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Now, let’s check out the things to see at Teen Murti Bhavan

Teen Murti Bhavan; A Trip into Jahawar Lal Nehru’s Home

It’s amazing, how much Delhi has to offer to the world. From the best shopping markets, and offbeat places to major historic sites, an Indian tour is incomplete without taking a halt at the heart of the country. 

From Mughal to Rajasthani and finally, colonial British architecture, Delhi will give you a trip from an ancient era into India’s modern history. There are many places to visit in Delhi, that will leave you awe-struck.

Today, we will visit Teen Murti Bhavan, a structure depicting the glorious modern history of India.

The Architecture and History of Teen Murti Bhavan

A building that once served as the residence of India’s first prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru, The Teen Murti Bhavan has spectacular and historical architecture. It is located in the heart of the Indian capital, New Delhi. 

The history of this building dates back to 1930. Robert Torr Russel, a British architect, built this magnificent building, which is to date a mark of pure architectural excellence. Making it one of the most historical places in the world.

During the 1930s, this building was home to the Commander-in-Chief of the British Indian Army.

Post-independence, the building was a prestigious residence of the first Indian Prime Minister, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. After his passing, it was converted into the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML), as an initiative towards preserving his legacy.

The architecture of Teen Murti Bhavan has some distinctive British-era features:

Symmetrical Layout: Depicting one of the major features of colonial-era architecture, the building has a central entrance with wings extending on either side forming a perfectly balanced layout. 

Enormous Verandas: Verandas have always played an important role in the Indian setting, specifically due to the climatic conditions. Verandas were a part of every building’s map, providing ventilation and shade.  

Grand Entrance: As you enter the premises, you’ll encounter an imperial portico, adding to the grandiosity of the colonial-era architecture. 

Large Doors and Windows: There is a provision of giant doors and windows in the building for ample sunlight and ventilation. The main purpose was to keep the building naturally cool and airy.

What is the story behind Teen Murti Bhavan’s name?

The word “Teen Murti” literally translates to “Three Statues”. The three bronze statues stationed outside the building, solemnize Indian soldiers who served in World War I.

It is fascinating to visit such preserved spaces. Imagine stepping into a room, full of artifacts, furniture, and things, which have been used and touched by dignitaries and legends. 

You can find such things in the historic Teen Murti Bhavan Delhi. A part of Jawarhar Lal Nehru’s office and residence quarters is open to the public, to give them insights into Nehru’s life here. 


Now, let’s check out the things to see at Teen Murti Bhavan

1. Nehru Memorial Museum- Established in commemoration of the former Prime Minister  Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the Nehru Memorial Museum, is the most integral part of the Teen Murti Bhavan in Delhi. 

Commonly known as Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML), the museum consists of artifacts, books on Modern history, and other items used by Pandit Nehru, back in the day. 

Visiting the NMML is among the greatest things to do in Delhi, for history buffs.

2. Nehru’s Study and Personal Spaces- If you’re a history admirer, you’ll be amazed to see the study, drawing room, and living quarters of Pandit Nehru, which are preserved and kept in the same state. 

Various personal belongings like clothes, artifacts, gifts, and books belonging to Nehru are on display here. Seeing these keepsakes and memorabilia are some of the best things to do in Teen Murti Bhavan, as they are kept as they were in those times.

This section gives you deep insights and glimpses of Pandit Nehru’s life.

    3.Nehru Memorial Library- Nehru’s Library is a great source of information on modern history and Nehru’s contribution to India’s independence and post-independence era. 

Researchers and scholars visit this library especially to access the invaluable collection of books on the Modern history of India.

The library also hosts various public events, like lectures, seminars, and speeches, where dignitaries and liberal minds from across the globe come together and share their invaluable knowledge. 

  1. Exhibitions and Special Displays- The gallery of photographs, arranged in chronological order, is a no-miss at the museum. The display shows Nehru’s life and various achievements and contributions, date-wise.

Moreover, you can visit special exhibits and displays on Nehru’s life and other themes related to Indian history.

  1. Gardens and open spaces- The Teen Murti Bhavan complex is enveloped by manicured and well-maintained lawns. After exploring the complex’s interiors, you can take a relaxing stroll in the gardens, encompassing the building.
  2. Nehru Planetarium- The most alluring part of the three-statued historic complex is the Nehru Planetarium. Dedicated to Jawahar Lal Nehru, the Nehru Planetarium is a center of astronomy and space science. 

