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How To Reach Bhutan

Things To Remember Before Planning A Solo Trip

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How To Plan A Solo Trip To Bhutan


Are you someone who likes to explore every edge of the globe in your own company? If you have a passion for solo travelling, then this blog is for you. Are you planning a solo adventurous tour to Bhutan in 2024 but getting confused about the trip itinerary ? Does this question come to your mind? How to plan a solo trip to Bhutan?

Don’t worry, This solo trip guide to Bhutan will lead you on the necessary information and tips which will be required for you to travel independently. To make your travel smooth and safe, Bhutan Tour Packages has an all-in-one solution for solo travelling. So, don’t hesitate to travel alone, rather embrace its rarefied feeling.

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How To Reach Bhutan

In today’s world connectivity has improved a lot between countries all over the globe. Tourists from different corners of the world travel every year to see the magnificent beauty of Bhutan’s landscape and its unique culture. In this solo trip guide to Bhutan we will inform you about all the necessary routes to explore the best places in Bhutan

There are basically two routes which you can take to reach Bhutan:

  • By Flight

You can reach Bhutan directly from Bagdogra Airport. Just keep in mind to book the tickets in advance as the flights travel to Bhutan two to three days a week.

Another way is that, you can travel to Bagdogra Airport from any major airports of India and take a private taxi to Phuentsholing, which may cost you around Rs.1700/- Rs.2000/- to reach your destination.

  • By Train

You can take any train which is going to NJP/Guwahati/Kolkata and get down, as soon as the train reaches Siliguri or Hasimara station. Once you reach there, take your next bus to Jaigaon which is the border town that connects Bhutan and India and eventually you can enter Bhutan through Bhutan Gate.


You can get bus service from Siliguri to Jaigaon. For a solo trip to Bhutan by road, you can take the available buses that will directly drop you near the Bhutan Gate. The first bus starts at 7am and reaches Jaigaon at around 12pm.

Time: 4 hours approx  

Cost: Rs. 80- Rs.120


If you want to travel to Jaigaon from Hasimara, you will get plenty of shared or private auto services to that place.

Time: 30-45 mins

Cost: Rs.50- Rs.80(Shared), Rs.100- Rs.300 (Private)

Finally, after one and half days of road travel or two and half days of train travel, you will reach Jaigaon. While travelling you can make new friends, talk with local drivers and get to know more about the place throughout the entire journey. 

Although the roads might seem similar to the roads of Indian cities, once you cross the bhutan gate, the atmosphere appears completely different with well organised traffic, clean roads, and fresh air which will make your solo trip to Bhutan by road worthwhile.

Things To Remember Before Planning A Solo Trip

If you are travelling independently, obey this solo trip guide to Bhutan and make sure you take these following steps in consideration to have a safe and secure solo trip to Bhutan:
  1. Travel Permits

If you are planning a solo trip to Bhutan, make sure to have a visa or special entry permit known as Bhutan Entry Permit issued by the Tourism Council Of Bhutan for unrestricted entry in Bhutan.

  1. Itinerary Planning

It is very important to plan your travel itinerary properly before you reach Bhutan as this place is a land of diverse cultural sites, multiple trekking routes and natural places to visit.

  1. Health Precautions

Bhutan has many high altitude areas, so if you are visiting these regions, make sure to have proper vaccination and medication with you for personal safety.

  1. Weather Conditions

The climate of Bhutan changes rapidly as you go high on the mountains. Remember to research the weather of that particular place before you are travelling and keep necessary things with you in case of any emergency.

  1. Packing Essentials

Before you start the journey, pack your bag with all the necessary items such as a good pair of shoes and clothing, a good quality backpack, sunscreen, and water bottles for trekking.

  1. Cash and Currency 

Indian currency is widely accepted in Bhutan. Don’t forget to keep enough cash with you for emergencies as ATM’s will not be available as you move outside the town.

