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1. Breathtaking Beaches of Con Dao

1.1 Dam Trau Beach:

2. Explore the Historical Sites of Con Dao

2.1 Prison Complex at Con Dao:

3. Wildlife Encounters

3.1 Con Dao National Park:

4. Scenic Hiking Trails of Con Dao:

4.1  So Ray Plantation Trail:

5. Water Sports and Activities in Con Dao: 

5.1 Snorkeling:

6. Cultural Experiences in Con Dao:

6.1 An Hai Village:

7. Culinary Delights of Con Dao

7.1 Fresh Seafood:

8. Sunset Cruises

8.1 Mesmerizing Scenery:

Exploring 8 Exciting Things to Do in Con Dao

As you plan your Vietnam trip packages, let’s delve into the best time to visit, must-visit attractions, and exciting things to do in Con Dao which is a hidden gem located in the sparkling waters of the South China Sea.

Famous for the stunning beaches in Vietnam, Con Dao offers plenty of experiences for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the top attractions and activities that make Con Dao a must-visit destination.

1. Breathtaking Beaches of Con Dao

Con Dao’s coastline is adorned with some of the most stunning beaches in Vietnam, each offering its unique charm and allure. Here are some of the top beaches you won’t want to miss during your visit to this enchanting island paradise:

1.1 Dam Trau Beach:

Located on Con Dao’s southeast coast, Dam Trau Beach is well-known for its pristine white sands and turquoise seas as well as the adventure activities in all of Vietnam.

This beautiful beach, which is surrounded by thick greenery and coconut trees, is the ideal place for swimming, tanning, and leisurely walks down the shore.

For the ultimate in leisure, visitors can rent beach chairs and umbrellas. They can also engage in water activities like kayaking and snorkeling to discover the colorful underwater world.

1.2 Bai Nhat Beach:

Bai Nhat Beach is a hidden treasure that is just waiting to be found by people looking for peace. This natural coastline, which stretches over the western part of Con Dao Island, is distinguished by its blue waters, golden sands, and cliffs.

Bai Nhat Beach is reachable after a short walk along pathways through a beautiful forest. It provides a quiet haven where guests may relax in peace amidst the breathtaking natural surroundings.

1.3 Ong Dung Beach:

Ong Dung Beach is a paradise for snorkelers and divers who want to experience the rich marine life of Con Dao. Adventure awaits at this location.

This remote beach, which is located on the southernmost point of the island, has crystal-clear waters that are overflowing with diverse fish species and vibrant coral reefs.

Scuba divers can go on thrilling dive tours to find hidden riches beneath the surface, while snorkelers can marvel at the vibrant underwater world just steps from the shore which is one of the most fun things to do in Con Dao.

1.4 Bai An Hai Beach:

Located near the heart of Con Dao town, Bai An Hai Beach offers a convenient escape for travelers seeking sun, sand, and sea without straying too far from town

This family-friendly beach is perfect for swimming, beachcombing, and making sandcastles with the small ones because of its quiet waters and gentle waves.

It’s the ideal location for a fun-filled day of leisure because guests may devour delicious seafood delights at neighboring beachside eateries or have picnics beneath the shade of coconut trees.

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2. Explore the Historical Sites of Con Dao

With a legacy influenced by centuries of colonial authority, political instability, and human resilience, Con Dao’s past is both interesting and difficult. 

As you explore the island, you’ll encounter some historical sites that offer a glimpse into Con Dao’s past and the stories of those who once called it home.

Here are some of the most significant historical landmarks that you won’t want to miss during your visit:


2.1 Prison Complex at Con Dao:

Con Dao Prison Complex is perhaps the most famous historical site on the island, serving as a sad reminder of Con Dao’s troubled past as a prison colony.

The prison was first constructed in the late 19th century by French colonialists, and during the Vietnam War, the South Vietnamese government exploited it to expand.

Today, guests may explore the haunting ruins of the torture chambers, gallows, and jail cells to learn more about the human spirit’s resilience and the violent past of the island.

