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5 Cruise trips during monsoons in India- Embarking on a magical monsoon journey

MV Mahaprabhu Cruise, Assam

Antara Ganges Voyager, Sunderbans

5 Cruise trips during monsoons in India- Embarking on a magical monsoon journey

5 Cruise trips during monsoons in India- Embarking on a magical monsoon journey

Embark on a captivating journey with cruise trips in India during monsoons, where the landscapes are transformed into a lush and vibrant paradise. As the monsoon rains rejuvenate the land, India’s rivers, backwaters, and coastal areas come alive with a unique charm that beckons travelers to explore.

Cruise trips in India during monsoons offer an unparalleled experience, blending the tranquility of serene waters with the dramatic beauty of rain-kissed scenery. So book your India Trips and grab these budget cruise trips in India out of this curated list we have prepared for you.

Whether you seek a romantic getaway, a nature-filled adventure, or a peaceful retreat, cruise trips in India during monsoons promise an unforgettable and enchanting escape.

  • Oberoi MV Vrinda, Kerala Cruise

Enjoy Cruise vacations during monsoons in India in the Kerala backwaters which are dotted with rice boats that gently navigate the waterways, offering guests a serene tour through narrow canals where life moves at a leisurely pace.

Among the 2,000 boats in these waters, the only motor vessel with twin catamarans is The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda, one of the best cruises in India during monsoons. Operated by The Oberoi Group, a renowned Indian luxury hotel chain, this vessel promises high service and exclusivity, aligning with the brand’s reputation for managing prestigious properties.

The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda features just eight double cabins, making it the largest yet intimate houseboat in the Kerala backwaters, far from the feeling of a large cruise ship. The cabins are spacious, bright, and elegantly furnished, resembling a luxury hotel room more than a boat cabin, with warm orange accents, white linens, teak wood furniture, and large windows offering views of Lake Vembanad.

Each cabin includes a small desk, chairs, a closet with bathrobes and slippers, and a full-sized bathroom with a shower, sink, and ample storage space. The culinary experience on The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda is exceptional, with the chef creating delicious and innovative dishes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and blending Western techniques with traditional Keralan recipes.

The chef personally engages with guests to gather feedback and adjust dishes to accommodate dietary preferences and spice tolerance. Meals are served in the main restaurant on the top deck, or guests can choose to dine in their cabins. The setup encourages social interaction, often leading to communal dining experiences.

The cabins are also stocked with a minibar offering refreshments and snacks. Breakfast is a la carte with a variety of Indian and international options, while lunch and dinner follow a set menu, accommodating any dietary restrictions with generous portions.

The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda stands out among Kerala’s houseboats with its extensive facilities and one of the best cruise trips in India during monsoons. It has a rooftop sundeck for sunbathing or yoga, although it’s closed while the boat is in motion and a spacious main deck with comfortable sofas for observing life along the backwaters.

Service on The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda is exceptional, marked by attentive, friendly, and thoughtful staff who go the extra mile to ensure guests feel at home. The service includes small touches like cold towels after mainland tours, always available water, umbrellas for shade, chocolates, and charming towel animals.

A highlight of the Kerala monsoon backwater cruise in India experience is the opportunity to observe daily life along the canals, with activities like bird watching, witnessing fishermen at work, and seeing locals go about their day, some of the best things to do in Kerala.

The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda offers excursions on smaller rice boats to explore narrower canals and get closer to the local culture. These excursions often include guided tours to Buddhist shrines and temples, providing deeper insights into Kerala’s traditions and way of life.

Evenings aboard the vessel feature cultural performances by local artists, showcasing traditional Keralan music, theatre, and dance. These performances are informative and engaging, enhancing the overall cultural experience.

In summary, The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda offers a luxurious, intimate, and culturally enriching experience on the Kerala backwaters, with top-notch service, comfortable accommodations, and delicious cuisine and one of the destinations in India to enjoy cruise during monsoons.

  • MV Nicobar, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Cruise

A cruise on the MV Nicobar is a captivating journey with ample amenities and options for every traveler and one of the most unique cruise trips in India during monsoons. The ship boasts 300 cottages categorized into deluxe, first-class, and second-class accommodations, along with 900 deck rooms, ensuring comfort for up to 1,200 passengers.

