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1. Requiem Fantasy Cafe, United States

2. Poop Cafe, Canada

3. Hobbit Cafe, USA

4. Greem Cafe, South Korea

5. H.R Giger Bar, Switzerland

6. Disaster Cafe, Spain

6 Unique Cafes Around The World That Are Beyond Imagination

Cafe hopping has been the favourite activity of all the youngsters out there, and we all love to explore new cafes in the city. Whenever we are travelling, we make sure that we explore the various cafes that the city has to offer.

But did you know that the world is full of surprises and the creativity that people show when it comes to services?

Several cafes worldwide will sweep the ground off your feet with their uniqueness. 

Some of the most unusual cafes can be found around the world, and you wouldn’t believe to what extent the human mind can go and pick up ideas and build a masterpiece from scratch. 

Here is a list of some of the unique cafes around the world that will leave you spellbound.

1. Requiem Fantasy Cafe, United States

Right around the corner from Disneyland and Downtown Disneyland, you will find one of the most unique cafes around the world, the Fantasy Cafe in California. 

As soon as you enter the cafe, you will be greeted with a dark theme, as if you walked into a setup where a theatre play is about to start. 

It is a unique cafe that not only offers incredible coffee but also has games, cosmic plays, and a fantastic theme that will make every penny worth spending here.

You will see hidden cubbies in the forest and couches placed in the room with settings in a spaceship. 

Food and coffee will be served in the middle of your space journey so the astronauts don’t feel hungry.

There is a giant gaming table, a throne where you can sit like a king, and tainted glass windows. 

Hang out by the tree with the hidden cubbies and enjoy your snacks there. 

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2. Poop Cafe, Canada

Can you believe that shit can look cool? Can you even imagine that poop or something that looks like poop can be served anywhere? 

Well, even if it is very hard for you to swallow the fact, you would definitely be able to swallow the poop food here in the Poop Cafe in Canada. 

Offering multiple cuisines, including Korean, Japanese, and Thai, this poop cafe has an entirely different concept where poop looks cute. 

The food is also served in toilet seat-shaped bowls, and you will be seated on the toilet seat while you eat it, and obviously, the lids will be closed because the toilets are fake. 

This may be one of the most unique cafes around the world but also one of the most bizarre cafes out there. 

Most of the things served here are in the shape of the poop emoji and are served in a manner that is messy but somehow not dirty. 

Remember in simpler times, we were not even allowed to mention poop while eating because it was bad manners? 

Well, if you are intrigued by the concept, do visit this poop cafe if you ever visit Canada because shit just got real. 

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3. Hobbit Cafe, USA

Inspired by the Lord of The Rings, Hobbit Cafe is located in Houston and has the theme of your favourite movie. 

Sit under the big Oak tree with a large wooden deck and enjoy your food, such as hobbit-sized sandwiches, fish, shrimp, nachos, and so on. 

The Cafe was opened in the year in 1972 when the menu was only vegetarian, but over time, the cafe became popular and expanded its menu. You can also get beers in this cafe. 

4. Greem Cafe, South Korea

Did you like sketching as a kid? 

Well, we all used to doodle a lot, but as we grew up, we developed different habits, and some of us parted ways with sketching. 

But do you know that there is a cafe in Seoul that lets you in a two-dimensional world? Everything you see here will look like a sketch made by some outstanding artist. 

Surprising, isn’t it? 

This Greem Cafe in South Korea is not for people with vertigo because as soon as you will enter the cafe, you will feel like you just entered a sketchbook or you are in a cartoon. It may make you uncomfortable or a little dizzy. 

From chairs to tables, everything is in a sketch, making you wonder how such ideas come to people’s minds. The idea of this cafe has been taken from a web cartoon, where a man was stuck between real life and a web cartoon. 

This is probably one of the most unique cafes in the world. 

5. H.R Giger Bar, Switzerland

The H.R Giger Bar is made by a man called H.R Giger, after which the bar was named, and I am sure you have seen nothing like this before. 

This place is an exquisite piece of art, with intricate detailing, and offers a fantasy world that you only see in movies. 

From tables and chairs to everything inside, the bar has been built by Giger with the help of a team of experts. 

He has tried to make this bar look like a biochemical environment and looks completely alien. 

You may feel like you have been eaten up by a giant animal and you are able to see everything that’s inside his body. 

This is one of the most unique cafes around the world and will offer you an experience of a lifetime. 

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6. Disaster Cafe, Spain

If you are in the middle of your lunch sitting in a restaurant enjoying your meal, and suddenly, there is an earthquake, you would definitely run out of the building to protect yourself. Right? 

Well, that is the response we expect from humans.

Apparently, that isn’t the case in Spain, for there is a Disaster Cafe in Lloret De Mar, where food is served along with a 7.8 magnitude of Earthquake, to have your shakes while shaking. 

Quakes will take place every now and then, and you have to try to maintain your balance while making sure, your food and drinks don’t get spilled. 

This cafe is so popular that advance reservations have to be made to enjoy nice food with an earthquake here. 

From the outside, you will notice that the cafe is very ransom and gives no warnings of what goes on inside.

You will be taken to a place that looks like under the surface of the Earth and will be seated in a cave-like setting. 

It can be seen that staff wears safety helmets, those that are used at the construction sites, and carry other safety equipment. 

The food here is served in dishes that are heavier than normal, probably to protect the food from falling during the time the earth starts shaking. 

When the 7.8 magnitude effect comes, you can see everything shaking, lights will go out, food and drinks start spilling if you don’t hold on to them, and screaming voices are heard, just like in reality.

However, no injuries take place because safety is taken care of, but plates and glasses do break, and it’s quite common here. 

Out of all the unique cafes around the world, this one has to be the best of all. 

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