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10 Things To Do

Stay at Homestays

The best time to visit Komic Village

How to reach Komic Village

Distance from the Major Cities to Komic Village

10 Things to Do in Komic Village: Exploring the World’s Highest Village

Spiti Valley offers something for everyone to undertake most daring and yet calm things to do in Komic Village. Komic Village in Spiti Valley is a combination of historical culture and natural beauty. As one of the world’s most isolated communities, the Village has to deal with the wrath of nature while being entirely shut off from the outside world during hard winters. However, the summers bring fresh vitality to the valley. Villages, major attractions, and monasteries are all eager to welcome tourists to explore and enjoy the region’s splendor. 

So let’s undertake some of the most unexpected things in the world in Spiti Valley tour packages.

10 Things To Do in Komic Village: A Complete List

  1. Capture Iconic Signboard: World’s Highest Village
  2. Fossil Hunting in Langza Village
  3. Post a Letter from the World’s Highest Post Office
  4. Trek to Komic Village
  5. Camping at Chandra Taal Lake
  6. Visit Monasteries
  7. Explore Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary
  8. Taste Authentic Cuisine
  9. Stargazing in Komic Village
  10. Stay at homestays

Let’s explore these 10 things to do in Komic Village in detail.

Capture Iconic Signboard: World’s Highest Village

Komic Village in Spiti Valley is approximately 4600 meters above sea level. The renowned landmark of this location is the signboard installed by the public works department, which proudly proclaims Komic village as the ‘world’s highest village connected with a motorable road’. One of the things to do in Komic Village Spiti is to get clicked with the famous signboard as your greatest memories of the location. 

Fossil Hunting in Langza Village

Langza Village in Spiti Valley is a small Village located 16 kilometers from Komic Village. This Village is known as the Fossil Village. While visiting the Village, you may discover fossils of marine species that were buried under the earth millions of years ago. Geologists confirmed that the fossils found in the village are even older than the mighty Himalayas. Millions of years ago this region was tethys sea.

You may be surprised to see children playing with these fossils. You can go fossil hunting with the help of locals, but be careful not to buy, sell, or even carry these fossils yourself. The selling and purchase of these fossils is illegal in the region.

Post a Letter from the World’s Highest Post Office

Hikkim Village in Himachal Pradesh has had a post office since 1983, earning the distinction of the world’s Highest post office. One thing to do in Komic Village is to visit this post office and post a letter to family, friends, and even to themselves from the highest post office in the world. This post office is managed by a single man and he has been working here since its opening. The post office is the only source via which the village is connected with the rest of the world. In Winters even the post office entirely shuts down.

To attract more and more tourists to the village, the government has converted the old structure of the post office into a new letter box-shaped post office. 

Trek to Komic Village 

The majority of tourists who visit Komic Village are for Spiti Valley treks. The trip to Komic Village is the most popular activity in Komic Village among backpackers, solo visitors, and trekkers. The trekking route is difficult but rewarding due to the incredible views of the Himalayas, villages, and peas and barley fields.

The trekking path begins in Kaza. Passes from Hikkim to Langza and then to Komic Village. For beginners, it may take two days to complete, including a night halt in the villages. There are numerous instances of trekkers who complete the route successfully, but there are also stories of trekkers who were forced to abandon owing to the high altitude of the terrain. So, if you wish to hike, come prepared and acclimatized to the weather and challenging terrain.

Camping at Chandra Taal

Chandra Taal Lake in Spiti Valley is a lovely Lake located at high altitude. This lake remains frozen throughout winter and is the source of the Chandra River. Chandra Taal Lake also known as the Moon Lake due to its crescent form, is the most fascinating destination for camping in Himachal Pradesh. Chandra Taal Lake gives a breathtaking view of the crystal-pure water and glaciers. This lake’s color changes dramatically depending on the time of day and even the month. The finest thing to do in Komic Village is to camp near Chandra Taal Lake which is an exhilarating experience.

Visit Monasteries

Spiti Valley is known as the Land of the Lamas. The valley is home to some of the oldest Buddhist monasteries. These monasteries are surreal, intriguing, and tranquil. These monasteries are helping to preserve the Buddhists’ rich culture and legacy. These are also religious education establishments. Key Monastery, Tangyund Monastery, and Kungri Monastery are a few monasteries located near Kimic Village. The finest things to do in Komic Village are to learn about these monasteries and the Buddhists’ cultural legacy. The architecture of these monasteries is inspired by Tibetan culture. These Monasteries have historic paintings, murals, and religious groups that have all been meticulously preserved. 

