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Are there any interesting things to do at Negombo Lagoon?

Negombo Lagoon Travel Guide 2024

Is it easy to get accommodation in Negombo Lagoon? Most tourists ask

What’s the best time to visit Negombo Lagoon?

Negombo Lagoon; The Turquoise Paradise in Sri Lanka

Negombo Lagoon is a stunning turquoise unmissable beauty on a Sri Lankan trip. It is an estuarine lagoon in Negombo, in the southwestern region of Sri Lanka. 

Several small rivers and the Hamilton Canal feed this pristine waterbody, it is famed for its tranquil waters and rich biodiversity.

There are several activities in Negombo Lagoon for tourists, like boat rides, bird watching, and exploring local wildlife like monkeys and monitor lizards. 

Negombo Lagoon in Sri Lanka must be on the bucket list of those seeking a peaceful retreat across the blue ocean, alongside other exotic places in Sri Lanka. 

Are there any interesting things to do at Negombo Lagoon?

Well, let’s check it out! 

Negombo Lagoon is a magnificent haven of alluring flora and fauna, it’s no less than a paradise for nature lovers, here are a few places to explore and activities in Negombo Lagoon to satisfy your adventurous heart. 

  • Boating Tours

    Although Negombo Lagoon does not have considerably deep waters, it stretches 35 km and is home to a range of land and marine animals. It is one of the best things you can do around here.

Tourists often book group tours or even hire private boats and explore the backwaters. On the way, you may need binoculars to spot some fascinating animals. 

These boat rides in Negombo Lagoon are the easiest ways to explore this amazing azure water body. 

Guides often give in-depth knowledge about the history of this place and tourists can also take a short stroll on small islands and spend time lazing around on the cool white sandy shores. 

One can even take a boat ride and explore the Dutch Canal.

Negombo Lagoon is a hidden retreat, where couples on honeymoon in Sri Lanka can find some amazing and secluded spots to spend quality time with their partners. 

They can even hire private boats and explore the lagoons at their convenience. 

  • Exploring Exotic Flora and Fauna

    Sri Lanka is known to have some of the best national parks which house numerous exotic animal and bird species. Negombo Lagoon is no less, it is home to several wildlife species, and spotting them is a must-do tourist activity here. 

Which wildlife animals can you see at Negombo Lagoon?

Monkeys, Monitor Lizards, Exotic Migratory Birds (Egrets, cormorants, herons, and seagulls) Crocodiles, and many Beautiful Plant Species can be seen here. 

This area is one of those few places where you can spot real mangrove trees and plants. For wildlife photographers, Negombo Lagoon has several subjects for some amazing shots. 

These boating tours give awesome overviews of the surrounding coconut plantations, rice paddy fields, and grasslands.

  • Visit Local Fish Markets

    Negombo Lagoon in Sri Lanka is surrounded by vibrant and busy fish markets. 

For tourists who love spicy and authentic seafood, these fish markets offer some mouthwatering delicacies like rock lobsters, blue crabs, oysters, and various fish delicacies. 

Tourists can mingle with the locals here and sip fresh cool coconut water, exploring nearby areas and watching the fishermen at work. Foodies can also try other Sri Lankan delicacies.

  • Explore Negombo Lagoon Nightlife

    The area has a few bars, mainly located along Beach Road. The Portuguese and Dutch legacy has left its mark, resulting in Negombo Lagoon being a hotspot for eateries offering diverse dishes, from continental to Arabic, Turkish, and local Sri Lankan fare. 

The primary emphasis is on the fresh seafood from the lagoon and the beaches. 

Additionally, tourists can rent a Catamaran and embark on a journey across the ocean, savoring a tasty barbecue feast as they cruise over the water.

  • Shopping at Negombo Lagoon Markets 

    Negombo is among the major cities in Sri Lanka with a variety of shops. 

From supermarkets selling everyday items to shops selling exotic spices like fresh cinnamon, and vanilla, tourists can shop for aromatic and flavorful Sri Lankan products here.

One can also find various big and small shops across the streets, selling handmade items and crafts of Sri Lanka.

The Beach Road is a hotspot to buy clothes and exclusive Sri Lankan teas. It is lined with many higher-end stores attracting tourists. 

Among famous things to buy from Negombo Lagoon markets are intricately made jewelry with Sri Lankan gems, souvenirs, fresh and juicy tropical fruits, and much more.