Set sail across the high seas to the Andaman & Nicobar Islands aboard the MV Nicobar – one of the most amazing destinations in India to enjoy cruise during monsoons. Departing from Visakhapatnam, Chennai, and Kolkata, this ship accommodates nearly 1,200 passengers in its 300 cabins. This three to four-day voyage to the Andaman Islands promises an unforgettable adventure and one of the best cruises to Andaman.


Deluxe cottages:

  • Features: Luxurious amenities, spacious interiors
  • Cost: Approximately INR 10,250

First-Class Cottages

  • Features: Comfortable and well-appointed, ideal for a relaxing stay
  • Cost: Approximately INR 8,500

Second-Class Cottages

  • Features: Basic yet comfortable, suitable for budget-conscious travelers
  • Cost: Approximately INR 6,750

Deck Rooms:

  • Features: Economical option with essential facilities
  • Cost: Approximately INR 2,650

The MV Nicobar offers a diverse range of accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets. Deluxe cottages provide a luxurious experience with premium amenities, while first-class and second-class cottages offer comfort and convenience at more affordable rates. The deck rooms are a cost-effective choice for those seeking basic accommodations.

With 900 deck rooms and a total capacity of 1,200 passengers, the MV Nicobar ensures ample space for everyone to enjoy their journey to the Andamans.

The ship’s extensive facilities and diverse range of accommodations make it an excellent choice for travelers looking to explore the scenic beauty of the Andaman Islands and one of the best cruise trips in India during monsoons.

  • Alaknanda Nordic Cruiseline, Varanasi

To promote tourism, Varanasi introduced a 5-star luxury cruise at Khidkiya Ghat on September 2. The vessel, named Alaknanda, is the first luxury cruise to tour all 84 ghats, accommodating up to 110 passengers and one of the best cruise trips in India during monsoons. This 30-metre long, double-decked modern liner is launched by the Varanasi-based start-up, Nordic Cruiseline.

The Alaknanda features luxurious sofa-style seating, allowing passengers to enjoy the offbeat places in Varanasi sights in comfort. Devotees can ride during sunrise and sunset to witness the famous Ganga Aarti in the evening.

The cruise offers a vegetarian/vegan galley, state-of-the-art navigational systems, onboard GPS, free WiFi, a skid-proof afterdeck, and four bio-toilets. The lower deck is air-conditioned and equipped with an AV mini-stage, while the upper deck is open on the sides. The cruise also boasts stringent safety features, personnel, and equipment.

Operating daily, the cruise covers a 12-kilometer route starting and ending at Assi Ghat, with each trip lasting two hours, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Morning Cruise

The Morning Cruise provides a stunning view of the riverfront and the river illuminated by the golden sunrise. It offers a glimpse of the 84 Ghats of Kashi in their full glory and grandeur, capturing the unique morning life, known as “Subah E Banaras.” making a view from the deck one of the best photography spots in Varanasi. Pilgrims performing rituals create an unforgettable experience, making morning the best time for boating on the Ganga.

Major Attractions:

  • Morning rituals at the Ghats
  • Connection with the spiritual energy of Kashi
  • A peaceful and tranquil atmosphere
  • An ideal time for photography

Evening Cruise

The Evening Cruise showcases the sunset over the skyline and the magnificent ghats illuminated by decorative lights. Guests can witness the famous Ganga Aarti, a daily ritual of devotion to the holy river, held at several ghats – one of the best things to do in Varanasi.


  • Air-conditioned vehicle for hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • English-speaking guide (other languages available)
  • Entrance fee
  • One mineral water bottle per person
  • Tea/coffee and cookies on both cruises

Things to be noted:

  • Both cruises start from Alaknanda Jetty, Sant Ravidas Ghat, behind Ravidas Park, Nagwa (ahead of Assi Ghat), Varanasi.
  • Guests must navigate several stairs at the ghat to reach the jetty.
  • Each cruise lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Return to the original departure point.
  • No outside food is allowed onboard.

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MV Mahaprabhu Cruise, Assam

The MV Mahabaahu, owned and operated by the Indian company Adventure Resorts & Cruises Pvt. Ltd. and marketed through agencies like Far Horizon Tours, is the largest and newest riverboat offering cruises on the Brahmaputra River and one of the best cruise trips in India during monsoons. This river winds through the lush ‘tea country’ of Assam in northeastern India.