Explore Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary

Kibber Village is 40 kilometers from Komic Village. Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary is located at a high altitude in Himachal Pradesh and is home to endangered flora and animals. It is home to high-altitude exotic Red foxes, Hugh Whistlers, snowcocks, and, most importantly, snow leopards. This breathtaking location is famous for its snow leopard excursions, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There are ten thousand different plant and tree species in the region. Kibber also grows an abundance of wild bright flowers as well as up to 50 different therapeutic herb and plant species. When on a visit to Komic Village,  the tour of the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary is the best thing to do in Komic Village

Taste Authentic Cuisine

Indo-Tibetan cuisine will tantalize your taste buds. There are several local restaurants, cafés, and eateries where you may taste traditional Spiti cuisine. Some must-try meals are momos, thupka, seabuckthorn juice and tea, butter tea, and yak cheese. Kaza has a few cafés that are well-known for offering the valley’s authentic food. The finest thing to do in Komic Village and its surrounding areas is to try the local cuisine at Himalayan Cafe, Sol Cafe, and Zomsa Cafe.

The Valley’s characteristic foods include Thenthuk and Thupka which are hand-pulled noodles, and Momos dipped in vegetable, chicken, and other veggie stock. The food in the valley is prepared from organic home-grown spices and vegetables. The cuisine at Komic Village reflects the huge influence of the culture and tradition of Tibet.

Stargazing in Komic Village

Komic Village is the world’s highest village, located at a high altitude and so has relatively few inhabitants. Because of the harsh terrain, few tourists visit this far-flung and secluded spot. Also, for about half of the year, the community is completely cut off from the rest of the world due to heavy snowfall that blocks all roads to it.

So this village is far from pollution and hence one can witness the true colors of nature here. One thing to do in Komic village is to sit beneath the starry sky for stargazing in Spiti Valley. You can spend the entire night staring at the Milky Way galaxy, hoping to see one or two planets. Carrying high-resolution cameras is essential at this location to capture the stunning starry sky. 

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Stay at Homestays

When visiting regions that are isolated from the rest of the world and rich in their legacy, culture, and traditions, one suggestion, is to avoid luxury accommodations. Instead, go for homestays to experience the lives of the locals and explore more about the region. 

These homestays are genuinely people’s homes that have been turned into a tourist attraction and a source of revenue. The friendliness and hospitality of these individuals are something you must experience. As the classic quote goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” so when in Spiti, live like a Spitian.

The best time to visit Komic Village

The greatest time to visit Komic Village is in the summer. During May through September, the weather is pleasing, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. This temperature is great for touring the village and surrounding areas, as well as venturing outside for climbing, trekking, and other sports.

Carry some summer supplies with you when visiting Komic Village, as the temperatures at high altitudes may be searing. Sunscreen and hats are must-haves summer essentials. Wear comfortable shoes because visiting Komic Village demands a long walk.

Winter is harsh, and owing to heavy snowfall, the routes leading to the Spiti Valley are blocked, rendering Komic hamlet inaccessible. Winter is not an ideal time to visit the location. If you want to push yourself and visit the area during the winter, be prepared to acclimate to extreme temperatures and road closures for an indefinite period.

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How to reach Komic Village

By Trek: The trek to Komic Village begins in Kaza, the region’s major town. Begin your walk from Kaza and go to Hikkim Village. Spend the night in Hikkim Village to experience the starry night. From Hikkim, proceed to Langza Village, then to Komic Village. 

By Air: The airports nearest to Komic Village are Chandigarh Airport and Manali Bhuntar Airport. From there you can continue via road to the village.

By Railway: The village’s nearest railway stations are Chandigarh and Shimla. From Kalka railway station, you may take the toy train to Shimla.

By Road: Komic Village may be reached by two routes: Shimla and Manali. The Manali route is the most ideal since it is shorter, the terrain is smooth, and it also provides spectacular views of the passes and villages.

Distance from the Major Cities to Komic Village

Distance from Manali: 204 km

Travel Time: 6 hr

Distance from Shimla: 436 Km

Travel Time: 11 hr 48 minutes

Distance from Kaza: 24 Km

Travel Time: 45  minutes

Distance from Langza: 10 Km

Travel Time: 23 minutes

Distance from Hikkim: 3,2 Km

Travel Time: 11 minutes

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