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The Yellow Town of Pondicherry


5 Picture Perfect Places to Plan College Reunion With Your Bffs

Sneaking under the desk only to have that one bite to buffer down the hunger pangs, those promises of never leaving your friends no matter what, standing beside your buddy in every mischievous act, bunking classes or getting them cancelled, wanting to be either the favorite student or a cool kid, focusing on resume building before you enter the corporate world, rekindling with all those breakups and patch-ups, and lastly learning the most important life lessons, we all grew up. The college days might not be lived again but their memories still bring a smile when you travel back to the memory lane. At times tears roll down, making you miss every moment you spent with your college buddies!

Before you miss them more and cry out loud and these tears of happiness turn into tears of sorrow, how about planning a college reunion? How about recreating those crazy moments? How about unwinding the old days at an entirely new place? Sounds exciting?

Everyone’s Favorite Goa

What’s better than catching up on all the gossip with a pint of beer in one hand and snacks in the other while lying near the ocean waves? Goa, the tiny state may appear smaller on the map but is big enough to take away your work stress and give you a refreshing time with your college friends. Suiting everyone’s needs, it is that one place to which no one can say ‘No’ except the times of exigency.

Riding on the roads covered with palms on both sides, filling the air with your touches of laughter, posing crazily at different forts and beaches, night parties and luck games in casinos; this reunion will be a blockbuster!

The Energetic Kasol

Bursting off the office chaos, who don’t wish to get high on life? Spending time with your college friends in the warmth of mountains, waking up to panoramic views of hills, drunken dance around bonfires, trekking through the mountain trails, witnessing the local life of nearby villages like Malana and Kalga, your trip to Kasol has to be a memorable one. No one would deny when I say mountains have this special power of soothing our souls. Being surrounded by the fresh air is a detox from your daily mundane schedules which helps you say bye to the over-thinker within you.

The Scottish Coorg

Wonderful Mahabaleshwar

The tantalizing hill station, Mahabaleshwar finds itself in the dotting Western Ghats of South Mumbai. Perched atop the mountain cliff is Pratapgarh fort which stands as a symbol of brave Indian hearts. Your visit to Mahabaleshwar is incomplete without witnessing the gushing waters of Chinaman fall. Now you must be thinking why this place is apt for reunion. So to burst your bubble of questions, Mahabaleshwar and it’s quaint hills are home to some beautiful cottages which are perfect for executing your get together plan. Foggy mornings, maharashtrian cuisine, lush green surroundings and company of your long-lost friends, what else do you need to make this reunion a success?

The Yellow Town of Pondicherry

Beach, booze and the French colonies, Pondicherry has everything sorted for you! Unwind your college stories in the historic coastal town and drool over its yellow walls to get some funky group pictures against them. Rent a bike / scooter and drive through the airy roads, enjoy the water sports like scuba diving, backwater sailing and jet skiing, followed by a cute cafe for an evening tea. A vibrant mix of today’s culture and that of yesteryear Pondicherry, therefore, will be a perfect getaway for your reunion trip.

The Chikki Junction – Lonavala

Planning and finding things about a place that not many people know, comes naturally to you. You are a treat to travel with. You pay attention to the minutest details of a place which could miss the eyes otherwise. You are all about intricate designs hence places to suit you well are, Pushkar, Jaipur, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Going back to the days when completing assignments was a headache and flattering professors was our only job brings peace to our minds. We’ve been so busy in our professional lives that we’ve forgotten to take care of our relationships. It’s time to bless ourselves with those joyful moments and relations leaving behind our professional front and becoming an open book in front of our college buddies again!

Hope these reunion trip ideas were of some help and that you will visit one of these to have time of your lives. If you are planning a group trip with your college Bffs, then you can surely connect with WanderOn.

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Blog By : Nidhi Khurana

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