It is a part of the chain of planetariums, established in various other metropolises of India, like Bengaluru, Mumbai etc. 

One of the most salient features of the planetarium consists of a dome theater, which is designed to give a realistic simulation of the night sky. Public events, displays, interactive exhibitions, sky observations, seminars, and many other activities held at Teen Murti Bhavan and Nehru Planetarium are a major hit among astronomy enthusiasts, students, and researchers.

What is the best time to visit Teen Murti Bhavan?

Before scheduling a visit to the Teen Murti Bhavan, you must check the weather conditions, best to visit New Delhi. 

Winter (December- February)- Winters are generally considered best to visit the national capital region of India. New Delhi, experiences heavy winter, but it only adds to the fun. The days are cool, with a warm winter sun, making it the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities. 

Spring (March- April)- Spring is also a good time to explore Delhi, the weather is not too hot or cold. The city is in its full bloom, filled with vibrant colored flowers and greenery.

Summer (May-June)- Summer is not ideal for visiting Delhi. The temperatures rise to 40 degrees Celsius and the sun is scorching. 

However, the nights are pleasant and you can move out and explore the capital. If you love to travel at night, then summer is fine for a visit. 

Moreover, you can explore indoor areas like museums and temples. For people who don’t mind those extra-high temperatures, Delhi is a good summer vacation destination. 

Monsoon (July-September)- While rain showers come as a respite from the blazing summer heat. Monsoons in Delhi make the weather humid and heavy.

 But visiting Teen Murti Bhavan at this time might give you a quieter and peaceful visit. 

Autumn (October- November)- One of the most ideal times and seasons to visit New Delhi. 

The weather is cool, pleasant, and absolutely stunning for exploring various historic sites, similar to Teen Murti Bhavan and others. During the autumn season, you’d want to spend some time in the grand gardens of the Teen Murti Bhavan

It is advisable to visit the Teen Murti Bhavan and other places in Delhi during either winter or autumn, to enjoy most of the indoor and outdoor activities. 

How to reach Teen Murti Bhavan?

There are numerous ways to reach this site. Teen Murti Bhavan Location in Chanakyapuri is a VVIP area having great connectivity to the rest of the city. 

By Metro: The nearest metro station to Teen Murti Bhavan is Lok Kalyan Marg, located 2.5 Km from the destination. Another option is catching a train from Jor Bagh, this station is 3 Km away from Teen Murti Bhavan.

By Road: You can hire a private taxi, or book a cab via cab booking apps, and reach Teen Murti Bhavan from any part of Delhi, be it some closeby area or the Airport, which would take you approximately 30-45 minutes.

Tips for visiting Teen Murti Bhavan Delhi:

When visiting heritage and prestigious institutions and buildings like these, tourists must be extra careful and considerate of their conduct. 

Here are a few tips, to make your visit to Teen Murti Bhavan, fruitful and enjoyable:

  • First and foremost, make sure you check Teen Murti Bhavan Delhi timings, as buildings like these are very particular about their operation timings. 

Operation timings- 9:00 Am to 5:30 PM, every day

Operation timings of the Planetarium: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Show timings, which may vary)

Museum and Library remain closed on Mondays and national holidays.

  • There is a provision for guided tours, at the Teen Murti Bhavan.
  • Teen Murti Bhavan Delhi ticket price is 50 to 60 INR for adults and 30- 40 INR for children and students. 
  • Be respectful towards the premises and avoid touching any artifacts or furniture.
  • Food and beverages might not be allowed on the premises, therefore, have your meals before your tour and avoid carrying any food items inside. Do not litter the place or spoil the property. 
  • Maintain silence at all times, especially in the Library and Museum, and also keep your mobile phones on silent mode, as the Teen Murti Bhavan is a respectable and one of the most historical places in India. 
  • If you are attending a Planetarium show, then be punctual and reach on time, to avoid disturbing others.
  • Keep track of the changing timings and schedules of events happening at the museum and planetarium. 
  • Maintain decorum and behave appropriately, as the museum and the other parts of the building are of utmost historical significance.
  •  Photography and Videography may be allowed in some parts, however, it is advisable to avoid taking photographs on the premises. 

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