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Things to Do in Labuan Bajo

Catch a glimpse of Komodo Dragons

Visit to Rangko Cave

Experience local culture at the Melo and Wae Rebo Village

Gobble seafood at Fish Market

Sunset Points

Traditional Boat Sailing Experience

Hike to Padar Island

Best time to visit Labuan Bajo

Things to Do in Labuan Bajo: Labuan Bajo Travel guide

Labuan Bajo, a small fishing village tucked away in the remotest corner of Indonesia is a dreamy vacation Destination. It has over the years garnered the interest of visitors due to the multitude of unique things to do in Labuan Bajo City that promise an adventure and memorable experience for a lifetime. 

Labuan Bajo is a gateway to the land of Komodo Dragons, boat trips to Komodo Island, and solitary visits to quaint beaches. This place challenges the hikers to hike to the challenging yet rewarding Padar Island. Snorkelling and diving along the Manta Rays and sea turtles, experience the traditions and customs of the traditional villages, discover the intriguing caves, tingle the taste buds with authentic Indonesian seafood and most of all traverse the lanes of Labuan Bajo. 

Spending at least a week in Labuan Bajo is recommended to experience the diverse array of activities in this tropical paradise. 

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Things to Do in Labuan Bajo

A plethora of things to do in Labuan Bajo are available for travelers, here is a complete list of activities to indulge in 
  • Catch a glimpse of Komodo Dragons
  • Diving in the Komodo Island
  • Visit to Rangko Cave
  • Illuminating Batu Cermin Cave
  • Experience local culture at the Melo and Wae Rebo Village
  • Dip in Canca Wulang Waterfall
  • Gobble seafood at Fish Market
  • Explore Local Life
  • Sunset Points
  •  Dinner Date at Pink Beach
  •  Traditional Boat Sailing Experience
  • Snorkeling at Kanawa Island
  • Hike to Padar Island
Let’s get into details of each of these fun and adventurous things to do in Labuan Bajo

Catch a glimpse of Komodo Dragons

Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a biosphere reserve. Visiting Komodo National Park is one of the frightful things to do in Labuan Bajo. 

Komodo Dragons, the rare, scariest, and fascinating species can only be seen at Komodo Dragon National Park in Labuan Bajo. 

To enter into the land of Komodo dragons and to witness the wild beast in action, take up a guided tour of the park and discover the unique experiences in Bali  facts and chilling tales about the species. 

The national park is working tirelessly to protect and conserve the populations and inhabitants of the endangered species. 

Diving in the Komodo Island

Diving in the sea of Komodo Island is an extraordinary experience as the Island is rich in colorful reefs and is home to nearly more than 10,000 species of Marine animals.

The crystal clear water of the island lets the tourists experience the dramatic coral reefs.

The exciting thing to do in Labuan Bajo at Komodo Island is to partake in snorkeling and diving adventure activities. The main feature of diving on Komodo Island is that tourists may be lucky and get a chance to swim along the giant and majestic Manta Rays. the population of Manta rays is in abundance on this island.

Diving here is a memorable experience as it offers the tourists to have a glance at the stunning Manta Rays and explore the natural habitat of the distinguished creature. 


Visit to Rangko Cave

The cave is situated on Rangko Island and is known for its crystal clear water with fluorescent illumination due to the rare combination of minerals that are blended in the water in the cave and create a special scintillating effect when sunlight falls on the cave.

Tourists can float on the pristine waters, due to the minerals that form a unique combination. 

Visiting the Rangko Cave is the ultimate thing to do in Labuan Bajo Bali which leaves tourists wondering about the geological and natural wonders that occur in the region.

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Illuminating Batu Cermin Cave

The Batu Cermin Cave in Labuan Bajo is a natural wonder of the nature. The cave offers an intriguing feature to tourists with its illuminating capabilities.

The cave is also known as the mirror cave due to the distinct natural phenomena that occur inside the cave at a particular time when sunlight falls on the cave. 

When Sun Rays enter the cave through the bleak holes, they are reflected on the walls and this radiant effect forms a mirror-life appearance illuminating the cave. 

The best thing to do in Labuan Bajo is to visit the cave at the time of the day when the chance of the cave forming a mirror appearance is high usually during the day time.


Experience local culture at the Melo and Wae Rebo Village

Wae Rebo Village which is situated in a remote location in Indonesia has even in the modern era preserved the customs and traditions of Indonesian culture. 

Visiting Wae Rebo village is the best thing to do in Labuan Bajo to experience the legacy of the country. 

This small village is identified with its conical shape of seven houses that are the charm of the village. As you enter the village you are welcomed by the local community with its traditions. Experience the warmth of the local community and stay overnight in one of these authentic bamboo houses, participating in communal meals and cultural performances by the local villagers. 

A visit to the Wae Rebo Village is a journey back to the ancient era as the people are far away from the modern amenities. 

The exotic feature of the Melo village is the caci dance, a traditional war dance that is performed by skilled warriors and Kecak dance of Bali. The dance is performed with vibrant music and colorful dresses and represents the spirit of the local community.

Dip in Canca Wulang Waterfall

We challenge you to take a cliff diving into the Canca Wulang Waterfall. 

Situated 30 kilometers from Labuan Bajo this waterfall is nestled amidst the lush greenery and it may take time to spot the waterfall. To reach up to the waterfall after arriving at the base area trek in Bali up for about 30 minutes and explore the flora and fauna midway. 

Upon reaching the waterfall in Bali  you would be greeted by the magnificent sight of the ever cascading waterfall which to many tourists feels like that are at the Grand Canyon of Arizona, America. 

This waterfall is a flawless place for any kind of traveler who just wants to sit in peace and feel the water flowing at their legs and even for those who have the adrenaline to jump off a cliff and dive into the gushing stream. 


