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6 Things to Do in Hikkim Village

Best time to visit Hikkim Village

How to reach Hikkim Village

Distance and travel time from major cities to Hikkim Village

Tips to remember for visiting Hikkim village

Hikkim Village in Spiti Valley: Hidden gem in the rough surroundings of the Himalayas

Posting a letter to your future self from the world’s highest post offices in Hikkim village is one of the most enchanting things to do in Spiti Valley for the ultimate experience. Write the letter about what a privilege it was to be here in Hikkim village in Himachal Pradesh, witnessing the magnificent view of the snow-capped mountains, and experiencing the culture, tradition, and life of the Buddhist community. Spiti tour packages provide a perfect glimpse into Buddhist culture, traditions, and the architecture of monasteries.

 Hikkim village in Himachal Pradesh is located 4,400 meters above sea level and is India’s highest inhabited settlement. This community proudly boasts the world’s highest post office, which is managed by a single postmaster. The village’s residents are all Buddhists who follow the Gelugpa sect of Buddhism and religiously follow its rich traditions, culture, and heritage.

 Hikkim village is located 46 kilometers from Kaza, the area’s nearest town connected by road. This community is so pristine that it is cut off from the rest of the world for half of the year due to excessive snowfall on the mountain routes. The architecture of the houses built will be the most appealing aspect of Hikkim village to you. Because the community has no contact with the modern world, the majority of the houses are built of mud, stones, and wood.

6 Things to Do in Hikkim Village

  • Tangyud Monastery

 Tangyud Monastery is believed to be a very ancient monastery by the residents of Hikkim Village and is one of the best places to visit in Hikkim Village. It is said to be around 800 years old and still stands magnificently as a testament to Buddhist traditions and customs. This monastery preserves the region’s distinctive cultural legacy and remains an important pilgrimage site for the Buddhist community.

  • The Fossil Village

Hikkim village is also known as the fossil village because millions of years ago Spiti Valley was submerged under the Tethys Sea. The notion is backed by the unexpected finding of some amazing, rare ancient marine fossils while going fossil hunting in Spiti Valley. Several villagers collect these sea fossils and they sell them to tourists at affordable prices. A lot of investigation has been done on these fossils, and it has been discovered that they are much older than the Great Himalayas.

  •  World’s highest post office

Hikkim village is credited with the tag of being the world’s highest Post Office and this is one of the places to visit in Hikkim village. This post office is a small mud hut with a single postmaster who manages all the work and has been working here for almost 30 years. For Tourists, there is an interesting activity to do in Hikkim village sending colorful postcards to themselves, friends, and loved ones. They especially mention that this postcard has been sent from the highest post office in the world.

  • Stroll through the village lanes 

Take a stroll through the simplicity of Hikkim village life. Time stands still in these small mud houses, and the meaning of life can be found in peaceful moments spent with sympathetic and simple yet meaningful cultures and traditions. Buddhist flags and monasteries contribute to the ambiance of the location.

  • Night star gazing

Pollution fails to spread its wings in this pristine setting, rendering Hikkim village an excellent destination for night gazing. Whether you’re an experienced astronomer or simply like gazing at the night sky, Hikkim village provides an unmatched chance to immerse yourself in the glories of the sky away from the hassles of urban life.

  • Enhance tastebuds with authentic cuisine

Break the monotony of life and indulge in some of the Buddhist community’s best flavors. Drawing influence from old traditions passed down through generations, Hikkim village cuisine offers a perfect balance of simplicity and health, enriched with local herbs and spices. Each meal celebrates life and community sharing.

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Best time to visit Hikkim Village

The best time to visit Hikkim village is during the summer months. The weather is pleasant with a cool breeze at night, and the roadway heading toward the village is accessible. However, if you want to see the location at its most magnificent peak, you have to wear adventurous jackets, scarves, and layers and be bold enough to visit during the winter. During this season, everything here turns snow-white, the temperature falls as low as -20C and the roads become inaccessible.

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How to reach Hikkim Village

By Air: The nearest airport to Hikkim is Kullu Manali Airport or Bhuntar Airport. Once at the airport, you may rent a cab or take the bus to Hikkim village via Kaza. Kullu Manali airport is well connected to adjacent major airports such as New Delhi and Chandigarh.

 By Train: The largest railway station closest to Hikkim village is Chandigarh. However, tiny stations like Pathankot and Joginder Nagar are also accessible from Hikkim Village. However, all trains from across India do not stop at these stops.

 By Road: Hikkim village is well connected by road to the major cities nearby. You may easily book a cab from these areas to Hikkim Village. State transport buses are also accessible to Hikkim village via Kaza Village. 

Distance and travel time from major cities to Hikkim Village


 Distance: 467 Km

Travel Time: 11 hours and 32 minutes 


 Distance:235 Km

Travel Time: 6 hours and 30 minutes


Distance:196 Km

Travel Time: 5 hours and 23 minutes


 Distance:431 Km

Travel Time: 11 hours and 41 minutes


Distance:705 Km

Travel Time: 15 hours and 30 minutes


Distance:413 Km

Travel Time: 11 hours and 42 minutes


 Distance:677 Km

Travel Time: 15 hours and 55 minutes

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Tips to remember for visiting Hikkim village

  • You may experience a little less connectivity with the world since the mobile connections are not so strong in the village and nearby locations.
  • The last bank ATM where you can withdraw cash is in Kaza Village. So carry enough cash with you since you’ll find no banks or ATMs in this village.
  • Don’t expect a modern stay with all the amenities, as there are no hotels in Hikkim village. This area is far from the luxurious hotels and resorts. All you can afford in this location are authentic homestays in Hikkim village. However, these homestays will provide you with a sense of rural life and make you feel like a member of their community.

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