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How to Reach Visakhapatnam

Essential Travel Tips for Visakhapatnam

1. Clothing 

Must-Visit Places in Visakhapatnam

Tips on Staying Healthy While Travelling in Visakhapatnam


Complete Travel Tips for Visakhapatnam to Plan a Perfect Trip

Visakhapatnam, often referred to as Vizag, is a vibrant coastal city located in the southeastern part of India. Known for its picturesque beaches, lush hills, and rich cultural heritage, Visakhapatnam is a popular travel destination that attracts tourists from all over the world. The city’s blend of natural beauty and urban development makes it a unique place to explore.

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with essential travel tips for Visakhapatnam, ensuring that your trip is both enjoyable and hassle-free. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveller, our comprehensive guide offers valuable Visakhapatnam travel tips, including travel hacks for Visakhapatnam and important Visakhapatnam safety tips to help you make the most of your visit.Additionally, we will highlight some of the best places to visit in Visakhapatnam and recommend top resorts in Visakhapatnam to enhance your stay.

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Visakhapatnam experiences three distinct seasons, each offering a unique travel experience. Understanding the weather and temperatures season-wise will help you plan your trip more effectively.

Summer (March to June)

The summer season in Visakhapatnam is characterised by hot and humid weather, with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 35°C. This period can be quite challenging for outdoor activities due to the intense heat. However, the beaches provide a refreshing escape from the soaring temperatures. 

Travel Tips for Visakhapatnam during summer include planning outdoor activities for early mornings or late evenings when the temperatures are relatively cooler. It’s essential to stay hydrated, wear light and breathable clothing, and use sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh sun. Beaches such as RK Beach and Rushikonda Beach can be ideal spots to relax and cool down.

Monsoon (July to September)

Monsoon in Visakhapatnam brings heavy rainfall, which rejuvenates the city’s greenery and enhances its natural beauty. During this season, temperatures range from 24°C to 30°C, offering a respite from the summer heat. While the rain can sometimes disrupt travel plans, it also provides a unique charm to the city. Visakhapatnam travel tips for the monsoon season include carrying rain gear such as umbrellas and waterproof jackets to stay dry. 

It’s also wise to plan indoor activities, such as visiting museums or cultural centres, as a backup during heavy rains. Travel hacks for Visakhapatnam during this time involve being cautious of slippery roads and avoiding areas prone to flooding. Keeping emergency contact numbers handy and staying updated with local weather forecasts are essential Visakhapatnam safety tips for this season.

Winter (October to February)

Winter is the most pleasant season to visit Visakhapatnam, with cool and comfortable weather that makes it ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Temperatures during this period range from 15°C to 25°C, providing a perfect climate for exploring the city’s attractions. This is the peak tourist season, so travel advice to Visakhapatnam includes booking accommodations and travel tickets well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles. 

During winter, you can comfortably enjoy the beaches, visit historical sites, and participate in local festivals. Popular events like Visakha Utsav and Navy Day celebrations are held during this time, offering a glimpse into the cultural richness of the city. Visakhapatnam trip tips for winter also suggest carrying light jackets or sweaters for the evenings, as the temperatures can drop slightly.

These travel tips for Visakhapatnam and understanding the best time to visit based on the seasons, can ensure a memorable and enjoyable trip to this beautiful coastal city.

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How to Reach Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, is well-connected to major cities in India and can be easily reached by air, train, and road. Here are the details on how to reach Visakhapatnam from nearby points:

By Air

Visakhapatnam has its own airport, Visakhapatnam International Airport (VTZ), which is well-connected to major cities across India and some international destinations. If you’re travelling from nearby cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, or Bangalore, direct flights are available and take approximately 1 to 2 hours. Upon arrival at the airport, you can hire a taxi or use app-based ride services to reach your destination within the city. 

Travel Tips for Visakhapatnam by air include booking your flights well in advance to get the best deals and checking the flight schedules for any updates. Visakhapatnam travel tips also suggest confirming your airport transfers beforehand to avoid any last-minute hassles.

By Train

Visakhapatnam is a major railway junction and is well-connected to various parts of the country through an extensive rail network. The Visakhapatnam Railway Station (VSKP) is centrally located and accessible from most parts of the city. Trains from nearby cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata run frequently, making it a convenient option. 

Train travel is not only economical but also offers scenic views along the way. Travel hacks for Visakhapatnam by train include booking tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, and carrying essentials for a comfortable journey. Additionally, checking the train schedules and platform information can help in planning your trip better.

By Road

Visakhapatnam is well-connected by road, and you can reach the city via national highways from nearby cities. If you are travelling from Hyderabad, the distance is approximately 620 kilometres, and the journey by road takes around 11-12 hours. From Chennai, the distance is about 800 kilometres, and it takes around 14-15 hours by road. You can choose to travel by state-run buses, private buses, or drive your own vehicle. 