2.2- Con Dao Museum:

For a comprehensive overview of Con Dao’s history and cultural heritage, a visit to the Con Dao Museum is one of the must things to do in Con Dao.

 Housed in a colonial-era building near Con Dao town, the museum features exhibits on the island’s natural environment, traditional culture, and violent past. 

Visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the island’s significance in Vietnamese history and the enduring legacy of those who shaped its destiny.

2.3 – Revolutionary Sites:

Throughout Con Dao, you’ll find numerous sites associated with Vietnam’s revolutionary struggle for independence. 

From hidden bunkers and secret tunnels to commemorative statues and monuments, these sites offer insight into the sacrifices made by revolutionary fighters in their quest for freedom. 

Guided tours provide the opportunity to visit key landmarks such as the Vo Thi Sau Memorial, Hang Duong Cemetery, and various historical relics scattered across the island, allowing visitors to pay homage to Vietnam’s revolutionary heroes and heroines.

3. Wildlife Encounters

Con Dao is not only a haven of pristine beaches and historical sites but also a sanctuary for diverse and unique wildlife.

From lush rainforests to vibrant coral reefs, the island offers a wealth of opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts to observe and appreciate the natural world. 

Things to Do in Con Dao that involve wildlife include:


3.1 Con Dao National Park:

At the heart of the island lies Con Dao National Park, a protected area spanning over 6,000 hectares of pristine tropical rainforest and coastal ecosystems making this national park one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.

Home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna, including several endangered species, the park offers visitors the chance to explore its trails and encounter wildlife in their natural habitat.

Keep an eye out for the elusive Con Dao langur, a rare primate found only on the island, as well as a variety of bird species, butterflies, and reptiles.

3.2  Marine Life Exploration:

Con Dao’s crystal-clear waters are teeming with an abundance of marine life, making it a paradise for snorkelers and divers.

Explore colorful coral reefs, underwater caves, and seagrass beds inhabited by a variety of tropical fish, sea turtles, and other fascinating creatures.

Join a guided snorkeling or diving excursion to popular sites such as Hon Bay Canh, where you can swim alongside schools of fish, encounter majestic sea turtles, and marvel at the vibrant coral gardens beneath the waves.

3.3 Sea Turtle Conservation:

Con Dao plays a crucial role in the conservation of endangered sea turtles, particularly the green and hawksbill turtle species. 

Several beaches on the island serve as nesting grounds for these majestic creatures, where they return year after year to lay their eggs.

Alternatively, volunteer with local conservation organizations to assist with turtle monitoring, nest protection, and hatchling releases, contributing to efforts to protect these vulnerable species.

3.4 Birdwatching Expeditions:

With its diverse habitats ranging from mangrove forests to coastal wetlands, Con Dao offers excellent opportunities for birdwatching enthusiasts to spot a variety of avian species. 

Keep your binoculars ready to catch sight of colorful kingfishers, graceful herons, and rare species such as the Oriental pied hornbill and black-naped tern.

4. Scenic Hiking Trails of Con Dao:

Con Dao isn’t just a paradise for beach bums and history buffs; it’s also a haven for hikers!  With its rugged terrain and lush landscapes, Con Dao offers plenty of scenic trails to explore.  

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a leisurely walker, there are trails suited to every ability. 

Here are some of the most captivating hiking trails that Con Dao has to offer as part of your Things to Do in Con Dao:


4.1  So Ray Plantation Trail:

Hike the So Ray Plantation Trail and take a trip back in time as you pass through greenery and old plantations that date back to the French colonial era.

Start your walk at the Con Dao National Park entrance and follow the designated track through greenery and towering trees.

4.2 Trail Love Peak:

The Love Peak climb is highly recommended for anybody looking for a strenuous experience and wide panoramas. Starting from the town of Con Dao, head uphill along the trail as it snakes through rugged and hilly terrain.

The best times to visit this route are at sunrise and sunset, when tourists may see the sky become a brilliant color as the sun sets.

