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 10 Things to Do in Hikkim Village

10 Things to do in Hikkim village: Travel Guide for Hikkim Village

There are endless things to do in Hikkim Village which can be a perfect weekend escape from the chaos of busy life and into the lap of the Himalayas. We won’t guarantee you that the trip will only be relaxing because here we have the adventurous things also included on the to-do list that will thrilling, nerve-wracking, and fierce. After all, it involves nerve wreaking trek to challenging trails, fierce snow leopard spotting and thrilling spotting of rare fossils. 

So let’s embark on a journey to Spiti Valley tour packages and discover the best things to do in Hikkim Village.

 10 Things to Do in Hikkim Village

  • Post a Letter from the World’s Highest Post Office

Do you remember posting a letter in the past 5 years or even a decade? Seems to be a matter of a bygone era. Right? Well! You will not feel the same at Hikkim Village in Spiti Valley because posting a letter here is still in practice and is an integral part of their life. Posting a letter or a postcard to friends and family members is one of the things to do in Hikkim Village.

Hikkim Village’s post office is graced with the title of the world’s highest post office, established at an altitude of 15,567 feet above sea level. This post office began its operation in 1983 and since then played an important role in connecting the people of Hikkim village and nearby villages to the rest of the world through letters and postcards. 

Visitors from all over the world visit Hikkim village to have a look at this iconic post office and have a heartfelt chat with the postmaster who has been working here since its inception. Seeing the rising popularity of the post office public works department of Himachal Pradesh has given a new look to the post office. They have renovated the old building into a new letter box-shaped building to attract more and more tourists.

  • Look out for Fossils in Langza Village

Would you agree if we told you that Langza Village is even older than the mighty Himalayas? If you do not, you can find evidence of this fact in Langza Village Spiti Valley.  Langza Village and its surroundings were formerly part of the Tethys Sea, millions of years ago. When this sea sunk owing to tectonic plate movement, the Himalayas formed, leaving behind marine species that may still be found there today in the form of fossils. 

When visiting the village, seek the guidance of locals and go on fossil exploration, which is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Hikkim Village Spiti. Do not be shocked if you find these fossils spread around the fields in ample numbers. Because these fossils are of natural importance, do not carry them or engage in any buying and selling activities. 

Locals locate these fossils in abundance and may entice you to purchase one, but this selling or buying is strictly illegal. However, villagers have handcrafted clay replicas of these fossils, which you can purchase and take as a keepsake of your fossil exploration expedition. 

  • Stargazing at Hikkim Village

Spiti Valley is the best place for stargazers owing to its geographical location. Stargazing and observing other celestial bodies are perfect things to do in Hikkim Village Spiti because it is located at a high altitude and away from pollution. Stargazing in Hikkim Village Spiti Valley provides an unmatched view of the night sky, with millions of stars sparkling and transporting you into a fascinating cosmos. So, abandon the city life and embark on a heavenly journey to Hikkim Village in Spiti Valley. 

The best time to go Stargazing in Spiti Valley is between September and February when the sky is clear and the temperature and weather conditions are ideal for observing Milky Way galaxies and planets. The most essential thing to know before visiting Hikkim Village is to bring a high-resolution camera or a professional telescope to capture the breathtaking meteors and Milky Way galaxy. You may even think about joining the many stargazing clubs that conduct these specialized trips for a more professional experience. 

  • Komic Village Trek

Spiti Valley Trek is a dreamy trekking trail for adventure enthusiasts. Every hiker dreams of trekking into the rugged landscape of Spiti Valley and conquering the high altitudes. Trek to Spiti Valley offers unparalleled views of the high altitude peaks, valleys, and ectatic lakes. The Komic Village in Spiti Valley trekking trail is a popular trekking route. This walk begins in Kaza and brings travelers to Langza Village, Hikkim Village, and eventually Komic Village, the world’s highest Village connected with a motorable road. It takes around 2-3 days to complete the trek, including overnight accommodations in Hikkim and Langza Village. The walking trail offers breathtaking views of the underlying valley that are worth photographing. Trekking to Koimc is the most adventurous thing to do in Hikkim Village since it provides an abundance of seclusion, views of endangered flora, stunning views of the snow-blanketed Himalayas, and the unknown mystery of sudden snowfall when the clouds drop.

  • Capture a sight of Snow Leopard

Snow leopards are among the most elusive creatures on the planet. The endangered creatures’ native habitat in high altitudes makes it even more difficult to capture their glimpse. Wildlife specialists and photographers visit Wildlife places in Spiti Valley for a snow leopard tour adventure. 

During the winter months, snow leopards descend to lower locations in search of prey, making it simpler to spot them and monitor their trails. However, in the summer, snow leopards are difficult to spot because they migrate to higher elevations. Ask for the advice of local experts on snow leopard routes, as they can assist you in exploring the snow leopard territory. 

Catching the sight of the big cat is the most incredible thing to do in Hikkim Village in Spiti Valley since it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The trip presents its own set of hurdles, including acclimatizing to the high altitude and weather conditions. So, before embarking on this difficult undertaking, prepare yourself physically and psychologically for the trials that lie ahead. 

