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The holiday season is almost upon us, and with it, the monumental question - where to spend it? New Year and Christmas vacations are excellent times to head out with your loved ones and explore the world. Read More...
After all, what better time than the ‘New’ Year to taste new cuisines, meet new people, and indulge in new adventures? Nothing beats the joy of watching Christmas festivities and New Year fireworks in a place you’ve never been before. And the best part - we will make your holiday experience extra special!

Special Deals On Christmas Vacations & New Year Trips

Here’s your chance to save big on the vacation of your dreams this festive season! Avail heavy discounts and special offers on WanderOn’s handcrafted New Year and Christmas trips. Get discounts up to INR 12,000 on both domestic and international New Year trip packages and get the most out of your holiday. Hurry!

New Year & Christmas Vacations Tailored To Your Needs

Flights, hotels, transport, rentals - the lengthy process of planning a holiday sure is no easy task. We, however, just made it easy!
The WanderOn team is dedicated to providing you with a hassle-free travel experience both before and during your vacation so that you can focus entirely on enjoying it! All you have to do is browse our range of customisable, budget-friendly Christmas and New Year tour packages, pick the one that best suits your interest, and leave the troubles of planning to us.

Let Us Craft You The Most Exciting Holiday Experience

Whether your idea of ideal Christmas vacations is to wander in snowy landscapes decked up with Christmas lights or sip Pina Coladas on a sunny beach, we got you covered. From taking a peaceful trip with the fam in the hills to riding off on an adventurous safari with your amigos, you can pick from a range of destinations and experiences, and we’ll weave you the most exciting of New Year trips best suited to your needs and interests!
Start by picking the destination you wish to explore!

Domestic New Year Trip Packages

There are several beautiful places in India for a memorable New Year and Christmas sojourn with your kin, spouse, or friends. Find WanderOn’s top picks here and set your New Year travel plans in motion.

1. Himachal Backpacking Tour

Christmas in Himachal is no ordinary spectacle! The snowy hills of the north have much to offer to those who wish to be a part of local Himachali traditions and carnival-like festive spirit for their New Year and Christmas vacations, as well as embark on a number of adventures that these valleys have to offer! While you won’t find the typical Christmas decor and celebrations here, the locals’ way of merry-making with food, dance, and laughter will more than make up for it. And there’s no dearth of places to visit in Himachal to find just that!
From sipping hazelnut coffee at Mall Road bathed in Christmas lights, skiing on the frozen slopes of Auli, shopping for Tibetan trinkets and colourful woollen wear in McLeodganj, to witnessing the stunning otherworldly landscapes of Spiti in the snow, our Himachal new year backpacking tour has something in store for everyone!

2. Meghalaya New Year Trips

How about an unconventional yet thrilling New Year and Christmas travel plan? Head to Meghalaya and start the new year amidst the exotic vistas, cuisine, and culture of Meghalaya, all without burning a hole in your pocket! Home to some of the most scenic villages in Asia, Meghalaya offers travellers a plethora of unique experiences.
You can choose to wander in dreamy jungles, take a dip in blue lagoons, sunbathe on a beach, trek to surreal waterfalls, go river rafting in sparkling streams, or simply revel in breathtaking views of cloud-coated hills from your resort on your Meghalaya Backpacking New Year Tour. From walking over the Living Root Bridges to boating on the crystal clear Umngot River, every unusual adventure you undertake in the Scotland of the East will give you unforgettable memories!

3. New Year in Kashmir

Imagine sailing over a partly frozen Dal Lake in the company of smiling locals selling fruits and colourful flowers on slender shikaras, all while a beautiful tapestry of snowy mountains surrounding you turn from white to golden in the setting sun. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Now book our customised Kashmir New Year package and turn that dream into reality!
Christmas vacations and New Year trips aren’t always about plum cakes and parties. You’ll love to spend Christmas living in charming houseboats on frozen lakes, flying over pine trees in tiny gondolas, and drinking hot Kahwah around cosy bonfires in a winter wonderland that’ll give Narnia a run for its money!

4. Spiti New Year & Christmas Escapade

Venture into the picture-perfect cold desert of the north for one of your most incredible Christmas holidays and New Year trips! Spiti, the Little Tibet of India, draws travellers from far and wide with its warm hospitality, peaceful Tibetan Buddhist culture, and the world’s highest post office, among other things. Add to it all a touch of snow and winter festivities, and the visual will leave you wanting to stay there forever!
Giant statues of Buddha in gold, expansive fossil villages, delightful mud-brick houses, and friendly yaks - your eyes will be greeted with the most eccentric sights wherever they look, rewarding you with a one-of-a-kind travel experience and memories to cherish for life! Just opt for one of our Spiti Christmas Vacations and gallivant away to the land of breathtaking natural landscapes and the magnificent Key Monastery.