Travel Recommendations For You

Travelling to Bhutan can be one of the best decisions of your life. The breathtaking hills, age-old historical monasteries, local traditions, and a variety of cultural cuisine has an unique ambience to offer to its travellers. Here are some of the travel tips and recommendations that will help you to plan your solo trip to Bhutan
There are several resorts and luxurious hotels available at different cities and towns of Bhutan. Here are some of the top rated hotels mentioned for you:

Paro- Ama’s Village Lodge

Phuentsholing- Centennial Hotel

Thimphu- Bhutan Boutique Residency

Punakha- Damchen Resort

The average cost may take you around Rs.30000/- which majorly includes food, transportation, flight ticket and other small related expenses. The travel budget may depend on the season in which you are travelling, the way to spend but for a safe and comfortable trip you can expect to have around Rs. 20000/- for the entire trip
  • Day 1: Start your trip with Thimphu and Paro

On the first day, you can visit the famous Paro Taktsang(Tiger’s Nest) monastery along with some incredible views of mountains.

Spend some time in the capital of Bhutan(Thimphu) and visit the famous Buddha Dordenma Statue and Tashichho Dzong to learn about the history of this place. Explore different traditional restaurants there and gear up for the next day.

  • Day 2: Absorb the cultural vibrancy of Bumthang

Start your journey from Paro and head your way to Bumthang.

Spend time exploring the cultural homeland of Bhutan like Jambay Lhakhang and Kurje Lhakhang.

Enjoy the cultural vibrancy of the place by exploring the remote villages by interacting with the local people and experiencing the traditional Bhutanese food.

  • Day 3: Explore the beauty of Haa Valley and Phobjikha Valley

On the third day, trek all the way to Haa valley. You will be amazed with the trekking experiences in Bhutan, from its beauty to the thrill it offers.

You can do some adventurous activities like mountain biking and hiking to add some thrilling experience to your trip.

Head up to visit Gangtey Monasteries, situated in Phobjikha Valley which is popularly known as the home for endangered Black-Necked Crane bird.

  • Day 4: Experience the challenging Druk Path Trek 

After covering the southern, western and eastern part of Bhutan, set yourself for exploring the northern part of the country and begin for an adventurous Druk Path Trek from Punakha.

On the way towards your trek explore the remote villages, tough mountain passes along with pristine lakes and mesmerising view of the himalayas.

You can camp under the night sky during the trek and experience the nightlife in Bhutan and finally end your journey to Paro and relax for the day.

This itinerary covers all corners of Bhutan from visiting lush green mountain ranges to adventurous treks to exploring the historic monasteries. You can cover almost everything in this solo tour and make some remarkable memories throughout the trip.

Do’s And Don’ts For Solo Explorers
  • Bhutan is a safe place for tourists but don’t forget to take basic precautions you would take before travelling to a new place alone.
  • Keep the necessary travel documents with you in case you need to show them when necessary.
  • Remember to investigate and acknowledge yourself about the hotel and travel policies as these rules vary from place to place.
  • Make sure to have appropriate attire before visiting religious places and offices.
  • Before visiting any monasteries and temples, leave your footwear outside to respect the religion and tradition of the place.
  • Don’t touch the sacred paintings and temple essentials while visiting the place as it is considered a discourteous act.
  • Avoid smoking in public places without watching the rules of that particular place.
  • Try to restrict yourself from taking pictures or videos of certain areas where these things are not allowed.
  • It is considered a shameful act to throw waste in the local lakes as most of the tourist places focus on sustainability.

Avoid feeding stray dogs while visiting different temples of Bhutan as many places do not appreciate these kinds of acts.


A solo trip to Bhutan can be the best gift you can give to yourself. This guide is the ultimate answer for How to plan a solo trip to Bhutan. So, read it carefully before starting out on your journey. On the way to your trip, you can uncover many hidden truths about yourself, and spend some quality time alone in the lap of nature. 

Moreover, when you decide for a solo travel tour to Bhutan, the trip may seem comfortable and quite safe as this place has very friendly and welcoming local people to guide you on your journey. Interacting with them and understanding about their rural lifestyle will interest you to visit the place again. So, don’t hesitate. Pack your bag, get enough knowledge and start your journey and cuddle the unknown. 

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