Assam, bordered by Bhutan and the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh to the northeast, Bangladesh to the south, and West Bengal to the west, is a stunningly beautiful region rich in wildlife. It is home to the vast Kaziranga National Park, which National Geographic dubs ‘the Serengeti of India,’ and one of the best places to visit in Guwahati.

The Brahmaputra River is unique, alongside Africa’s Zambezi, in offering boat, jeep, and elephant-back safaris to view big game animals such as tigers, elephants, wild buffalo, and white rhinos. The river’s sandy, shifting banks also host large herds of deer and a remarkable array of colorful birds, including great hornbills, greater adjutant storks, and black-necked cranes.

The MV Mahabaahu provides a comfortable, understated base for observing this wildlife. The cabins feature large windows, and some include balconies for better riverbank views. For a closer look at the animals, guests can use the two well-cushioned, open-topped tender/expedition boats.

While not a ‘luxury boat’ by Western standards, the Mahabaahu is well-appointed with crisp linens in the dining room, silk hangings and cushions on the beds, and comfortable seating in the main Soma Lounge, on the sun deck, and around the pool.

The crew is friendly and attentive, and the itinerary offers a fascinating introduction to the subcontinent, ideal for those who might find the crowds and chaos along the Ganges overwhelming.

The MV Mahabaahu operates seven-night cruises on the Brahmaputra, either upstream from Guwahati to Jorhat or downstream in the opposite direction. Downstream itineraries start from Neamati Ghat, near Jorhat, accessible by air from Kolkata.

International travelers often choose the seven-night cruises, which can be combined with ‘Golden Triangle’ tours of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. For local travelers or those with limited time, two-, three-, and four-night Brahmaputra cruise options are also available as one the best cruise trips in India during monsoons.

Antara Ganges Voyager, Sunderbans

Indulge in a luxury cruise through the heart of the Sundarbans, navigating the intricate waterways of this UNESCO biosphere reserve with this monsoon-fun adventure cruise in India. Experience wildlife in their natural habitat during this immersive four-day journey, which offers a tour of India’s largest protected mangrove forest.

Enjoy breathtaking views from a Panoramic balcony window aboard this all-suite ship, which offers the largest standard accommodations in river cruising. Delight in Michelin-inspired cuisine and exceptional service as you explore Europe’s finest sites.

Boasting the highest staff-to-guest ratio among all Indian river lines, the friendly and knowledgeable professionals provide genuine hospitality, setting the stage for an unparalleled journey.

With fresh ingredients, Michelin-inspired menus, and carefully selected wines, Antara Cruises takes you on a culinary adventure. The warm and elegantly appointed dining room on the Main Deck pays tribute to the flavorful cuisine of India, while also offering familiar European delicacies. Relax with a drink in their spacious lounge bar, enjoying stunning views with one of the best cruise trips in India during monsoons.

The Cruise chefs are guided by the principles of using the freshest ingredients and creating regionally inspired menus, tirelessly working to offer the best of local and international cuisine. Here, luxury meets comfort, simplicity meets elegance, and supreme indulgence fosters a sense of well-being. Each day begins with enchanting views and ends in the dreamy comfort of your spacious suite.

The Maharaja Suite, the most luxurious and spacious suite on board with 400 sq. ft. of space, is a haven of opulence. Featuring Persian rugs, Burma teak floors, and a rich tapestry, it also includes a flat-screen TV, on-demand movie service, and a writing desk. The luxurious bathroom is equipped with both a spacious bathtub and shower panels. Daily butler service and in-room dining are available upon request.

Immerse yourself in the Antara River Experience on India’s holy rivers, witnessing cultural showcases and enjoying enriching onboard pursuits with one of the best cruise trips in India during monsoons.

A Joyous Ride

Cruise trips in India during monsoons offer a unique and enchanting way to experience the country’s diverse and vibrant landscapes. The monsoon rains breathe life into the environment, creating lush greenery, serene waterways, and breathtaking coastal vistas that provide a picturesque backdrop to your journey.

Whether navigating the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, exploring the majestic Brahmaputra in Assam, or cruising along the scenic coastal routes, each trip promises unforgettable memories and a deep connection with nature. Embrace the magic of monsoon cruises in India, where every voyage is a harmonious blend of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty, leaving you with a renewed appreciation for the wonders of this incredible land.

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