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Visa Agreement Of India And Russia Is Decided By End Of June 2024!

Russia and India are planning to make travel easier between the two countries by organizing a Visa-free agreement between India and Russia. They want to make a deal that allows group tourists to visit without needing a visa. This move aims to boost tourism between Moscow and New Delhi.

Nikita Kondratyev, representing the Russian Economic Development Ministry, expressed confidence in India’s readiness for the forthcoming agreement. He bases his belief on India’s efficient management of its internal affairs, indicating a smooth and well-organized process. This suggests that India has likely addressed any necessary groundwork or administrative tasks required for the agreement’s successful implementation hence as further process it is likely Visa Agreement Of India and Russia will be scheduled by the end of June 2024.

At the International Economic Forum “Russia – Islamic World: KazanForum 2024” in Kazan, the Minister said they are planning the schedule for the agreement. They expect to sign it by the end of the year after starting talks in June. The goal is to increase tourism by allowing group tourists to travel with a Visa-free agreement between India and Russia, strengthening cultural and economic connections between Russia and India.

Kondratyev highlighted the intention to replicate the Visa-free agreement between India and Russia where tourist exchange models that have proven successful with China and Iran. He pointed out that Russia and China initiated their visa-free group tourist program on August 1 of the previous year, followed by a similar arrangement with Iran on the same date. This emphasis suggests that Russia aims to leverage the positive outcomes and experiences from these existing agreements to inform and shape the proposed agreement with India, potentially leading to mutually beneficial outcomes in terms of tourism promotion and cultural exchange.

In 2023, Moscow experienced a notable surge in business tourism, hosting 3.7 million visitors, reflecting a 7% increase from the preceding year. India notably played a significant role in driving this rise, particularly among non-CIS countries. Its contribution to the growth of business travel underscores India’s emerging importance as a key partner in fostering economic exchanges and collaborations with Russia.

Moreover, the statistics indicate a noteworthy rise in Indian visitors to Moscow, with 60,000 recorded in 2023, representing a quarter more than the preceding year. This increase is mirrored by a corresponding surge in Russian tourists exploring India, underscoring the reciprocal nature of tourism between the two nations. 

There are many places that you need to visit when you decide to go to Russia, so make sure you never miss seeing the Red Square in Moscow. This place located in Moscow is a big symbol of Russian history, with famous places around the place like the Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral. 

The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is another must-see place when you visit Russia. This place is located in St. Petersburg is a beautiful palace and has tons of amazing art from famous artists like Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci.

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