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Jhandewala Hanuman Temple: The Majestic Hindu Temple

Located in the bustling heart of Delhi, the Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple is one of the few religious places to visit in Delhi and stands as a serene oasis amidst the urban chaos. This sacred sanctuary, a testament to architectural grandeur, offers a tranquil refuge for worshippers and visitors alike. Surrounded by the constant hum of city life, the temple’s intricate carvings, ornate sculptures, and tranquil courtyards provide a stark contrast to the modern landscape.

Historically rich and culturally significant, the temple not only serves as a place of worship but also as a vibrant cultural hub where age-old traditions and contemporary life harmoniously blend. The fragrance of incense, the soft chants of prayers, and the rhythmic ringing of temple bells invite you to step into a world where spirituality and daily life coexist seamlessly.Whether you seek solace from the city’s relentless pace or wish to immerse yourself in a unique cultural experience, the temple offers a haven of peace and a glimpse into the spiritual heritage that continues to thrive in the heart of the city. So when you book your India trips, be sure to explore this hidden gem in Delhi..

Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple at a glance

Renowned for its massive statue of Lord Hanuman towering at 108 feet, the Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple in Delhi is significant among the revered shrines in the capital city. Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple Delhi location is right above the raised metro line between Karol Bagh and Jhandewalan Metro Stations. Positioned strategically, this colossal statue is visible from both the Jhandewalan and Karol Bagh metro stations, adding to its popularity in Delhi.

While the temple is open every day, Tuesdays witness a large influx of devotees, being considered auspicious for Lord Hanuman. During the evening aarti, devotees gather to witness a unique spectacle where the hands of the Hanuman statue, crossed over the chest, part momentarily to reveal idols of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, nestled within Hanuman’s heart, and one of most the spiritualistic things to see at Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple. This remarkable event occurs during the evening aarti on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

The temple also is a great place to experience Dussehra celebrations. The temple gains heightened prominence during Hanuman Jayanti, becoming one of Delhi’s most revered temples. Additionally, festivals like Ram Navami, Shivaratri, Navaratri, and Janmashtami are celebrated with fervor at this sacred site. Witnessing the grand celebration of these festivals is one of the best things to do in Delhi. 

Among the things to do in Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple, you can take a brief detour to admire the 34-meter tall Hanuman statue towering above the roads and the elevated metro line. Up close, you’ll find passageways through the mouths of demons leading to a series of atmospheric chambers filled with deities.

The Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple Timings is from 6 a.m to 10 p.m.

Architecture of Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple

Established in 2008 by Brahamleen Nagabba Shri Sevagir Ji Maharaj, the temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and took nearly 13 years to be constructed, becoming a remarkable landmark. Apart from its spiritual eminence, the temple is admired for its captivating art and architecture, attracting tourists from far and wide.

An intriguing feature of the temple is its entrance, designed to resemble the gaping mouth of a monster, perhaps symbolizing the demons vanquished by Lord Hanuman throughout his life. The temple houses a sacred flame reportedly brought from the Jwalaji Temple in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Alongside Lord Hanuman, the temple hosts idols of Sai Baba, Lord Shani, and the goddess of Dwarka.

History of Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple

In the 18th century, a well-known cloth merchant named Badri Das frequently walked to the Delhi Ridge in the Aravalli range, an area rich in flora and fauna. While digging near a waterfall, he discovered the idol of Jhandewali Mata and a stone lingam adorned with naga carvings. Das then constructed a temple at that location which is now the Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple.

Best time to visit Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple

Delhi is normally very hot during the summers and traversing through the city can be quite challenging. Cooler and pleasant days from November to February are the best time to visit the Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple in Delhi.

One of the tips for visiting Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple is to go there on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are dedicated to Hanuman ji, and it is a common tradition to visit a Hanuman temple on this day. Numerous devotees gather on both Tuesday and Saturday to pray and seek Lord Hanuman’s blessings for strength and protection.

How to reach Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple

There are several ways to reach Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple. If you are in Delhi you can either take the metro, a bus, or a taxi.

By Train: The closest station is New Delhi Railway Station which is about 3 km from the temple.

By Flight: If you are coming from another state or abroad then Delhi airport is the closest airport and is about 14 km from the temple.

By Metro: The Jhandewalan Metro Station is near to Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple, just 200 meters from the temple.

Sanctuary of Serenity

This sacred space, a haven from the city’s hustle and bustle, continues to welcome all who seek its tranquility, offering a unique blend of cultural richness and spiritual solace. The temple stands not just as a monument to the past, but as a living, breathing part of the city’s vibrant tapestry, where the sacred and the contemporary coexist in harmony. Whether you are a pilgrim, a tourist, or a city dweller, the temple’s doors remain open, inviting you to experience its timeless serenity and profound beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q:What is the significance of the Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple?

Q:What is the significance of the JhHow do I reach Jhandewalan Hanuman Temple?andewalan Hanuman Temple?

Q:What are the temple timings and entry rules?

Q:Are there any special events or festivals celebrated at the temple?

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