietnam

Rating- 4.4

Shopping in Lai Chau

There are basically two things that you should not miss shopping for in Lai Chau are 
  • Forest peppers 
  • Coffee

Forest peppers are grown exclusively in the Indochine region. Being a native of Vietnam, forest peppers are grown and exported from Lai Chau. 

Coffee plantations are present extensively on the mountain slopes and you can choose to buy from the source itself.

Nightlife in Lai Chau

Lai Chau is a very remote destination and there is nothing much to explore or enjoy nightlife. However, there are a few, low-key locations that the locals frequent. Karaoke Chau Long is a popular Nightclub to unwind and sing after a long day. A less crowded location is Tu Sam Lai Chau nightclub. However, people do look for nightlife in Vietnam.

Festivals of the Lai Chau

Lai Chau Vietnam is home to many different groups, including the Thai ethnic community, which are working hard to preserve traditional culture and festivals. Here are the list of some festivals:
  • Lung Tung Festival

The Thai people in Than Uyen district held their traditional festival of Lung Tung (Going to the field) which is celebrated on New Year from the 6th – 10th days of the first lunar month.

This festival was last celebrated in 1960. It was then celebrated in 2018, contributing to preserving and promoting the cultural identity.

Lung Tung consists of two parts featuring the offering ceremony and festive activities.

Highlights of this amazing festival,which symbolises the start of a new farming year, and the gods of the mountains and the forest.

During festive activities, local people and visitors participate in folk games, Nem Con which means throwing a ball through a ring for good luck, crossbow shooting, and tug of war, and art and cultural exchanges.

  • Then Kin Pang Festival

The Then Kin Pang Festival is held annually on the 10th day of the third lunar month in Khong Lao commune in Phong Tho district. It’s a traditional event of the White Thai ethnic people and there are several unique and attractive cultural events.This festival plays a significant role in the spiritual lives of the Thai ethnic people and is an occasion for local people to express their wishes for a peaceful life, good health, and abundant crops, among other things.

The legend of the White Thai ethnic people tells the story of the God of Heaven sending the “Then” deities down to the mortal world to become ordinary people in order to save mankind. There are various offerings which include a boiled pig, two boiled roosters, eggs, black sticky rice, and white silver.

The Then Kin Pang festival also offers a meeting opportunity for local men and women. After the festival, many couples get married as well.

  • Nang Han Festival

The Nang Han Festival, which is to honour the female hero Nang Han, who helped the White Thai people repel foreign invaders, is celebrated annually on the 15th day of the second lunar month in Muong So commune, Phong Tho district. Apart from this, there are so many festivals in Vietnam as well.

The Nang Han festival includes six ceremonial rituals called “Tung song to”, “Phai Le to”, “Tha Oc”, “Tha Hu No”, “Then Hau Phet” and “Quat Bo Heo”, which is conducted by priests. 

  • Kin Lau Khau Mau Festival

Kin Lau Khau Mau festival of White Thai ethnic people in Phong Tho district takes place every year in late Autumn in Muong So field.

During the festival, locals pray for good health, favourable weather, bumper crops, and prosperity. During the Kin Lau Khau Mau Festival, locals pray for good health, favourable weather, bumper crops, and prosperity. Several rituals are held during the festival, including a rice procession, pounding young rice, praying for peace and good fortune, and worshipping the Gods.

Things to do in Lai Chau

People also check for things to do in Vietnam. Here are the list of few amazing things to do in Lai Chau, some are:
  • Dong Thieu Duong Caves

The Dong thieu Duong Cave is a must visit for art lovers and nature enthusiasts! These naturally made structures include a mortar and pestle. There are other adventure activities in Vietnam which you can explore.

  • Hoang Lien National Park, Lai Chau

Trekking and overnight camping trips are widely common in this area. You can also indulge in a number of other activities like archery, birdwatching and many more.

  • Fansipan Mountain

Fansipan is best suitable for trekking. The place also has various wide variety of flora and fauna. 


To conclude with, we know that the place is a must to visit and explore. It doesn’t matter if you are a traveller or adventure enthusiast. Lai Chau has so many things for everyone that will leave an unforgettable mark when you return from your journey.

So! Hurr Up, pack your bags today and plan your journey now. Do check some travel tips to Vietnam before planning your journey.

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