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Some Of The Top Art Galleries In Dubai Are:

Art Galleries In Dubai

1. Green Art Gallery Dubai

2. The Empty Quarter Art Gallery

3. Lawrie Shabibi Art Gallery

4. Opera Art Gallery

5. Cuardo Fine Art Gallery

6. Ayyam Art Gallery

7. Elmarsa Art Gallery

8. The Third Line Art Gallery

9. Gallery One Dubai

10. XVA Art Gallery Dubai

11. Mojo Art Gallery

12. Marjan Islamic Gallery Dubai

13. MEEM Art Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions About Art Galleries In Dubai

13 Art Galleries In Dubai To Unveil Elegance

Habibi, come to Dubai and see some of the most stunning pieces of art in the various art galleries in Dubai. 

Besides the delicious food, top-notch restaurants, and sky-high architecture, there are plenty of art galleries in Dubai that one should not miss while on their Dubai Tour, and enjoy the intriguing side of Dubai with some of the finest pieces of art by renowned artists. 

There are plenty things to enjoy in Dubai such as the Burj Khalifa, The Miracle Garden, Dhow Cruise Dubai, and very cool resorts in Dubai, and some fascinating art galleries.

Replete your heart and mind with sheer tranquillity, visit some of the top art galleries in Dubai, and satiate the art lover inside you. 

These stunning pieces of art are inspired by history, culture, and society as well and are applaudworthy. 

Some Of The Top Art Galleries In Dubai Are:

  1. Green Art Gallery
  2. The Empty Quarter Art Gallery
  3. Lawrie Shabibi Art Gallery
  4. Opera Art Gallery
  5. Cuardo Fine Art Gallery
  6. Ayyam Art Gallery
  7. Elmarsa Art Gallery
  8. The Third Line Art Gallery
  9. Galery One Dubai
  10. XVA Art Gallery
  11. Mojo Art Gallery
  12. Marjam Islamic Art Gallery
  13. MEEM Art Gallery

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Art Galleries In Dubai

Due to the most authentic artwork, the Green Art Gallery is now one of the most renowned art galleries in Dubai, popular among tourists. 

The gallery has contemporary artwork from countries including North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Numerous artists get to show off their exceptional work at the Green Art Gallery. 

So, while you are exploring Dubai, and if you are an art lover, then you should definitely visit this art gallery and make the most of your time in Dubai. 

Location: 8 17 Street, Al Quoz Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Timings: Sunday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m – 7:00 p.m

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The Empty Quarter Art Gallery, contrary to its name, doesn’t stay empty, and unlike other art galleries, it features some striking fine art photography. HRH Reem, Safa Al-Hamed, and Al Faisal established the Empty Quarter Art Gallery. 

If you have always fancied photography, and it’s more like a passion rather than just clicking pictures for your Instagram feed, then you should visit the Empty Quarter Art Gallery.

Featuring some of the most amazing photographs of renowned International photographers, this art gallery is a haven for photography lovers.  

The popular photographs that are featured in this art gallery are taken by Steve McCurry,  Al-Moutasim Al Maskery, Bruno Barbey, and Marc Riboud. These pictures are often featured whenever there is an art exhibition in Dubai. 

Location: Gate Village, Building 02, DIFC Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Timings: Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 am – 07:00 pm.

If you are looking forward to visiting one of the most popular art galleries in Dubai, then look no further and head straight to the Lawrie Shabibi Art Gallery. 

This art gallery prioritises the growth of North African and Middle Eastern artists and is one of the renowned galleries in the annual art exhibition in Dubai, where several art galleries display their artwork, attracting art lovers from all over the world. 

The gallery keeps presenting stunning artwork and organises talks and hosts screenings, allowing artists to connect with art. 

Location: Lawrie Shabibi, Unit 21, Alserkal Avenue, Al-Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE.

Timings: Saturday to Thursday, 10:00 am – 06:00 pm. The Gallery remains closed on Fridays.

The Opera Art Gallery is a leading art gallery that promotes contemporary art and is a promoter of contemporary art. The Gallery was founded in 1994 by Giles Dylan. The gallery aims to curate high-profile art exhibition in Dubai, offering a variety of modern and contemporary art.  

Opera Art Gallery works in collaboration with museums, galleries, and important foundations in order to protect the art as well as the legacy of the renowned artists. 

Opera Art Gallery features graffiti artists, offering and others known for the quirkiness in their work, offering a treat to the senses. 

The gallery is positioned at DIFC; it supports the work of contemporary artists, including David Kim Whittaker, Andy Denzler, André Brasilier, Lita Cabellut, Mike Dargas, and Joe Black. 

Location: DUBAI. Gate Village Building 3, DIFC Dubai; Dubai

Timings: Sunday to Wednesday:10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Thursday: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Friday: 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Saturday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

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The Cuardo Fine Art Gallery gives contemporary artists a platform to showcase their work. The gallery curates several art programs for both regional and international artists, allowing them to experiment more with their creativity and share their gifts with the world. These programs and exhibitions take place throughout the year. 