International Christmas & New Year Trips

Wish to welcome in the new year in a distant land? Our discounted New Year and Christmas travel packages for international destinations have been handcrafted to give you ‘more’ in ‘less’...more enjoyable experiences, less cost!

1. Dubai New Year Travel Package

Ring in the New Year over Arabian deserts and futuristic architecture of Dubai! Our Dubai New Year trip packages allow you to make the most of the festive season in an ultra-modern landscape. Climb the world’s tallest building, wander amid fascinating mosques, taste luxury at The Atlantis, go shopping in gold souks and spice markets, and witness some of the most unique architectural marvels of the world with your favourite people by your side.
You can also pick our Dubai Christmas tour and discover the Emirati way of celebrating the Festival of Joy! Whether you are travelling with family and kids or holidaying with your better half, Dubai has something for all! With fun water parks and super-fast roller coasters on one side, to gorgeous beaches for romantic walks on the other, the list of memorable experiences Dubai endows you with is endless.

2. Bali New Year Trips

Holiday season or not, the Land of the Gods always has tonnes of exciting experiences for travellers to immerse in. This melting pot of culture, beauty, and adventure is the perfect choice for all who prefer tropical Christmas vacations instead of cold destinations.
You can hike to an active volcano, visit surreal beachside temples, dive to the depths of the Indian Ocean, explore cave waterfalls, go art shopping, and surf your way into the New Year among other bizarre things to do in Bali. Our special Bali New Year Trip that lets you immerse in Bali’s soothing green landscapes, sacred architecture, rich culture and tranquil aura is just the kind of break you need to detoxify your soul and start the year afresh!
Say goodbye to boring Christmas vacations and noisy New Year parties. Let our power-packed Christmas and New Year trips stir up some much-needed holiday cheer into your plans without making you run to the bank. All you need to do is pick your favourite destination, get in touch with our travel experts, and brew yourself a kickass vacay with India’s leading community travel portal. What are you waiting for? It’s time to leave your worries behind and fly off to a distant land as you welcome a better, brighter year ahead!
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How do people celebrate Christmas and New Year's eve around the world?
Christmas and New Year festivities usually take place together all over the world. Majority of the celebrations include a dedicated holiday, traditional dinners, exchange of gifts, glittering lights and decorations all around the city and much more but some of the most unique celebrations take place in countries like Austria where the concept of Bad Santa is quite famous, then comes pickle in the tree celebration in Germany and finally throwing paper out of the window in Argentina during New Year.
How many Christmas tours are there in India?
Christmas is a gazetted holiday in India which eventually leads to Christmas tours all around the country. India hosts a plethora of Christmas tours and some of the most popular ones include excursions to Kashmir, Himachal, Meghalaya, Spiti and Jaisalmer. Besides domestic tours, there are a myriad of International Christmas trips too that include destinations like Dubai and Bali.
Why is Christmas the best time to travel?
Travel is an activity that takes place all around the world throughout the year but Christmas vacations usually become a favourite time to travel because of many reasons such as decorations and festive aura that you won’t get all year, next is the season; plenty of countries experience snow during Christmas which eventually increases its appeal and the most important one, Christmas is usually a gazetted holiday all over the world, therefore presenting the perfect opportunity to travel.
What are the best places to travel for Christmas?
The world is home to a wide array of places to travel to during the Christmas vacations, some of them are New York, which is famous for its Christmas all over the world, next is Munich which is renowned for its traditional Christmas fiestas and delicacies. Dubai and Bali too are a traveller’s choice because of the opportunity to escape from the winter chills.
Which are the best places to celebrate New Year's Eve?
Some of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve are Sydney, Auckland, London, and Tokyo. Some of the best places for New Year travel in India are Gulmarg, Shimla, Goa, New Delhi, McLeodganj and Wayanad. All of them offer a plethora of options and are famous for their own style of celebrations during the New Year. Planning a New Year getaway? Then checkout our New Year trip packages for the best celebration that you’ll ever experience.
What are some best destinations to celebrate New Year on Budget?
New Year celebrations can be a bit too much on the pocket sometimes but that’s not always true as one can also celebrate New Year on a budget. Some of the best locations that allow celebrations on a budget are Gangtok, Pondicherry, Manali and Delhi. Though the New Year trips will be on a budget but you’ll have the time of your life for sure.
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