The roads are generally in good condition, and the drive offers picturesque views, especially along the coastal routes. Visakhapatnam trip tips for road travel include ensuring your vehicle is in good condition, carrying a map or GPS device, and planning your stops for rest and refreshments. Visakhapatnam safety tips for road travel emphasise the importance of following traffic rules, avoiding night driving in unfamiliar areas, and staying alert for any road conditions or diversions.

By following these Travel Tips for Visakhapatnam, you can choose the most suitable mode of transportation and enjoy a smooth and hassle-free journey to this beautiful coastal city.

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Essential Travel Tips for Visakhapatnam


1. Clothing 

When visiting Visakhapatnam, opt for lightweight and breathable clothing, especially during the hot and humid summer months. In winter, light jackets or sweaters are advisable for cooler evenings. Comfortable walking shoes are essential for exploring the city. Travel Tips for Visakhapatnam include packing appropriate attire for beach visits and cultural sites.

2. Skin Protection

Given Visakhapatnam’s tropical climate, protecting your skin is crucial. Use sunscreen with a high SPF, wear wide-brimmed hats, and carry sunglasses to shield yourself from the sun. Visakhapatnam travel tips recommend reapplying sunscreen regularly, especially after swimming or sweating, to prevent sunburn and skin damage.

3. Local Cuisine

There are lots of places to eat in Visakhapatnam that offer a variety of delicious local cuisines, including seafood, Andhra delicacies, and street food. Don’t miss trying dishes like biryani, prawn curry, and pootharekulu. Travel advice to Visakhapatnam suggests sampling food from reputable restaurants and street vendors known for their hygiene to enjoy the culinary delights safely.

4. Respect Local Culture

Respecting the local culture is important when visiting Visakhapatnam. Dress modestly when visiting temples and religious sites, and always remove your shoes before entering. Visakhapatnam trip tips emphasise understanding and adhering to local customs and traditions to show respect and appreciation for the culture.

5. Public Wellness

Public wellness is a priority in Visakhapatnam, with clean public spaces and good healthcare facilities. Carry a basic first-aid kit and essential medications. Travel Tips for Visakhapatnam include staying hydrated, avoiding tap water, and consuming bottled or filtered water to maintain good health during your trip.

6. Responsible Tourism

Practising responsible tourism helps preserve Visakhapatnam’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. Avoid littering, respect wildlife, and support local businesses. Visakhapatnam travel tips encourage minimising plastic use, participating in eco-friendly activities, and being conscious of your environmental impact to ensure sustainable travel.

7. Cultural Experiences

Visakhapatnam offers rich cultural experiences, from traditional dance performances to local festivals like Visakha Utsav. Visiting museums, temples, and historical sites provides insight into the city’s heritage. Travel advice to Visakhapatnam includes engaging with locals and participating in cultural activities to enhance your travel experience.

8. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead ensures a smooth and enjoyable trip to Visakhapatnam. Book accommodations and transportation in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. Visakhapatnam trip tips recommend creating a travel itinerary, researching attractions, and staying updated on weather conditions to make the most of your visit.

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Must-Visit Places in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, is a coastal gem with a rich blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Here are some must-visit places that should be on your itinerary:

1. RK Beach (Ramakrishna Beach)

RK Beach is one of the most popular tourist spots in Visakhapatnam. The serene coastline, vibrant local life, and stunning sunrises and sunsets make it a perfect place for a relaxing day out. Travel advice to Visakhapatnam includes spending time at the beach in the early mornings or late evenings to avoid the heat.

2. Kailasagiri

Kailasagiri is a picturesque hilltop park offering panoramic views of the city and the coastline. The park features beautifully landscaped gardens, statues, and a toy train ride. Visakhapatnam travel tips recommend taking the ropeway for a scenic and thrilling experience.

3. Araku Valley

Located a few hours from the city, Araku Valley is a lush green valley known for its coffee plantations, waterfalls, and tribal culture. The journey to Araku by train is an experience in itself, passing through tunnels and bridges with breathtaking views. Visakhapatnam trip tips suggest planning an overnight stay to fully explore the valley and its attractions.

4. Borra Caves

Near Araku Valley, the Borra Caves are ancient limestone caves featuring impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The caves are illuminated to highlight their natural formations, creating a mesmerising atmosphere. Travel Tips for Visakhapatnam include wearing comfortable shoes and carrying a flashlight for better visibility inside the caves.

5. Submarine Museum (INS Kursura)

The Submarine Museum, located on RK Beach, offers a unique opportunity to explore a decommissioned submarine. It’s an educational and fascinating experience, especially for those interested in naval history. Visakhapatnam safety tips for this attraction include being mindful of low ceilings and narrow passages inside the submarine.