4.3 Ong Dung Forest Trail:

The Ong Dung Forest Trail offers a thrilling journey among towering trees and unusual wildlife as you venture deep into Con Dao’s pristine jungle.

Look for natural plants and animals along the route, such as mysterious creatures, vibrant butterflies, and rare orchids.

A true wilderness experience awaits ambitious hikers on this sometimes difficult and isolated terrain, so pack plenty of water, snacks, and insect repellant.

5. Water Sports and Activities in Con Dao: 

Con Dao’s beautiful shoreline and sparkling waters make it the ideal location for a variety of water sports and activities that appeal to both thrill-seekers and those looking for more relaxing aquatic experiences.

Here are some of the top water sports and activities to experience during your visit. These are just a few of the many things to do in Con Dao


5.1 Snorkeling:

Take a snorkeling expedition to discover the colorful underwater world of Con Dao’s coral reefs and marine life. 

Put on a mask, fins, and snorkel, then explore the sparkling seas full of vibrant coral gardens, exotic fish, and other amazing animals.

Take a guided snorkeling tour to well-known locations like Hon Tai, Hon Tre Lon, and Hon Bay Canh where you may swim with reef sharks, rays, and sea turtles.

5.2 Scuba Diving:

Explore the undersea paradise of Con Dao to find a world of amazing diversity and beauty.

Discover underwater peaks, submerged caves, and walls covered in coral. These locations are home to a diverse range of marine creatures, such as schools of tropical fish, barracudas, and reef sharks. 

This is just one of the many reasons why Con Dao is a fantastic destination for scuba diving in Vietnam.

5.3 Kayaking:

Take a kayaking journey through Con Dao’s serene bays, mangrove forests, and secret coves.

Take a tour of the island’s shoreline at your speed by renting a kayak and traveling through serene waters and picturesque scenery.

Sail by isolated beaches, sheer limestone cliffs, and sea-facing limestone karsts pausing on the way for a swim, snorkel, or just lounge in the sun. 

Con Dao offers some of the best kayaking in Vietnam, perfect for a leisurely exploration.

5.4 Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP):

Experience the serene beauty of Con Dao’s coastline from a different perspective with a stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) excursion.

Balance atop a sturdy paddleboard and glide across the tranquil waters, enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and marine life below.

Join a guided SUP tour or rent equipment from local operators to embark on your self-guided adventure.

This is just one of the many exciting things to do in Con Dao for those seeking a unique way to explore the island’s stunning coastline.

6. Cultural Experiences in Con Dao:

While renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor adventures, Con Dao also boasts a rich cultural heritage deeply rooted in its history and traditions.

From ancient temples to vibrant markets, the island offers plenty of cultural experiences for visitors to immerse themselves in. 

Here are some of the top things to do in Con Dao to experience the island’s unique cultural tapestry.


6.1 An Hai Village:

Step back in time and experience traditional island life in An Hai Village, a charming fishing community nestled along the shores of Con Dao.

Visit the village temple to pay respects to the sea gods and ancestors, or sample freshly caught seafood at one of the local eateries overlooking the bustling harbor. 

6.2 Van Son Pagoda:

Perched atop a hill overlooking Con Dao town, Van Son Pagoda is a serene oasis of tranquility and spiritual significance. 

Built in the early 20th century, the pagoda features exquisite architecture adorned with intricate carvings, colorful tilework, and sacred statues of Buddha and bodhisattvas. 

Join local worshippers in prayer and contemplation, or participate in Buddhist rituals and ceremonies to gain insight into the island’s religious traditions and cultural practices.

6.3  Con Dao Museum:

Visit the Con Dao Museum, which is close to the town center, to learn more about the rich history and cultural legacy of the island.

The museum, which is housed in a structure from the colonial era, has displays about the island’s natural environment, traditional culture, and dark past.

Discover the island’s significance as a political jail throughout the French colonial era and the Vietnam War, as well as its position in Vietnamese history.

7. Culinary Delights of Con Dao

Con Dao’s culinary scene is a delightful fusion of fresh seafood, vibrant flavors, and traditional Vietnamese cuisine, offering visitors plenty of dishes to savor and enjoy.  

