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Tips to follow for the Komic Village Trek

The best time For

How to reach Komic Village Trek

Places near Komic Village Trek to visit 

Komic village trek: A trek to Highest Motorable Village in the World

Are you prepared to embark on a virtual journey to Komic Village Trek? Let us begin our trekking expedition in Kaza. Kaza is the biggest town in the Spiti Valley and serves as a hub for adjacent locations. You might spend some time in Kaza touring the Key Monastery, the oldest and largest learning center. Once we start our trek from Kaza, there are two routes. One goes down the valley and another upwards towards Komic Village. The trail going upward is a short hike of 2-3 hours and takes us to the Langza Village. 

Langza Village is a tiny village that is protected by the tallest Buddha Statue in the area. Were you aware that Langza Village was originally on the Tethys Sea? The Himalayas arose millions of years ago as a result of tectonic plate movement, and the sea receded. The evidence of this fact is still found around the village in the form of fossils of marine animals. 

Engage here in exploring these Fossils but do not take any home, if found. Spend some time appreciating the beauty of the village. 

Continue the trip, and nearly at 4300 m, make a brief halt at Hikkim Village to mail postcards to yourself and your loved ones at the world’s highest post office. Spend some time with the postmaster, who has been with the post office since its inception, and learn about the challenges of working at the world’s highest post office.  

To attract more tourists to the town, the public works department has redesigned the post office in the shape and color of a post box. Don’t forget to photograph the post office and the magnificent grandeur of the snow-covered Himalayas. 

Spend a night at a Village homestay and experience the hardships of living in a challenging location and also learn about the village’s culture and traditions.

Continue on the Komic Village trek to the world’s highest village, Komic. Tourists might find it challenging to acclimate to the low oxygen supply. Visit the Komic Monastery or Tangyud Monastery, the oldest monastery belonging to the Sakya sect of Buddhism. This Monastery preserves the rich culture and heritage of the Buddhist faith via painting, artwork, and sculptures. Do not pass up the chance to seek blessings from the Mahakal Statue, which possesses divine power. 

Such high altitudes provide an unmatched view of the snow-capped Himalayas, and stillness abounds and this unparalleled view can only be experienced in Spiti Valley Packages. Wrap Komic Village trek with a beautiful, and wonderful Milky Way night where the sky seems endless. At the end of the trek take pride in yourself for accomplishing one of India’s most difficult treks.

Kaza to Langza

Time:  5-6 hrs

Distance: 13 Kms

Langza to Komic

Time: 3-4 hrs

Distance: 9 Km

The Komic Village Trek cost varies based on the kind of accommodation preferred by the travelers and the place from which they are traveling. We have made a rough estimate of the Komic Village trek cost, which includes transportation from Manali to the end of the trek and return. The trek will cost around 50,000 rupees, which includes lodging and transportation service on a twin-sharing basis. 

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Things to do in the Komic village trek:

  1. Visit the Monasteries that are on the way to your trek and appreciate the cultural and traditional significance attached to them. 
  2. Engage with the monks and learn about their life in a secluded place.
  3. Have a fun Yak ride
  4. Spend a night in a homestay and under the Milky Way galaxy.
  5. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the region.

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Tips to follow for the Komic Village Trek

  1. Spiti Valley Trek is a remote location trek, so finding mobile connectivity is difficult here. Only the BSNL network works in the area. 
  2. Before stepping out for Komic Village Trek, check on the weather conditions. Even during the trek, weather changes abruptly, so be prepared for the worst to come.
  3. Carry enough water for yourself and keep hydrated to acclimatize to the high altitude.
  4. ATMs are hard to find and are available only in Kaza, so carry cash with you.
  5. A list of few things to carry for the trek are sunglasses, a flashlight, sunscreen, raincoat, thermal wear, woolen clothing, and comfortable trekking shoes.

The best time For Komic Village trek

The best time for the Komic Village trek is June to October. The maximum temperature during these months is 25°C with colder nights. This temperature is pleasant for trekking activities. The winters in the area are harsh with abundant snow making it difficult to trek. Most of the roads are blocked and completely inaccessible. The Komic Village trek can be quite challenging even in October due to light snowfall. 

How to reach Komic Village Trek

The Komic Village trek begins in Kaza. There are two routes to Kaza. Shimla route and another Manali. The Manali route is the most popular because it is shorter and has smooth roads. The best way to reach Komic Village Trek from Manali is to hire a cab or drive your vehicle.

The nearest railway station to Kaza is Joginder Nagar railway station which is 365 kilometers from Kaza and other Shimla railway stations. The nearest airports are Chandigarh and Kullu/Manali Bhuntar Airport. From here, tourists can continue their journey via road.  

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Places near Komic Village Trek to visit 

Certain places near the Komic Village trek are a must-visit.
  1. Langza Village, also known as the Fossil Village is the best Komic Village Trek sightseeing place. This Village along with its magnificent beauty also holds treasure in the form of fossils of marine animals underneath it. 
  2. Hikkim Village, Hikkim is renowned for having the world’s highest post office. The best thing to do here is to post the letter to yourself as a part of a memory to be cherished for a lifetime.
  3. Key Monastery is a 1000-year-old monastery and a significant religious center of Buddhism and also a learning center for young Months.
  4. Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary in Kibber Village in Spiti Valley is home to endangered flora and Fauna. This is a must-visit location to capture a glimpse of rarely-sighted snow leopards. 

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