Cuardo Fine Art Gallery is one of those art galleries in Dubai that provides art consultations and handles book publications for fine arts. 

If you have a thing for art, then you should visit this gallery. Besides organising art exhibitions and allowing artists to share their talent with the world, they also organize various lectures, workshops, and some meaningful discussions to have the most comprehensive experience and learn all about making art. 

The gallery emphasizes 4 important areas, including residency, education, exhibition and consultations. The Cuardo Education Program is quite a meaningful programme and anyone who loves art and wants to learn more about it should definitely take the opportunity. 

Location: Cuadro Gallery, Building 10 DIFC Gate Village,  Dubai, UAE.

Timings: Sunday to Thursday 10:00 am to 08:00 pm.

Ayyam Art Gallery has no profit outlook, and strives to take art to the next level. It features contemporary art, and you can see some of the stunning pieces here in the gallery. 

Over the period of time, the Ayyam Art Gallery has managed to build and boost the careers of both established and emerging artists around the world. 

Some of the popular art work that you can find here is that of the popular artists including Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, Elias Izoli Sama Alshaibi, Safwan Dahoul, and Samia Halaby, who are responsible for intriguing artists with their prolific work. 

Location: Unit B11, Alserkal Avenue Exit 43 of SZR, Al Quoz Street 8, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Timings: Monday to Thursday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Elmarsa is one top art galleries in Dubai, and was established in the year 1994. The gallery aims to promote and polish the work of the local artists and honour the work of the artists in the Middle East. 

Before visiting, let us warn you that you will be enthralled once step foot inside the Elmarsa art gallery, for you will come across some stunning pieces of art, produced by artists who have left no stones unturned to impress the visitors, leaving them in awe. 

The innovation compositions in the art has been inspired and taken by the Arab, African and Mediterranean cultures, and society. 

So if you wish to see one of the best art galleries in Dubai, head straight to the Elmarsa Art Gallery. 

Location: Unit 23 Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Timings: Mondays :10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Saturdays : 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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The Third Line Art Gallery is the most unique among all the art galleries in Dubai, which is home to some of the exceptional work done by the international and local artists. 

It draws the attention of art lovers from across the globe, and in order to promote art across the region, The Third Line Art Gallery also conducts non-profit generating programes, so artists can experiment and show their best piece of work for the world to witness. 

Besides that, the gallery also pays emphasis on the books published by renowned artists including Farah Al Qasimi,  Laleh Khorramian, Abbas Akhavan, and plenty others. The gallery strives to elevate the status of the artists, and promote their art in the region. 

Location: Unit H80, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai,  United Arab Emirates

Timings: The timings are from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm. On Fridays the gallery remains closed

If you are in Dubai, you are likely to take gifts and souvenirs back home, but wait a minute, you can take it from a gallery in Dubai? Yes, you can, and even though the gallery is small, it has some of the cutest things including posters, flip books, and note cards. 

The gallery mainly features artwork that have been curated being inspired by the culture of a particular region. It celebrates and promotes the art of the local as well as international artists, both known and flourishing ones. 

The major selling point of this gallery is that all the items here are of high quality, and have been curated with absolute passion and creativity. 

Location: The Beach Shop, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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XVA art gallery is one of the most popular art galleries, not only in Dubai but in the entire Middle East. 

The gallery was established almost 19 years back in 2004, and is popular for featuring the marvelous work by renowned artists for their contemporary art work, which have been curated being influenced by the culture of the Arab countries. 

With a diversity in cultural identities, the gallery also host art exhibitions, attracting art lovers from around the world, and getting oodles of recognition and appreciation. 

Location: XVA Gallery, Al Fahidi Neighbourhood, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Timings: 7 days a week: 10:00 am – 06:00 pm.

Mojo Art Gallery in Dubai is another platform giving a chance to the artists coming from different backgrounds, to express themselves. 

The gallery focuses on multicultural art forms, to bring together the creative and contemporary art under one roof, including the new media. 

The gallery also organizes various art exhibitions across Dubai where the art work that goes beyond the traditional and regular genres, are expressed in different formats. You can find plenty of illustrations, designs, art works, sculptures, paper works, media prints, installations, and art videos. 

The aim of the Marjan Islamic Gallery in Dubai is to promote and exhibit Islamic art to show the world a part of the islamic culture. 

If you really like the art work, then you also head to the Marjan Jadeed Antique novelties to buy some handicrafts, such as pots, vases, lamps, crockery, mats, lanterns, etc. 

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The MEEM Art Gallery aims to give the flourishing artists a kick start in their career, providing them the necessary exposure, by selling their art work through organising various exhibitions. 

These exhibitions are held quite frequently, and you will be able to find the contemporary collection of art work, produced by the established as well as flourishing artists. 

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