  • Visit the Monasteries

Lahaula and Spiti Valley are also known as the Lamas Land.  This Valley is adorned with the most fascinating and ancient monasteries of the world, which makes this place a more appealing destination for travelers to plan their vacation around Lahaula and Spiti. These Monasteries preserve the cultural heritage of the Buddhists and discovering the significance of this place is the best thing to do in Hikkim Village.

The Key Monastery in Kaza is the largest and oldest monastery in Spiti Valley. Key Monastery is also the largest religious training institution for Buddhist monks, with almost 200 monks now being trained there. This monastery is ornamented with ancient religious literature and murals on the walls depicting Buddhist deities and preachings.

Komic Monastery, also known as Sakya Tangyud Monastery in Komic Village, is an 800-year-old architectural masterpiece that represents the Indo-Tibetan school of art. Komic Monastery belongs to the Sakya sect of Buddhism, and the ideal time to visit Komic Monastery is in July, when an annual festival is held, with the sword dance of Lamas being the main attraction, luring people to the monastery. 

  • Camping at Chandra Taal Lake

Camping near Chandra Taal Lake in Lahaul and Spiti is the most fascinating things to do in Hikkim Village Spiti Valley. Chandra Taal Lake, the source of the Chandra River, provides the most stunning view of the majestic glaciers, shimmering and sparkling water, the changing color of the lake throughout the day, and an array of lush greenery. 

Camping in Chandra Taal is the greatest way to experience the lake’s beauty while also witnessing the night when the lake seems to be a starry sky. Many challenging hiking treks begin at Chandra Taal Lake. There are several myths around Chandra Taal Lake, which make it more enticing to spend the night here beside the lake.  

  • Buy Zama Pottery articles

Zama Pottery is a prominent art form passed down through centuries and is still practiced by the inhabitants of Hikkim Village. Zama pottery was formerly the principal occupation of Lanza and Hikkim villages, and the residents still utilize household items created from it. This art style emerged in the Spiti Valley as a result of the region’s peculiar black and yellow clay, which is employed in Zama Pottery. 

With the diminishing usage of Zama pottery and the desire to preserve its tradition, the villagers are attempting to diversify their products beyond domestic items to include decorative pots, lamps, and other decorative artifacts. When visiting Hikkim and Langza Village, make a little purchase of these artifacts to support the residents who work tirelessly to safeguard this vanishing treasure. Shopping for these antiques is a wonderful thing to do in Hikkim village. 

  • Taste the Authentic Cuisine

Spiti Valley provides an unparalleled gastronomic experience. The cuisine of Hikkim Village in Spiti Valley is influenced by the neighboring nation Tibet and the region’s residents, known as “the Lamas”. The most unusual and taste-bud-tingling thing to do in Hikkim Village in Spiti Valley is to indulge in the region’s exquisite food. Travelers may enjoy the local food of Spiti Valley at cafés that proudly provide travelers the opportunity to taste the delicacies of Spiti Valley, as well as at homestays. 

Thupka, the basic food item of Lahaul and Spiti, is simply hand-pulled noodle soup with veggies and local spices to enhance the flavor. A bowl of this soup is enough to keep you warm throughout the chilly day. Butter tea is the most desirable beverage in Hikkim Village. This unique combination is made by churning butter with salt and strong tea and is in itself a nutritional dose to keep you energetic to explore the valley.  Churpe is the most intriguing food item to eat when in Spiti Valley. This cheese has a unique flavor and taste and is made from Yak Milk. This is consumed as a snack and is added to almost all the dishes prepared here. Other food items to try in Hikkim Village are Chhang which is an alcoholic beverage prepared locally, Momos, Phirne, thenthuk, and tingmo.

  • Spend a night at Homestay

If you’re already planning a trip to Lahaul and Spiti, consider staying at a homestay in Spiti Valley Hikkim Village before booking your accommodations. These homestays lack the contemporary amenities and elegance of hotels, but they provide a calm stay away from the noise and bustle of cities. Staying in one of these homestays allows you to experience the unique culture and traditions of the Spiti Valley and is the most enjoyable thing to do in Hikkim Village.  

Most importantly, staying in a homestay allows you to experience Spiti Valley’s delectable cuisine in its most authentic form. The village has a distinct manner of styling the dining area with lower seating arrangements and traditional food preparation methods It also provided an opportunity to meet with the people and learn about the difficulties and tribulations of living in a challenging environment. 

How to reach Hikkim Village

Hikkim Village in Spiti Valley is nearest to Kaza the main town of the Spiti Valley and district headquarters. Kaza is accessible from Manali and Shimla, however, the Manali route is shorter to reach Hikkim Village

The closest airports to Kaza are Chandigarh and Bhuntar Airports in Kully and Manali. The nearest railway stations are Shimla and Joginder Nagar in Pathankot. When you arrive at the major locations, you may take a private cab or one of the Himachal government buses to reach Kaza. Remember that Himachal buses have their own operating hours and constraints. The best method to get to Kaza is by biking expedition, which is the most popular option among young people. 

Once in Kaza, Hikkim Village is 15 kilometers away. Adventurers choose to approach Hikkim Village by trekking, which provides a spectacular view of the Himalayas and the tranquility of the villages.

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