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Opportunity Card In Germany: Everything You Need To Know

Germany is a fantastic place for anyone to visit! Apart from being a great tourist destination, Germany also marked itself for creating many employment opportunities. For those who are already working or planning to build your career in Germany, it is important to know about the Opportunity Card In Germany.

According to the updated reports from the government of Germany, it has been announced that Germany is now implementing significant alterations in regulations in the visa of skilled workers mainly focusing on increasing the demand for proficient professionals in the major sectors like Information Technology (IT), Engineering, and Healthcare.

The German nation is already facing the requirement of more than 400,000 skilled workers needed to fulfil the labour void in major specialised domains, which made a reason to initiate a call for the Germany Opportunity Card Visa.

The new visa system, the Opportunity Card in Germany started on June 1, 2024. It’s called the Opportunity Card program, and it lets people from outside the European Union come to Germany for a year to look for jobs. This is part of Germany’s plan to fix the shortage of skilled workers in engineering, IT, and healthcare.

Certain criteria need to be fulfilled to obtain the Opportunity card in Germany, which include that you need to have a minimum of 2 years of experience in job training or should have a degree from a reputed university in your country. The language that you need to know for getting this Germany Opportunity Card Visa is German or English.

In addition to this, you should have enough money to support yourself to live in Germany for one year, which means that you should have at least over 12,000 Euros which also should include part-time work to obtain an Opportunity Card in Germany.

The report also states that the one who is applying for the Germany Opportunity Card Visa should have the initial residence permit for the first-time recipients that will last for almost 24 months, from the previous 18 months. 

The permission can also be extended for another 12 months, which totally allows you to stay for approximately three years with an Opportunity Card in Germany. With this, you can also do part-time work for up to 20 hours a week depending on your qualifications thus helping the skilled workers to find the jobs easier.

Germany has made it easier to recognize foreign qualifications with the new Skilled Immigration Act. There are now two new ways to do this. If your qualifications need a skills analysis to see if they are equivalent, you can get a residence permit for up to six months to complete this process. To know more about this, you should know German at level A2 or higher (CEFR)

Skilled workers with families can move to Germany easily with this Opportunity Card in Germany, where the country has removed certain rules that require spouses or Children to have living space. This change will help the families to have a smoother transition when they move to Germany with skilled workers.

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