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Closing Dates For Kaziranga, Orang National Park And Tiger Reserve!

Here is the information on the Kaziranga National Park Closing Dates, starting May 15, 2024, the jeep and elephant safaris in Orang National Park and Tiger Reserve, Assam, will be closed for the rest of the tourist season. This decision is in line with the usual practice of ending tourist activities in wildlife reserves in Assam and also in Kaziranga National Park, thus leading to the announcement of the Kaziranga National Park Closing Dates.

Additionally, the authorities in charge of Orang National Park and Tiger Reserve said that they’re temporarily stopping both jeep and elephant safaris from May 15. They want to make sure visitors stay safe and protect the environment. Hence the Orang National Park Closing Dates and the Tiger Reserve Closing Dates were also announced.

Before this, Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve had already stated they’d stop elephant safaris from May 1, and then jeep safaris from May 16.

In Assam, the tourist season for national parks and wildlife sanctuaries usually starts in October and ends around mid-May of the following year. This timing matches up with the seasons and when animals move around.

In the year 2023-24, Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve had more visitors than ever before! A whopping 327,493 people visited, with most of them, 313,574, coming from India, and 13,919 from other countries. 

This park is famous for its special rhinoceros with one horn, which is why people from all over the world come to see it. It’s not just tourists who visit, but also families and people who love animals. They enjoy being here and seeing all the different animals and plants.

In the Eastern Assam Wildlife Division, more Indian and international tourists came in the year 2023-24. Also, the Nagaon Wildlife Division and the Bishwanath Wildlife Division had lots more tourists and made more money during that time too.

During the tourism season, which started after the rainy season in October 2023, the things people liked to do were jungle safaris and riding on elephants. Tourists also got to do fun stuff like riding bikes in the Karbi-Anglong area, watching dolphins from boats, and going hiking in the Panbari forest range and Chirang. Because lots of tourists came, it helped local restaurants and food places get noticed, which is good for eco-tourism in the area.

Hence, Assam’s national parks, including Kaziranga National Park, Orang National Park and Tiger Reserve, discontinued jeep and elephant safaris for safety and environmental conservation as the tourist season ends. Kaziranga saw a record influx in 2023-24, attracting visitors worldwide to witness its iconic one-horned rhinoceros. Increased tourism in other divisions boosted local businesses and eco-tourism. Activities like jungle safaris supported the economy and raised wildlife conservation awareness. Assam’s reserves provide unique experiences, underscoring the need to preserve natural habitats.

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