From humble street food stalls to seaside seafood restaurants, the island is a paradise for food lovers eager to indulge in authentic flavors and local specialties. Here are some of the top things to do in Con Dao to tantalize your taste buds:


7.1 Fresh Seafood:

As an island destination surrounded by pristine waters, Con Dao is renowned for its abundance of fresh seafood. 

To experience the catch of the day, which includes anything from plump lobsters and savory fish to delicious prawns and crabs, visit one of the many seafood markets or eateries along the coast.

Try the specialties, which include steamed clams with aromatic herbs and spices, crispy fried fish served with zesty dipping sauces, and grilled squid seasoned in lemongrass and chili.

7.2 Vietnamese Street Food:

Explore the bustling streets of Con Dao town and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Vietnamese street food. 

Taste a variety of delectable snacks and dishes served from roadside stalls and food carts, each offering a unique blend of flavors and textures.

Indulge in banh mi sandwiches filled with grilled pork, fresh herbs, and pickled vegetables, or savor savory pho noodle soup made with rich broth, tender beef, and aromatic spices. 

Don’t miss out on local specialties such as banh xeo (crispy Vietnamese pancakes), goi cuon (fresh spring rolls), and bun cha (grilled pork with vermicelli noodles)

7.3 Market Exploration:

Stroll down busy aisles filled with shops filled with tropical products, such as fragrant herbs and spices and juicy mangoes and dragon fruit.

Talk to friendly merchants, eat seasonal delicacies, and discover the island’s regional specialties and culinary customs.

Make sure to check out the night market, where you can indulge in a wide variety of street food delicacies, seafood BBQs, and desserts, all while taking in the vibrant nightlife of Vietnam

7.4 Dining Experiences:

Indulge in innovative delicacies and creative transformations of classic Vietnamese cuisine at one of Con Dao’s luxury restaurants or boutique cafes to elevate your food adventure.

Instead, choose a family-run restaurant or the various Indian restaurants in Vietnam for a more private eating experience where you can enjoy homemade meals and locally sourced specialties that are lovingly prepared.

Whatever your taste, eating at Con Dao is a sensory feast that will leave you wanting more and creating lifelong memories.

8. Sunset Cruises

Embarking on a sunset cruise is one of the most magical things to do in Con Dao as you’ll get to see the island’s natural beauty covered in the warm tones of dusk. 

A sunset cruise offers a unique voyage into peace and romance, whether you’re on a magnificent yacht or a classic wooden junk boat. Con Dao sunset cruises are a must-do activity for the following reasons:


8.1 Mesmerizing Scenery:

As the sun begins its descent toward the horizon, the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors, painting the landscape with shades of orange, pink, and gold.

From the deck of your cruise vessel, you’ll have a front-row seat to this breathtaking spectacle, with panoramic views of Con Dao’s coastline.

8.2 Romantic Ambiance:

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying each other’s company, a sunset cruise sets the stage for romance and intimacy making Con Dao one of the best honeymoon destinations in Vietnam.

Sip champagne or cocktails as you toast to the beauty of the moment, cuddle up under a blanket as the evening chill sets in, and share whispered conversations and stolen kisses as you watch the sun dip below the horizon.

8.3 Dolphin and Wildlife Watching:

Look for elegant seagulls soaring overhead and joyful dolphins splashing in the water as you cruise Con Dao’s shoreline during golden hour.

Sunset cruises add excitement and adventure to your trip by offering the ideal viewing point for witnessing wildlife and marine life in their natural habitat.

Encounters with animals such as a pod of dolphins jumping alongside the boat or a spectacular seabird gliding across the sky add to the beauty of a sunset cruise.

Con Dao is a destination like no other, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and adventure. 

Whether you’re seeking relaxation on pristine beaches, exploring historical sites, or immersing yourself in local culture, Con Dao has something to offer every traveler. 

So pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable journey to this enchanting island paradise and indulge in a variety of things to do in Can Dao.

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