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Negombo Lagoon Travel Guide 2024

Negombo Lagoon in Sri Lanka is a famous tourist destination. Although it has only a few things to offer if you’re looking for a full touristy experience, several places near Negombo Lagoon will blow your mind. 
  • Hamilton Canal
  • Morawala Beach
  • St. Mary’s Church
  • Negombo Beach
  • Negombo Dutch Fort
  • Angurukaramulla Temple
  • Walipattu National Park
  • Browns Beach
  • Guruge Park
  • St. Sebastian’s Church
  • St. Stephen’s Anglican Church
  • Hamilton Canal: This canal, derives its name from a Government Agent of Revenue and Commerce Gavin Hamilton, and connects Puttalam to Colombo through Negombo. Tourists walk, take bicycle rides, and boat rides to discover the natural beauty of the canal.
  • Morawala Beach: It is one of the most pristine beaches near Negombo Lagoon, located only 10 minutes away from the Bandaranaike International Airport, and is one of the must-visit places to visit in Negombo for couples.
  • St. Mary’s Church: Another precious gem of a place to visit near Negombo Lagoon is St. Mary’s Church. It is a 140-year-old church renowned for its magnificent architecture, stained glass windows, ancient organ, and a painting of Christ, made by N.S. Godamanne, a Buddhist painter.
  • Negombo Beach: A vibrant and lively beach near Negombo Lagoon, it is a surfer’s paradise and the best spot for adventure sports like kite surfing, paragliding, scuba diving, boating, swimming, and much more.
  • Negombo Dutch Fort: A historic structure built by the Portuguese after they invaded Sri Lanka in 1588. The architecture of this gigantic fort near the Negombo Lagoon area is worth appreciation; Dutch Colonial and Portuguese architectural features can be prominently seen in the construction of this building.
  • Angurukaramulla Temple: The Angurukaramulla Temple stands as a renowned landmark in Negombo, attracting visitors with its revered Buddha statue and impressive dragon gateway.

The entrance is shaped like a dragon’s mouth and one must pass through the dragon’s mouth, a ritual thought to expel evil entities. It is one of the oldest temples in Sri Lanka and it can’t be missed.

  • Walipattu National Park: Wilpattu National Park, is the biggest and one of the oldest national parks in Sri Lanka, spread across an area of 1,317 square kilometers, this park is renowned for its “Willus,” or natural lakes, which stand out as a distinctive aspect of its beauty. 

Tourists can see a range of animals, especially the famous elusive leopard population, making it an ideal location for spotting these big cats. 

Adventurers often take exciting jeep safaris to discover the park’s rich biodiversity, including sloth bears, elephants, spotted deer, and numerous bird species. 

The park’s serene environment stands as a contrast against the bustling and bubbly atmosphere around Negombo Lagoon.

  • Browns Beach: Browns Beach stands out as a sought-after and untouched secluded beach in Negombo. Fill up your toes with the rich golden sand, douse your senses with the deep turquoise blue sea water, and relax under the cool shade of the tall and stunning palm trees.

This beach also houses one of the best resorts and Hotels Near Negombo Lagoon, Browns Beach Resort. It is the most popular resort in the area and offers luxurious stay options to its guests.

  • Guruge Park: Guruge Park is a one-of-a-kind theme park in the nation, offering thrilling rides and activities alongside showcasing the country’s deep historical heritage dating back to 547 B.C. 

Mayan Water Park, Jurassic Park, Sri Lankan Villages, The Gem Museum and several big and small rides are loved by tourists visiting Negombo Lagoon and areas nearby.

  • St. Sebastian’s Church: Constructed in the Gothic Revival architectural style and inspired by the Reims Cathedral in France, this church is among numerous others throughout the nation honoring St. Sebastian, who is revered as a martyr in the area.

It is said to have been destroyed completely by a suicide bomber and was rebuilt three months after the attack. Tourists visit this church in Negombo Lagoon and admire its gothic style of architecture. 

  • St. Stephen’s Anglican Church: St. Stephen’s Church, located amidst verdant landscapes beside the Negombo lagoon, has the features of a historic Dutch fort. 

This church was constructed in the Gothic Revival architectural style and is adorned with tiny stone crosses on every ridge tile.

Is it easy to get accommodation in Negombo Lagoon? Most tourists ask

There is a range of resorts and hotels near Negombo Lagoon, from posh and upscale luxury resorts to economical, budget-friendly stay options, you can find it all here.

For people who might want to opt for an Airbnb or homestay, then such options are also readily available. 

Some of the best resorts and hotels in Negombo Lagoon are Jetwing Lagoon (Check the website for more details), Hiru Lagoon Negombo, Regal Réseau Hotel & Spa, and many more. 

Now comes the most important question, scroll down to know more about it.

What’s the best time to visit Negombo Lagoon?

The ideal months to explore Negombo are from November to April. In these months, the climate is typically arid, experiencing little to no rain, abundant sunlight, and warm conditions, creating ideal weather conditions for sunny and sandy scenes, and sightseeing.

The best time to visit Negombo Lagoon comes with a whole lot of opportunities to explore and experience the eclectic environment of this hidden treasure.

Before you plan your trip to Sri Lanka, know how to reach Negombo Lagoon

First, reach Colombo and take a taxi from there. You can also opt for a train ride to Negombo and hire a tuk-tuk or a taxi from the station.

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Q:Are there boat tours available on Negombo Lagoon?

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