6. Simhachalam Temple

There are lots of temples in Visakhapatnam one the among Simhachalam Temple, dedicated to Lord Narasimha, is a significant religious site located on a hilltop. The temple’s architecture and serene surroundings attract both devotees and tourists. Visakhapatnam travel tips advice visiting the temple early in the morning to avoid the crowds and enjoy a peaceful experience.

7. Rushikonda Beach

Rushikonda Beach is known for its golden sands and clear waters, making it an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. The beach is relatively less crowded, offering a more tranquil environment. Travel advice to Visakhapatnam includes visiting Rushikonda Beach for a quieter alternative to RK Beach.

8. Yarada Beach

For those seeking a secluded and untouched beach, Yarada Beach is a perfect choice. Surrounded by hills and lush greenery, it offers a serene and picturesque setting. Visakhapatnam trip tips recommend carrying your own snacks and water, as there are limited facilities available at the beach.

9. Dolphin’s Nose

Dolphin’s Nose is a rocky headland that offers stunning views of the coastline and the city. The lighthouse located here is an added attraction, providing panoramic views from its top. Travel Tips for Visakhapatnam suggest visiting this spot for breathtaking views and photo opportunities.

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Visakhapatnam, also known as Vizag, celebrates a variety of vibrant festivals throughout the year, reflecting its rich cultural heritage and traditions. Here are the key festivals celebrated in Visakhapatnam:

1.Visakha Utsav

Held annually in December, this grand cultural festival showcases the city’s art, culture, crafts, and cuisine through performances, exhibitions, and competitions. Travel tips for Visakhapatnam during Visakha Utsav include booking your stay in advance due to the influx of tourists.

2.Navy Day

Celebrated on December 4th, this event honours the Indian Navy’s role in Operation Trident with naval exhibitions, air shows, and parades at the naval base. Visakhapatnam travel tips for Navy Day include arriving early to get the best views and securing a good spot for the air shows.


A January harvest festival marking the Tamil month of Thai, featuring traditional rituals, feasting, and community events celebrated enthusiastically by the Tamil community. Travel tips for Visakhapatnam during Pongal involve experiencing the local traditions and trying the special dishes prepared for the festival.

4.Makar Sankranti

Another January harvest festival celebrating the sun’s transition into Capricorn, known for kite flying, bonfires, and sweets like tilgul and laddoo. Visakhapatnam travel tips suggest participating in kite flying events and enjoying the traditional sweets.


The festival of lights celebrated with lights, fireworks, sweets, and family gatherings in October or November, symbolising the victory of light over darkness. Travel tips for Visakhapatnam during Diwali include exploring the beautifully lit streets and enjoying the festive atmosphere.


Celebrated in March, this festival of colours involves playing with colours, dancing, and enjoying festive foods, bringing people together in joy. Visakhapatnam travel tips for Holi include wearing old clothes and using organic colours to participate in the festivities safely.


Marking the Telugu New Year in March or April, this festival involves new beginnings with house cleaning, new clothes, special dishes, and religious ceremonies. Travel tips for Visakhapatnam during Ugadi include trying the traditional Ugadi Pachadi, a special dish made for the festival.

8.Vinayaka Chavithi (Ganesh Chaturthi)

Celebrated in August or September, this festival honours Lord Ganesha with home idols, rituals, and public processions. Visakhapatnam travel tips for Vinayaka Chavithi involve visiting the grand processions and experiencing the vibrant community celebrations.

9.Dussehra (Vijayadashami)

Celebrated in September or October, this festival marks Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana with processions, cultural performances, and burning effigies of Ravana. Travel tips for Visakhapatnam during Dussehra include attending the cultural performances and enjoying the festive atmosphere.


Celebrated with joy by the Christian community, featuring decorated churches, special masses, gift exchanges, festive meals, and community events. Travel tips for Visakhapatnam during Christmas include visiting the beautifully decorated churches and participating in community events.

Tips on Staying Healthy While Travelling in Visakhapatnam

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water, preferably bottled or filtered, to stay hydrated in the hot and humid climate.
  • Eat Smart: Choose eateries with good hygiene standards and be cautious with street food to avoid stomach upsets.
  • Protect from Mosquitoes: Use mosquito repellent and wear long sleeves to prevent mosquito-borne diseases, especially during dawn and dusk.
  • Sun Protection: Apply sunscreen with a high SPF, wear hats, and use sunglasses to protect from the strong sun.
  • Exercise Regularly: Engage in light exercises or walks to keep your body active, utilising hotel gyms or swimming pools if available.


Visakhapatnam, with its rich cultural heritage and vibrant festivals, offers a unique travel experience. By following these Travel Tips for Visakhapatnam and being mindful of health and wellness, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Plan ahead, respect local customs, and immerse yourself in the local culture to make the most of your visit to this beautiful coastal city. Enjoy your journey to Visakhapatnam, and create unforgettable memories.

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