Gobble seafood at Fish Market

If you are a seafood lover, we assure you that this is the place where you are going to have your dinner every day during your stay at Labuan Bajo. 

This is the best place in town to taste seafood. Stalls are set up in the evening with the fishermen displaying their catch of the day. The unique thing to do at Labuan Bajo City fish market is to select the fish or sea animals of your choice and the restaurant prepare the authentic food in Bali for you. 

Fishes, crabs, lobsters, shells, shrimps, octopus, and squid are on display for you to inspect before you choose.

The vibes of the place make it the most popular and best of Labuan Bajo, with travelers alike gushing over the market to select the best ones for themselves. 

Explore Local Life

Once you set foot in the Labuan Bajo town, set out to explore the culture and tradition of the Indonesian town. The best way to explore the life of the people of a region is by getting into the bustling local market and buying the area’s produce and also the handicrafts and unique products of the town. Also explore the night life in Bali

A learning thing to do in Labuan Bajo Bali is to engage in conversation with the locals and understand their way of life. Discover the unique architecture of houses and buildings and indulge in the local flavors of authentic cuisine. 

Another way to explore the legacy of Labuan Bajo is by visiting the temple and participating in the religious ceremonies and traditional dances. 


Sunset Points

Golden hour at Labuan Bajo is the time when photographer and Instagrammers are sitting attentively to capture some of the amazing shots for their next cover photo or story. 

Missing sunsets at Labuan Bajo is like missing the soul of your vacation. One such Island where you can witness an amazing sunset is Keylong Island. 

What makes this Island different as opposed to others are the Bats. 

At dusk, the sky above Keylong Island is covered with none other than Bats. As the sun sets, thousands of Bats that were hiding in the jungle of Mangroves, come out in abundance in search of food at this hour. 

Thousand of Bats flying at one above you is scary for a moment but is also staggering and worth a picture.

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Dinner Date at Pink Beach

There are seven pink beaches in Labuan Bajo and these beaches are one of the wonders of Nature. The beach gets its pink striking color from microscopic animals called Foraminifera, which produces a red pigment on the coral reefs. This red pigment combines with the white sand and creates a tint of  Pink Colour.

This sparsely inhabited island is an ideal place for a fairytale dinner or just a day with your partner with the surreal views of the majestic ocean and the pink sand that adds an intimate background. Leisurely sitting and gazing at the waves washing off your feet is an amazingly relaxing thing to do at the pink beach.

Do not miss a chance to watch the sunset that’s when the drowning rays of the sun fall on the pink beach and create a spellbinding aura. 


Traditional Boat Sailing Experience

One thing to do in Labuan Bajo that should definitely be on your bucket list is sailing in the traditional boat called Phinisi Boat. This boat which originated in the 14th century is an eccentric experience to undertake to witness the culture of Indonesia. 

Different trips are organized by private players which allows the tourists to spend a day or two at the boat sailing day and night with stops at small islands. These boat trips even cover the major Labuan Bajo attractions including Komodo National Park, Rangko Cave, Padar Island, and more. 

Choose the most appropriate trips according to your liking and have the most of Labuan Bajo at the Phinisi Boat. 

Snorkeling at Kanawa Island

Kanawa Island in Labuan Bajo is known for its white sand beach and colorful coral reefs. This paradise beach is a perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, and indulge in daring snorkelling things to do in Labuan Bajo. A swim along with turtles, starfish, jellyfish, and Manta rays is a ravishing experience. 

This thrilling thing to do in Labuan Bajo will give you a blissful memory and when you turn the pages of your lifetime snorkeling at Kanawa will always sparkle in your mind like a refreshing swim. 

Tourists can also hike up to the nearby hill to enjoy the enthralling view of the nearby island and the mysterious sea. 


Hike to Padar Island

A hike to Padar Island is a thrilling adventure to undertake in Labuan Bajo. At first, the hike may seem like a difficult task but reaching the top of the hill is a rewarding experience. The hike to Padar Island is a 4 km journey that will take nearly 1-2 hours to complete depending on your expertise. 

The top of the hill of Padar Island offers a mesmerizing view of the wide ocean, stunning mangroves, and not to mention that the sunsets here are dreamlike.

Hiking up to Padar Island is a stimulating thing to do in Labuan Bajo. Beginners can also undertake the hike to Padar Island and wear comfortable shoes for an energetic hike.


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Best time to visit Labuan Bajo

January to March is the time to visit Bali to avoid visiting the Labuan Bajo, as this is the wet season and most of the boats do not sail in the high tides. Hence you might get caught up at a place and won’t be able to explore the regions. 

May to October is a good time of the year to visit Labuan Bajo, as the weather during these months is ideal for exploring outdoor activities and also soaking at the beaches. 

However, Komodo National Park is completely packed in July and August as this is the most active season for the Komodos, and hence wildlife photographers throng to the area to capture the Wild beasts. 

September to November is an ideal choice to visit the area due to less crowds and the beaches and islands can be enjoyed at solitary. Low tides are favorable for diving and snorkeling activities

December is the peak season for tourists due to the Holiday season. During this time the accommodation prices soar up high and sometimes it is even difficult to get one. 

Also if you can, avoid visiting Labuan Bajo on weekends, as the local travelers visit the small spot for enjoyment and the places to visit in Bali fill up fast. 

Places to stay in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is one of the top tourist destinations in Indonesia and has over the years developed into a hub of hotels, resorts, and holiday homes. All sorts of places to stay in Labuan Bajo are available from luxury resorts and hotels for families and couples to on-a-budget lodgings and dormitories that are well-suited for solo travelers and backpackers. 

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