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Discover the 4 Lakes in Bali

Exploring the Stunning Lakes in Bali

Away from the maddening crowd and the busy beachgoers, lies the magical lakes of Bali in the north. Bali-a tropical paradise and a beach lover’s bae is famous for its Adventurous Activities in Bali, numerous Temples in Bali, lush green paddy fields and some great Spas in Bali to relax and unwind, Bali has a little of everything for everyone.

The north of Bali hides a treasure cove of enchanting beauty and charm that is often overlooked- the 4 Great Lakes in Bali. These magical Lakes in Bali are absolutely worth your time and effort, as they showcase the beauty of Bali that lies beyond the coast. Plan your Bali getaway through Bali Tour Packages and make sure you include these Lakes in Bali in your itinerary.

Head to the hills and plan a trip to these sacred lakes in Bali – you’ll find majestic mountains and volcanoes with campsites too. Where you can soak in some fresh air surrounded with greenery all around and feast your eyes on vast untouched landscapes.

A trek to the island’s northern area would not be complete without visiting at least one of the four Lakes in Bali: Lake Batur, Lake Beratan and the twin lakes- Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan. Not only are they gorgeous, these lakes are also rich in culture and offer awesome activities for the whole family to enjoy- like camping and kayaking. Grab your hiking shoes and some warm clothes and don’t forget your camera to capture some breathtaking scenery and memorable moments.

Discover the 4 Lakes in Bali

Nestled in the northern villages of Bali, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes lay four majestic Lakes in Bali. Sacred to the locals, these Lakes in Bali, have a cultural and spiritual side to them, as well as a stunning sight to see.

These beautiful Lakes in Bali bring in a sense of  peace and tranquillity away from the crowds and amongst Mother Nature.

  • Lake Batur

Lake Batur, the largest Lake in Bali, is tucked away in the highlands of Kintamani. This lake is in fact a caldera, formed between the feet of Mount Batur and Mount Abang. It is a crater lake surrounded by volcanoes, mountains. It is located only an hour away from central Ubud and you can either plan a day trip or spend a couple of days enjoying the chilly mountain weather and unwind with a laid-back vibe.

The lake, like the island of Bali, was formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago. The lake is 16 kilometres wide and is a popular fishing spot. Lake Batur is the main source of irrigation water for most of Bali. Locals also breed freshwater fish here. On the western side of the adjacent Mount Abang is the secluded old Balinese village of Trunyan and it is well known for its ancient burial traditions using an open graveyard.

There are many legends behind this Lake in Bali and there are more than one story. The most popular is probably that of the good-natured giant who once lived in the region together with the people living there – who later turned against them out of hunger. As a result, he destroyed their villages and the people locked the giant in a huge hole where they buried him. This hole was then filled with water and according to legend, is now what is called Lake Batur.

You will find wooden canoes which are available on rent to go fishing in the middle of the lake, or campsites for those wanting to spend the night. Lake Batur is located high up over 1,000 metres above sea level so make sure to get some warm clothes along on your trip.You can also take a trip to the nearby hot springs or dine overlooking the lake or find a relaxing spot to rest for the night before continuing your adventures around this unexplored part of Bali.

  • Lake Tamblingan

Lake Tamblingan is a picturesque lake that still remains unexplored in Bali. It remains an unspoiled and untouched beauty and apart from a few locals, you won’t find many tourists visiting here. The fresh, clean waters and natural surroundings is the perfect setting for those seeking to unwind and relax, and learn more about the Culture of Bali

Surrounded by 31 temples, this lake is one of the Sacred Lakes in Bali, as the locals believe that the waters have healing properties. It was named ‘Tamblingan’ as ‘Tamba’ translates to ‘medicine’ and ‘Elingan’ means ‘reminder of spiritual power’. Legends tell stories of how the lake’s water was used as a cure when a plague attacked its surrounding villages. 

You can spend some time exploring the temples dotted along the shores and bask in the outstanding surrounding mountains. This Lake in Bali is located in the heart of the island’s farming area and the slopes are covered with coffee plantations, farm fields and rice paddies. Its official location is on the north slope of Mount Lesung, Munduk Village area, Buleleng Regency, about 3 hours from Denpasar. If you like hiking and trekking, local guides often conduct treks deep into the untouched Batukaru Nature Reserve. A jungle hike to the crumbled rims of Mt. Lesung, an extinct volcano, can be on the list of adventure seekers.

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  • Lake Buyan

Lake Buyan and its twin Lake Tamblingan are one of the unexplored areas in Bali. These twin lakes are located within the protected Batukaru Nature Reserve with unexposed and untouched native flora and fauna. Buyan Lake in Bali is surrounded by jungles and plantations and is often frequented by monkeys. You can trek through the trails by day, go Fishing in Bali in the afternoon and set up camp for the night. You can also visit the nearby Pancasari Village and the community pool, Telaga Aya, to interact with the locals and have a taste of authentic Balinese life. However, be informed that since these parts of Bali are not visited often by tourists, you won’t be able to find much tourist facilities in these areas.

Getting to this Lake in Bali is a bit tricky since it involves a 3-hour drive from Denpasar and following the road winding up the hill you will see a number of monkeys before you arrive at the junction on the top of the hill. Nature lovers and eco-tourists find the entire area an ideal getaway. With limited tourist activities and the absence of human intervention, Lake Buyan still maintains its natural, intact ecosystem thus promoting eco-tourism.

  •  Lake Bratan

Located in Bali’s central highlands of Bedugul, this Lake in Bali is a favourite tourist attraction. The surrounding area is a natural spectacle offering splendid views of mountains and greenery. Lake Bratan or Beratan also has the floating Hindu temple, Pura Ulun Danu Batur and it serves as a perfect spot for those searching for something little quiet, cultural and beautiful. The floating water temple of Pura Ulun Danu Batur is dedicated to the goddess Dewi Danu who is considered as the goddess of water in Balinese Hinduism. Local religious belief is that the waters have healing properties, and that this lake is the water source for every spring and river on the island of Bali. Many Balinese farmers offer offerings known as Canang Sari and prayers at this temple for a rich harvest.

This stunning crater Lake in Bali lies on the foothills of majestic Mt. Bratan, which reaches 1,239m above sea level. The lake is also an irrigation source for the surrounding rice paddies and farms. If you are a water sports enthusiast and if you are brave enough to take a dip in the lake, there are water activities like jet-skiing and stand-up paddle boarding here. You can also visit the nearby Bukit Mungsu market for local artefacts or just chill out at the surrounding restaurants and warungs for a quick snack and savour both the delicacies and the breathtaking scenery.

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