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Netflix And Travel


TV Tourism: From Reel Life To Real Life Adventures

Have you ever wondered why people travel? 

Is it because they want an escape from their monotonous life?

Or is it because they want to explore the world since life is short and you only live once?

Or is it because they have a lot of money and no idea how to spend it, so they end up spending it on travelling?

Or maybe it’s because they saw a movie shot in a beautiful place full of impeccable views, and now they can’t stop thinking about it, so they just pack their bags and get going. 

Now that is something to think about. How much are we affected by the movies or TV series we watch? 

The term is called TV Tourism, and it has been popular for a long time, even before we knew it existed. 

You would not deny that the things we watch on TV impact our entire personality, let alone our minds. Remember when we were all kids and pretended to be the main character of a show and started acting like them because that was cool? 

It may seem stupid now, but we were the coolest kid back then because we suddenly had an accent or a stylish walk, and no one knew where it came from. 

If you can relate, you know what we are talking about. 

As we grew up, instead of acting like the main character, we suddenly became obsessed with where our favourite movies were shot.

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Netflix And Travel

We have all heard about Netflix and Chill, but how much do we know about Netflix, get inspired and travel? 

From Breaking Bad to Harry Potter to Emily in Paris to the most loved TV show of all time, F.R.I.E.N.D.S has inspired people to explore the places where these shows have been shot and live a life of their favourite character’s world for a few days. 

According to statistics, Romania got a boost in tourism since the release of the show Wednesday. The number of hotel searches also spiked, proving that we are all inspired by the places we see on television and can’t stop ourselves from going there. 

During the time of the release of Jurassic Park, Hawaii was the most visited destination in the United States Of America for obvious reasons. 

Similarly, Ireland was a trendy TV Tourism destination because of Harry Potter. Well, who wouldn’t want to explore the place where the series practically on which our lives revolved as kids, or maybe even now, was shot?

New York has been a popular TV Tourism destination for a long time due to the number of movies shot there, some of which are Home Alone 2, Joker, and not to forget F.R.I.E.N.D.S, which is probably the most loved show in the entire world, so ahead of its time, with just the right amount of friendship and sarcasm.

Oh, and how can we not mention Sex & The City, the popular TV show based on a book, where we can see Carrie Bradshaw, a writer from New York, who worked for a local Newspaper. 

The way New York is portrayed in the show is applaudable. Though the show was shot way back in time, it still has a lasting impact.

It is also one of the reasons why many people, myself included, would like to explore New York and live the life of Carrie Bradshaw as she walks around the streets of New York with her exquisite fashion sense, like a queen. 

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An innumerable number of shows have been inspiring people to travel the world and witness the beauty hidden around the corners of the Earth and live a life which is way more fun than being stuck at the office and then coming back home to freshen up and sleep only to wake up for the office the next day. 

If we look from the eyes of an ordinary man, who works at a 9-6 or maybe 9-7 job, comes home tired and takes out a little time for himself to watch something entertaining on the TV, and ends up watching a good movie with a destination worth paying a visit. 

If you put yourself in his shoes, that wouldn’t be difficult because we already are in his shoes, I mean, most of us are. So the point is, for a man who works so hard, his only escape would be to travel, and what better place to travel than where your current favourite movie was shot? 

Now that is what TV tourism all about. You see something, get inspired, and if your bank balance and leave balance allow, no one can stop you from taking that trip other than God himself. 

Now the real question is whether it is all about TV tourism that inspires people to travel or whether more factors act as a catalyst for you to take that plunge.

Well, if we think about it, it’s not only limited to TV but also to social media. Sure, Tv tourism had an enormous impact because before the world was introduced to social media, all we had was this box of entertainment that allowed us to travel to some other dimension of imagination. 

Today, when you open Instagram, you see someone or the other travelling to an exotic destination, making you wish you were there. People who like travelling see it as a sign to take the next trip to that particular place they saw on their friend’s Instagram feed. 

To go even deeper, the movies and shows we watch also have a way of presenting it. The cinematography has an important role here. 

For instance, the movie The Body, which was a movie based on a crime, had a cinematic effect that portrayed Spain with a vibe that looked more like a place where only crime occurs.

Still, on the other hand, if you watch Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, you can clearly see how Spain is a beautiful country, full of fun and frolic activities to do with your friends. 

Now you can see how television and TV tourism drives us to take our travel decisions, and most of the time it is responsible for helping us decide where our next trip will be. 

You can’t blame yourself; they present it that way, like it’s some sort of dessert on a platter waiting for you to take that big bite.

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